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UIU Location Dossier -- "Three Portlands"


Three Portlands is an autonomous city-state located within a region of extradimensional space. Access to the city can be gained through entrances in and around Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon; and the Isle of Portland in the United Kingdom. Under the provisions of the Hoover Mandate, the United States government guarantees the autonomy of Three Portlands, while reserving the right to enforce US federal laws within the city.1 As an autonomous and extradimensional city-state, Three Portlands is exempt from the Veil provision of the Hoover Mandate.

The following events within Three Portlands have been documented by the UIU:


As the FBI's paranormal operations division, the Unusual Incidents Unit has jurisdiction over all federal crimes committed within Three Portlands. However, due to limitations in resources and manpower, UIU agents operating within Three Portlands are advised to exercise discretion in their investigations; felonies, especially those involving violent crimes, should be prioritized over misdemeanors and infractions. In the event of overlapping jurisdiction with the municipal authorities, agents should allow local law enforcement to perform the bulk of an investigation.

Major UIU investigations within Three Portlands include:


Three Portlands first came to the attention of US law enforcement in 1929, when Bureau of Prohibition agents tracked the operations of the bootlegging group known as the Chicago Spirit to the city. In accordance with government policy at the time, the existence of the city was concealed, and any related cases were transferred to the Bureau of Investigation. BOI Director J. Edgar Hoover immediately began waging a clandestine war against the Chicago Spirit within Three Portlands. While early raids and sting operations were highly successful, the BOI soon met opposition from the citizens and city government, which culminated in a firefight between BOI agents and members of the city council.

In response, Director Hoover had all known entrances to Three Portlands within the United States placed under siege, imprisoning anyone who attempted to enter or exit the city. This standoff lasted for almost two months, only ending with the intervention of President Herbert Hoover and the formulation of the Hoover Mandate.

Relations between Three Portlands and the BOI, and later the FBI, remained tense for many years afterwards. The decline and eventual disappearance of the Chicago Spirit helped to improve matters somewhat, but UIU operations within the city continued to be hindered by mistrust from residents and lack of cooperation from local authorities. Relations only began to improve significantly after the death of Director Hoover in 1972.

The counter-cultural movement of the 60s and 70s was reflected in Three Portlands, giving rise to a vibrant anart scene. The growth of the city's anart community was further fueled by Foundation efforts to expel anartists from urban areas in North America and Europe, forcing them into pocket dimensions like Three Portlands and Backdoor Soho.

Today, Three Portlands is a major hub of anomalous activity. In addition to its large and active anart community, the city also hosts a large number of paratech companies, sizable congregations from most major anomalous religions, and a satellite campus of the ICSUT.

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