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Mortos' Author Page

You're off the edge of the map, and here there be monsters!

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SCP-2964 60 10 25 Apr 2017 17:26
SCP-3008 383 119 04 May 2017 15:13
SCP-3600 64 15 06 May 2017 11:56
SCP-3399 61 14 01 Jun 2017 13:48
SCP-3044 50 11 19 Jun 2017 08:43
SCP-3299 53 10 19 Jun 2017 20:11

Unlikely to ever be a long list.

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Anniversary 30 3 10 Jun 2017 19:16

Some thoughts and notes on all my articles. Probable spoilers if you care about that kind of thing.

SCP-2964 - Xtreme Videozzz
The original idea for this came from a joke with some friends about how they were probably still making Police Academy movies somewhere (which is why the reference is in the list of notable videos). The original draft of this lacked the mini-narrative element involving the researcher that ended up becoming a reality tv show star, but it was pointed out to me that it was fairly dry and needed a bit of punch to it. I'm a big fan of concepts that subvert modern technologies like this, and one of my long-term goals is to develop a series and/or GoI that deals specifically in this kind of stuff.

An interesting thing that no one seems to have picked up on is the specifics of the interactions between the SCP and the Foundation. A lot of people read it as the SCP retaliating against its containment by attacking the Foundation, but I see it a different way; its a TV service, and TV services typically cater to their audiences. Since containment began, the only audience this thing really has is the Foundation and so now its making a lot more Foundation-specific programming, including turning Researchers into TV stars - because who doesn't want that, right?

SCP-3008- A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA
I'm frankly blown away by how well this has done - I never could have predicted it would be this popular and now I spend most of my time resisting the urge to write articles exclusively in the same style in an attempt to replicate it.

The original concept I had for this was actually fairly different - it started off in my head as an arbitrary portal that routinely "abducted" people, transporting them to some other reality; ultimately enough people had been taken that mini civilisations had formed in this place. The reality itself would have been pretty mundane - forests, deserts, rivers and all that. The idea to base it in an IKEA happened kind of spontaneously, and it all kind of fell into place fairly quickly after that.

I knew I wanted to have some kind of monster in there which hunted the people living there, and the staff developed pretty easily from that. I knew I wanted them to be passive some of the time, hence the day/night cycle. The rest of it just made logical sense; restocking shops for food, towns with walls made of furniture named after whatever signage was nearby etc. I had 2 potential angles for the exploration of this space - the journal of someone inside, which is what I ultimately went with, or the logs of an MTF team who were sent in to explore. The journal made a lot more sense to me, as I couldn't think of a valid reason the Foundation would send a team into this place with a good chance of them never getting out again.

There's a lot more stuff about this endless IKEA in my head that isn't written down somewhere; maybe I'll write a tale about it one day. Spoilers: staff need managers.

SunnyClockworkSunnyClockwork made this totally awesome piece of art based on 3008 and I love it! Check it out!

SCP-3600 - Documenting Doomsday
I actually wrote most of this one before the IKEA skip, but that ended up getting finished and released first, but in my head this is my second. The original idea for it was to have an anomalous language that when read filled the persons head with the perfect knowledge of a specific way to end the world, and then compelled them to form a cult or religion in order to get the people and resources required to carry it out.

Ultimately I dropped the cult and compulsion aspect and focused more on how having your head filled with knowledge of the multiple ways the world could end up affect people, and how the Foundation might try and use this for their own gain. The Project Theia section was a fairly late addition to the skip and ultimately I'm not sure how I feel about it, but overall I'm happy with how this turned out, even if it didn't set the world on fire.

SCP-3399- Family Tree
The idea from this came entirely from Updog on #site19, while I was trying to think of an angle on making the "its a gun but does weird stuff!!!!" that seems popular with new members work.

