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EuclidSCP-4571 Curious Creature of the Cold Red DesertRate: 6

Item #: SCP-4571

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4571's location, Foundation agents are to monitor all Martian explorations, and to redirect missions as necessary to a minimum of forty (40) kilometers from the coordinates -55.71°S 163.92°W. The Foundation satellite S-4571.01 shall remain in low Martian orbit to scan the entirety of the Terra Sirenum region for SCP-4571-2 instances.

Description: SCP-4571 is a bipedal creature of debated origin, currently residing on Mars' Terra Sirenum region in a packed regolith shelter of its own creation. SCP-4571's facial appearance is reminiscent of containing both canine and feline features. SCP-4571's exact intelligence is currently unknown, but is thought to be fairly similar to human based on observation of SCP-4571's behaviors.

Despite SCP-4571's diet seeming to consist entirely of SCP-4571-2 fruit, it has relatively sharp teeth. This has lead to the current prevailing theory among our researchers, in which SCP-4571 has arrived from another star system, and has landed on mars unintentionally. No remains of the potential interstellar vehicle have been found. It is unclear if the radio communications device SCP-4571 is currently building is to signal Earth, or SCP-4571's potential home planet. SCP-4571 appears to farm SCP-4571-2 instances for survival. SCP-4571 has a type of tapered Keratin digits, and can carve Martian ice fairly quickly using them. Height appears to be 179 centimeters in its usual slouching stance, calculated to be 183 centimeters in proper posture.

SCP-4571-1 is a cored, amber coloured sphere 15 centimeters in diameter, its hole 5 centimeters in diameter. Upon physical contact between SCP-4571-1 and SCP-4571, A large amount of what resembles plasma is created, notably violet in the visible spectrum, and is abnormally low in temperature for plasma at ███° Kelvin. SCP-4571 can control the plasma via sculpting it using its hands and/or mind, as observed during Incident dust storm 5. The plasma appears safely tangible in the hands of SCP-4571 and is capable of both precision cutting and blasts rivaling modern grenades. It has thus far taken on these forms:

  • A sphere the exact size of SCP-4571-1 (estimated to be a neutral position)
  • An unknown form, exploding on impact with rover R.4571.01.
  • Several circular disks, able to carry rover parts.
  • A curved cutting wedge, 70 centimeters in length, used to separate and carve metal from R.4571.01.
  • A protective bubble 20 meters in diameter.
  • A spear-like object thrown by SCP-4571 at R.4571.02.

R.4571.01 and R.4571.02 captured the plasma on camera before losing contact with Earth. Data R.4571.02 sent back indicates that a long, spear-like object had pierced the rover's tracks. The level of control SCP-4571 has over the produced plasma is similar to a Type green reality bender, to a strictly limited extent.

Discovery of SCP-4571 and SCP-4571-1 during rover R.4571.01's mission to investigate SCP-4571-2 instances provoked further observation and a change in object designations. Most notably, changing the plants' designation to SCP-4571-2.

SCP-4571-2 is a Mars-based species of plant currently consisting of twenty five several hundreds of individual instances, each bearing one to five fruit a total of five times during a given Martian year if properly fed. Fruits range from 10-11 centimeters in height, all contain 10 slices in a similar fashion to orange slices. SCP-4571-2 instances do not require liquid water, as their stems have been observed feeding off of crushed ice and crushed dry ice. Should an instance be presented with a chunk of ice too large for its stem to process, it uses a series of anomalous bursts of gravitational force to slowly crush the ice and draw it in. Only the stem of an SCP-4571-2 instance can process ice, it's roots instead act like an anchor to avoid being uprooted during dust storms.

SCP-4571-2 instances are positioned at an estimate of 125 centimeters from each other in a 5x5 square grid 25x25 square grid, for an approximate total grid size of 6.5x6.5 32x32 meters. It is unclear whether SCP-4571-2 instances require this consistent pattern, or if SCP-4571 has simply arranged them for an ease of harvesting SCP-4571-2 fruit. Using data from R.4571.01's camera, mature instances have been calculated at a range of heights, approximately 28-48 centimeters. Further detailed in Document 4571-A.

Fruit produced by SCP-4571-2 contains no traces of Perchlorate, despite its abundance in Martian soil. Furthermore they contain all of the necessary vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts for human survival, [DATA EXPUNGED], and an unidentified stable superheavy element. Use of SCP-4571-2 fruit in long term human survival is currently improbable due to it's location, intake, and SCP-4571's potential hostile reaction.

