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Apotheosis is not the origin of the major man. He comes, Compact in invincible foils, from reason, lighted at midnight by the studious eye, swaddled in revery, the object of The hum of thoughts evaded in the mind…” ―Wallace Stevens


Art by Zhange

An epic tale of Endings, Beginnings, and the oft-forgotten toil in between.

Part the First:

SCP-3396 by CadaverCommander

"The advent of SCP-3396 has begun to exert unprecedented changes upon global society despite Foundation anti-intelligence initiatives. SCP-3396-01 instances not under containment have utilized their newfound anomalous abilities for a variety of purposes thus far, including murder, nonviolent crime, mass-eradication of certain diseases, and public welfare initiatives. While the Foundation has maintained a semblance of control over global media and has thus far been able to limit public knowledge of SCP-3396-01 instances, SCP-3396 contamination continues."

Audiences say:
"There's really no one better than Cadaver at these sorts of monsters."
"Medium-length, creepy, memorable read. This is just what I wanted to see when this contest dropped."
"The image you paint is very vivid and the anomaly is certainly bad news for consensus reality."

The Shape of a Gun by CadaverCommander

"The free men and women thundered their pride, their yearning to live, their right to thrive, and stood upon their ground. And Monica let herself be wielded by the heart of her people, her soul forged into the shape of the tool they needed to defend their homes and lives from those that would take them. The shape of a gun."

Audiences Say:
"Monica may very well be my new favorite character on the site."
"This is some Worm-tier shit. Holy fucking goddamn."
"I desperately wanted to come in and quote a single line of this that I adore for how well written it is, but there are just too damn many to choose from! And I'm not even a third of the way through this…"
"Probably one of the best tales on this site."

Part the Second:

A Farewell to Arms by Weryllium

""A turret was being chewed up by a Tyrannosaurus rex made of plasma. A body most certainly did not lie crumpled in a ten-meter circle where reality was crushed flat to two dimensions and then rolled up into nonexistence. A missile the size of a person sat in the air, encased in bone. A defense drone melted in a puddle of cheese. The Scranton Reality Anchors had sat quietly and impotently along the walls the entire time, for an anchor can hold a boat in place but it can't stop it from sinking."

Audiences Say:
"because whomst the fuck needs arms anyways +1"
"X-Men vs. super-science, and I'm glad Armando's there. :D This was awesome."

A New Age of Magic by Modern_Erasmus

"Magic has infinite manifestations, sources, and rules, none of which universally apply. Except one. Everything has a cost. Nothing is free. Humanity is ascending, perhaps all the way to godhood. What price will be asked of us for this? What will happen when we can't afford to pay it?"

Audiences Say:
"this is fucking excellent, you hit all the bulletpoints that i could have asked for. Ambiguity couched in fact, a shroud of speculation with a core of truth."
"I can imagine some sort of, I don't know, welcome/fuck normalcy party in the Library or some shit. I can literally see that in my head. In other words, +1 with gusto."
"This is some damn fun worldbuilding. Seeing all of the reactions different people have from different groups is wonderful, and I like the foreboding hints at what could have caused this anomaly. Your Doomsday team fails to disappoint."

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