This mostly evolved pretty organically - the original concept was a tree, so obviously it should be created by a seed. Daevites have a history of weird trees that do stuff, and having something they could use to ensure the strength of their royal family lineage would be something they would do, so they got linked in. The link between the genetics and the health of the tree was added in the second draft to make things more interesting and strengthen the Daeva link so that it didn't just feel tacked on for the sake of it.

I intentionally left what's actually going on here a little ambiguous - is it making solid predictions or just guesses - because in situations like this I find it more interesting to let the reader decide. The reality is though that the answer is a bit of both. It predicts on a probability based model, but if you planted 100 seeds from a single tree and they all grew, it doesn't mean the person is going to have 100 children.

The ending is also ambiguous and I've seen a couple of different interpretations of what it means that are both great and perfectly valid, but in my head the seeds don't grow because the child doesn't live long enough to have kids - the fact that they are constantly bringing him to the Site ultimately gets him caught up in a containment breach that ends badly.

SCP-3044 - Evolution In A Bottle
This was the first article I ever drafted, sometime in 2013. When I first tried to get feedback on it, the only person who read it was… lets just say rude. Which is why I didn't do anything else on the site in the interim. It basically sat idle for about 4 years before I finally decided to spruce it up for the main list. It went through a lot of refinements and tweaking but ultimately the core bulk of the article remains unchanged from the original version. I'm glad it's finally out there!

Random specifics of the object itself:

  • If you were to place a camera inside the bottle, you wouldn't see the world outside. You'd see a larger version of the environment within, not bound by a bottle.
  • The exotic matter that appears causes life to develop into intelligent forms with anomalous powers.
  • The anomalous power of the species who cut their way out of the bottle was the ability to perceive and interact with the bottle directly. The species in the final entry had powerful telepathy, and could read the minds of the researchers observing them.
  • The list was originally twice as long as it is now. Had to trim it down a lot!

SCP-3299 - One Weird Trick
The idea for this came from a screenshot of some clickbait a friend of mine posted on twitter - "This uncomfortable video of a clam will irreversibly change you!" If that isn't SCP fuel I don't know what is. So obviously the concept was clickbait ads that literally did what they claimed to do. The idea evolved from that to include the more esoteric effects in the second half of the article after some people commented that straight-up obvious effects probably aren't that interesting.

The rest of them were fairly easy - all but one of the headlines in the article are actual clickbaits that I've seen. I made one of them up just to fit the effect; try and guess which one!

This also starts the setup for my longer term plans for a Group of Interest that deal in digital anomalies; the link back to SCP-2964 (Xtreme Videozzz) is meant to imply that they are linked, which is an idea I will develop more over the course of my future articles. Technology is definitely my wheelhouse, and you can probably expect more articles that subvert aspects of modern digital life into horrible horrible nightmares.

Not a huge amount to say about this. It was my first tale, inspired entirely by the 173 Anniversary Celebration. It's a little bit meta - the creator of 173 pays it a visit on the anniversary of its creation. Obviously its locked up by the Foundation, but he has transcended such mundane concerns.

The whole thing took about 2 hours to write; 1 hour for the first draft start to finish, and another hour or so editing and tweaking. I was adamant that I wasn't going to spend ages fiddling with it as I usually do with my writing, so I got it to a point that I was happy with it and posted it.

About Me
I'm a 30-something game developer and generally a huge nerd. I DM a regular game of D&D involving a group made up of 3 Bards and a Rogue who act as a band, play boardgames and videogames far more than is probably healthy, and recently have spent far too much time thinking about SCPs. I'm massively left-wing politically, but given the chance I would definitely overthrow the government and become a dictator. You know, a nice one. I have a big fluffy Maine Coon cat called Link.

I originally joined in mid 2013 but left for reasons that aren't worth going into. I was recently reminded about the wiki by a friend and got sucked back in all over again, and this time it looks like I'm here to stay!

I can regularly be found in #site19, under the nick Icepick.

Random Stuff
Nested Collapsibles: A Demo

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