Data sent back from both rovers allowed Foundation botanists to determine SCP-4571-2's cells function with solid ice rather than water, a statement backed by infrared scans detailing that SCP-4571-2 instances assume the ambient temperature of the area. Should the temperature of the immediate area rise sufficiently for liquid water, even in small amounts it is likely that SCP-4571-2 instances would die off similarly to frozen Earth flora due to the change in volume, albeit via implosion of cells rather than a rupturing of cells.

Document 4571-A: Data captured by rovers R.4571.01 and R.4571.02

Discovery date: all of the first 25 SCP-4571-2 instances were discovered and analyzed by R.4571.01 on 15/11/2018. Here are the most notable instances at the time.

Item: SCP-4571-2-01
Description: 21 centimeters in height. Bore 1 fruit. Located at grid position 5A, the south-western corner.
Note: Is the particular instance displayed in the colour-corrected photo atop this page

Item: SCP-4571-2-03
Description: 18 centimeters in height. Bore 1 fruit. Located at grid position 3A.
Note: Bent over from the weight of its fruit.

Item: SCP-4571-2-04
Description: 37 centimeters in height. Bore 5 fruit. Located at grid position 2A.
Note: Fruit were arranged in a near-perfect pentagonal pattern.

Item: SCP-4571-2-12
Description: 6 centimeters in height. Bore 0 fruit. Located at grid position 4C.
Note: Most likely a newly germinated SCP-4571 instance.

Item: SCP-4571-2-13
Description: 48 centimeters in height. Bore 5 fruit. Located at grid position 3C, the middle.
Note: The largest instance, presumably the oldest.

Item: SCP-4571-2-15
Description: 20 centimeters in height. Bore 0 fruit. Located at grid position 1C.
Note: Withering, unknown cause

Item: Mud house
discovery date: 15/11/2018
Description: An approximate mix of hardened Martian soil and ices have be shaped by SCP-4571 to form a shelter located North of the SCP-4571-2 farm. The shelter resembles a mud house, and contains at least 2 floors1. The mud house contains several mud shelves, and one mud formation resembling a couch in its first floor. Mud stairs lead to an unexplored second floor, however it is assumed much like the first floor to be one open room. The house contains a single window on the second floor facing the south, as to allow SCP-4571 to view the farm.
Notes: It is unknown if the window can be closed.

Item: Papyrus-like parchment made from SCP-4571-2 stems
discovery date: 15/11/2018
Description: Roughly 25 centimeters in height and 20 centimeters in length, the parchment contains smears of SCP-4571-2 fruit mixed with Martian regolith, further observation is necessary to determine the nature of this mix. A digital replica has been created for ease of parsing.

♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥
■ ‹ ☼ ♥ c

■ — ¤ ‹ ■◘¤◘☼¤¤■■╬■☼☼■☼╬╬☼◘■

[Likely an illustration of Phobos]

■ — ◘ ‹ ◘╬☼╬¤¤¤╬■¤■¤╬■¤☼■☼■■

[Likely an illustration of Deimos]


Notes: Heart symbols used are simply an analogue for illustrations of SCP-4571-2 fruit. Likewise, c was used as an analogue for an illustration for three fifths of an SCP-4571-2 fruit. The usage of fifths have lead researchers to assume that these illustrations are for a base 5 number system, as supported by each symbol corresponding to 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 fruit illustrations respectively. This assumption in turn supports the third line of the parchment in which "■ ‹ ☼" represents one and three fifths of SCP-4571-2 fruit, an indicator of the ‹ symbol corresponding to a base five version of a decimal point. Post Incident 4571-B, SCP-4571 had drawn rover R.4571.01 as well as several of its individual parts. As of rover R.4571.02's last sent photo, 588 symbols have been drawn on the back side of the parchment. Researchers are currently decoding it.


Item: Lunar clock
discovery date: 17/11/2018
Description: A timepiece resembling an analog clock created by SCP-4571. It uses R.4571.01's tracks to turn its three hands, one of R.4571.01's batteries, and one of R.4571.01's solar panels to fuel it. Each hand appears to accurately track the positions of: The Sun, Phobos, and Deimos, relative to SCP-4571's view of the sky.
Notes: SCP-4571 made use of the symbols on the front side of the parchment, as well as SCP-4571-1 to aide in building the clock by lifting rover parts.

Item: Primitive telescope
discovery date: 18/11/2018
Description: A slightly tapered cylinder tube constructed from metal scrap of the broken R.4571.01, with lenses from its on-board camera positioned inside the tube as telescope lenses. Accurate calculations of the magnification this primitive telescope offers was impossible due to R.4571.02's distance. SCP-4571-1 was used to cut metal from the remains of rover R.4571.01.

