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The Setting:

Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin: Sloth's Pit, AKA Sloth Spit AKA Backwoods AKA You're Never Leaving Here, is located in the northern part of the state of Wisconsin, in Douglas County, right on the border with Minnesota. Sloth's Pit is named for its founder, Jackson Sloth, who originally named the town "New Toronto". However, it was renamed after a giant sinkhole opened under Sloth's manor in 1890, the first of many odd occurrences in the town of Sloth's Pit. Weird things happen in this town, like they happen in all small towns. Why?

Because Sloth's Pit is a…

Nexus: A nexus is a point where a large amount of anomalous activity occurs, and Sloth's Pit is one of twenty-three known nexus zones in the USA, most of which have a Foundation site located locally. Enough weird shit happens in these places to make Twin Peaks seem boring by comparison. No matter what happens, there are always laws to nexuses:1

  1. No matter what, a nexus is like Vegas: what happens there stays there. No anomalous events that occur in a nexus zone ever leaves. Likewise, the outside world will be largely ignorant of what happens in the nexus.
  2. The population never notices, or if they do, they really don't give a shit. This is a large boon to the Foundation, as amnestics require no administration, unless it's tourist season.
  3. There are no rules. If it's weird, it's gonna happen.

This particular nexus zone is home to dear old…

Site 87: Codenamed S & C Plastics, Site 87 is a site for SCP Objects not yet made SCP Objects. Termed E-Class Objects, these items, beasts and beings have yet to have official SCP Reports written about them, and may just end up relegated to the log of anomalous items if they don't prove to be SCP-worthy.

Site 87 is home to one of the largest and most advanced Department of Multiuniversal Affairs in the Foundation, which is facilitated by the fact that space and time tend to be less stable in a nexus than elsewhere. For more information on the Department of Multiuniversal Affairs, please see the transcript of Dr. Tristan Bailey's orientation, Multi-U 101.

Site 87 was established after what has become known as the Camp Krakkow incident, or the Great Fuck-Up of 1976. During this, a joint GOC-Foundation raid was conducted on a summer camp in an attempt to recover an SCP object that was deemed dangerous. This object, sadly, was all that was keeping the camp from being destroyed by an unknown entity or entities; upon removal from the camp, Camp Krakkow's entire population was killed in a single night.

Site 87 was started in the nearby town of Sloth's Pit in an attempt to contain the anomaly at the camp, but it was quickly discovered that Camp Krakkow wasn't the only weird thing that was going on in this podunk community. Soon, a Site that was barely 100 people expanded into the several thousand staff members that run it today.

Dramatis Personae:

If you choose to write for this canon, and would like other authors to use your characters in their works, please, put their name and a brief description of them here. If you wish, you can link to a visual reference, so long as it is hosted locally (i.e. on the Sandbox or somewhere on the wiki, and not on imgur).

Site 87:

Site 87's mission is simple: study the weird, creepy stuff that happens in Sloth's Pit. As such, it has a rather large staff to study every possible kind of anomaly, with new, temporary staff being brought on as needed; for example, Site 87 does not have a paleontology department, but if a dinosaur attack ever occurs, there are at least five Foundation paleontologists on call to study it.

Site 87 Director Dr. Nina Weiss: A sixty-five year old, highly competent woman who's been with Site 87 since its (to use a horrible pun) Foundation. Originally studying the effects of anomalous pharmaceuticals, she was promoted to a Directing position following the death of Director Westbrooke under mysterious circumstances, involving a cinnamon bun and a replica Picasso painting. Any other information on Director Westbrooke's death is classified.

Tristan, Trevor and Thomas Bailey: Three of the few second-generation Foundation members, the Bailey triplets all worked at Site 87 at one point, in the Department of Multiuniversal Affairs. They are sons of the inventor of the Multi-Universal Transit Array, or MUTA, Tyler Bailey, who sadly passed away in 1997. This helped them get their position at the Foundation, of course; in S & C Plastics, Tyler Bailey is often spoken in the same breath as names like Xyank or Piedmont.

  • Tristan Bailey was formerly a member of the anthropological division, got demoted to diplomatic duty following an incident in which he inadvertently caused the destruction of at least two versions of a small town in Ohio. The only member of the Bailey Brothers that still works at Site 87. Stubborn as hell, which helps when it comes to making deals with individuals who might not even comprehend the concept of money or an economy.
  • Thomas Bailey was part of the exploratory division of the Multi-U Department, and had a great sense of adventure. Every time he explored a new universe, he felt like he was a child again, seeing the world for the first time. Now resides in The Antarctic Empire; more information about him can be found in the Antarctic Exchange Hub.
  • Trevor Bailey was, and is, stuck in a diplomacy job he doesn't want. The only difference is that he's currently stationed at Site 19, where he lives in fear of things like 682 bursting through the walls or certain staff members deciding to go "Hey, you know what would be fun? Playing Chicken in the site's nuke chamber!". Arguably the smartest of the triplets, he wanted to be part of the theoretical division, mapping out routes to new universes instead of dealing with people who's heads explode when they see the color red. There was a misfiling with his paperwork, and now, he's here.

The Local Legends of Sloth's Pit:

The Legendary Creatures of Sloth's Pit are often hard to describe. Nobody at the Foundation can figure out what they are, and theories have ranged from collective thoughtform to metafictional entity to being the actual source of the tales that are told about them. Not even they know their explanation.

Jasper Phineas Capricorn IV: The Goatman of Sloth's Pit, and de facto leader of the Local Legends. Originally envisioned as a killer of people who got pregnant in wedlock, his legend decayed to a generic axe-murderer who just happened to be part goat. Retained his legend through sheer force of will and self-discipline. He hates his last name. Only the third Goatman of Sloth's Pit, despite his title.

Sinning/Singing Jessica Vaillancourt: An embodiment of the fear of sex. Originally a late-1800s prostitute who would seduce men and then cut/tear/bite off their organ, meant as a horror story drummed up by the Sloth's Pit Times to get people to stop buying sex. Worked a little too well when it actually started happening. In recent years, she has been given the Brother's Grimm treatment, in an attempt to make her more kid-friendly, and is now largely known as the banshee Singing Jessie. She hates this current form, and will attempt anything to get out of it.

Bloody Mary: An insane witch that got trapped in the mirrors of Sloth's Pit some time in the early 20th century. Drips blood everywhere, due to multiple lacerations caused by pieces of mirror sticking out of her2. Her favorite drink is what she calls a "Virgin Tequila", which involves taking the blood of a virgin girl, mixing it with a tequila, some lemon juice, and a shot of Pimms. The other Legends have had favorable to mixed reactions to this drink.

Stand-Alone Tales:

By Djoric:

Stratagem - The tale that became the basis for the S & C Plastics universe.
Friday - The first official S & C Plastics tale that was written, if not the first chronologically.

By Ihpkmn:

Last Days at Camp - Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine…
Life in the Multiverse - A tale of the Bailey Brothers
Attack of the Keter Skeeters! - Coming Soon to a Theater near You!
Halloween at S & C Plastics - Or, why you should always decorate for Samhain.
And I Feel Fine - It's the end of the world- or is it?
Playing with Flames - It's not 'magic', it's 'EMF Manipulation!'
Local Legends - Let me tell you a story…
UnScience - "History Channel" my ass.
Dance the Danse - Of Legends and Hallows.
A Very Bailey Christmas- "Say hi to dad for me?" "I will. Promise."
The 12 Days of Site 87's Christmas- "We're gonna need a lot of eggnog and a lot of rum after this."
Satyr's Reign - Psycho killers, qu'est que c'est?

By ksaid:

Four Seconds, Low Pitched - Emergency protocols for Jackson Sloth Memorial High.

By Roget:

Nacho Business - The testing will continue until morale improves.

By FortuneFavorsBold:

Leafers - Sometimes you've just gotta get away from it all…

By Technician Downs:

The Shark, Pt.1 - Bellincioni and Reader hit the bar.

By Petrograd

Time Crime in Greater Wisconsin - A Primer - Time travel is a recurring pain.

Story Arcs

1040 by Ihpkmn and FortuneFavorsBold
Tax Man - Let me tell you how it will be, one for you, nineteen for me…
A Multi-Universal Affair - For once, this canon stays in the baseline when talking about the Bailey brothers.
Bugs in the Process - An accurate census is not possible at this time.
There's Magic in the Air

What to remember if you write for this canon:

First and foremost: S & C Plastics now has an official chat, #site87 on synirc. Please, go there if you want to ask people involved with the canon things.

The People: These are the meat of this canon. S & C Plastics is about how the people live out their lives within the weirdness that is the Foundation universe. How do they stay sane? Are they even sane? What happens when a romance is kindled between a pair of star-crossed researchers? There are just two things you should remember when it comes to the people in this canon.

Firstly, the people at S & C Plastics are just regular folks, trying to make their way in the insanity that is the Foundation. You likely won't find any reality benders, immortals, or people who can control butterflies with a Nikon working on the staff here. They may be in containment, but that's about it.

Secondly, the people in Sloth's Pit have their own stories to tell. Whether it's a bunch of time traveling rednecks robbing the only good doughnut shop in town or a woman marrying a sasquatch from the planet Tralfamadore, the things that go on while the Foundation isn't looking can make for good stories as well.

Site 87: More likely than not, most of the items featured in S & C Plastics tales are never going to be made into actual SCPs, because anomalous activity that occurs in a nexus cannot leave a nexus. You pretty much have free reign with whatever anomalous stuff you want to insert into a story. Want a reality bender who's only power is turning blood into strawberry jam? Go ahead. Anamalous Anart Anthrocon in Space? Write it. A Liopleurodon3 suddenly appearing in the river? Do it. Just follow the same rule of thumb as you would writing any normal SCP: make it interesting.

Sloth's Pit: This town is soaked in stories, myths, legends, and weirdness just like any good old Midwestern town. From Jackson Sloth's still-living brain being preserved in a belljar somewhere in the local museum to the Goatman lurking in the woods, this town has more stories than can be told. And it is your job to tell them.

How do the people at S & C Plastics react to the town's weirdness? What's are the Foundation's relations like with the local legends that actually exist within the town? Hell, what was life in Sloth's Pit like before the Foundation came to town? They only arrived back in 1976, after all…

The Tone: The tone of this canon is, as Djoric put it, "A bit closer to Gravity Falls or Hellboy than Delta Green. Humor is fine, drama is fine, horror is fine." This canon is slice of life more than anything. What goes on in the lives of anyone and everyone in Sloth's Pit is fine. Want to write a somber yet sterile funeral for an agent that got killed in the line of duty? Do so. Want to write about a wacky birthday party where a safe E-Class gets loose and turns half the site into birthday cake? Please, go ahead! Life isn't all one note; it's an entire symphony.

This is Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin.

This canon is the lives of those who live in it. But, they can't be alive unless you write their story. With that said, Good Luck.

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