Item: Solar system carving
discovery date: 18-19/11/2018
Description: Our solar system2 carved on the outside of the mud house's eastern wall, featuring:

  • The Sun
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth and The Moon
  • Mars, Phobos, and Deimos
  • The dwarf planet Ceres
  • Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto
  • Saturn, its rings, and Titan

Notes: Mars is depicted as the same size as Earth.

Event: Incident dust storm 5.
discovery date: 20/11/2018
Description: R.4571.02's camera had been partially obscured by Martian dust, SCP-█████'s silhouette was visible regardless. SCP-4571 used SCP-4571-1 to create a protective sphere 20 meters in diameter, shielding the mud shelter and farm.
Notes: SCP-█████'s skin seemed to resist the plasma produced by SCP-4571-1, making it possible that SCP-4571 and SCP-█████ have previously encountered each other many times. SCP-4571 was visibly injured after the storm had cleared.

Item: Changes to Parchment and carving
discovery date: 21/11/2018
Description: Parchment now contained approximately 40 more symbols on its front, however R.4571.02 could not get a decent enough view of it to see specific symbols. A curved line was scratched by SCP-4571 onto the Solar system carving, resembling a flight path involving a gravity assist from The Moon to slow down into high Earth orbit.
Note: At this point, SCP-4571 knows R.4571.01 came from Earth, its receiver must not have been damaged bad enough to stop it transmitting back.

Item: A large cube of ice
discovery date: 22/11/2018
Description: SCP-4571 walked 25 kilometers North-east, where R.4571.02 was unable to track SCP-4571. Satellite S-4571.01 was able to make out a slashing motion on the part of SCP-4571, before it began to return carrying a large cube-shaped chunk of ice.
Notes: SCP-4571 had a pile of ice within 30 meters of the farm, which had been used up the previous night to water the SCP-4571-2 instances. Estimates put the cube of ice at 920 kilograms, much too heavy for SCP-4571 to carry on its own. SCP-4571-1 must have been able to conjure up a powerful pushing force to make the return trip possible.

Document 4571-B:

Rover log - 15/11/2018

0:00 R.4571.01 lands without incident
0:00 R.4571.01 status: nominal. camera operational
0:01 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Temperature: 233K, -40°C.
0:02 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Wind speed: 8.8 Meters per second.

Mars's surface is visible, 25 SCP-4571-2 instances can be faintly seen in a group 440 meters away.

0:30 R.4571.01 status: nominal. 360 meters from target
1:00 R.4571.01 status: nominal. 280 meters from target
2:00 R.4571.01 status: nominal. 120 meters from target
2:45 R.4571.01 status: nominal. 0.25 meters from target "collecting data".
4:58 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Sending data

Data about SCP-4571-2, its fruit, and its composition were sent to Earth

5:00 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Rotating camera, awaiting commands.

Up until this point, The Foundation was simply concerned for the SCP-4571-2 investigation. An image of a mud shelter sparked farther investigation, and cause for backup rover R.4571.02 to be deployed once it had reached a suitable orbital position.

5:14 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Commands received, new target "Shelter"
5:20 R.4571.01 status: nominal. "Shelter" entered, surveying
5:57 R.4571.01 status: nominal. available area fully explored, sending data

Data about the house's composition, function, and the primitive parchment were sent to Earth. Stairs prevented the rover from accessing the shelter's second floor.

6:00 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Unable to explore farther
6:10 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Exiting "Shelter"
6:20 R.4571.01 status: nominal. Movement in Infrared spectrum, taking photo

The first picture of SCP-4571 was taken, its face visible on the other side of the second floor window.

Note: SCP-4571 didn't notice R.4571.01 for quite some time. Given how slowly rovers move3 , SCP-4571 could have been idle or possibly resting on the second floor. Reseacher S███████, Lead researcher for the SCP-4571 observation team has however voiced another likely explanation, that being SCP-4571's ears could be nonfunctional or partially deaf.

6:21 R.4571.01 status: damaged. Sending picture of attack source

Directional and seismic sensors indicate that the rover was launched akin to an explosive detonating beneath its tracks. Image data had been corrupted, and connection was lost.

6:30 R.4571.02 lands without incident
6:30 R.4571.02 status: nominal. camera operational
6:31 R.4571.02 status: nominal. Temperature: 255K, -18°C.
6:31 R.4571.02 status: nominal. Wind speed: 9.1 Meters per second.
6:32 R.4571.02 status: nominal. 600 meters from target
6:45 R.4571.02 status: nominal. New commands received, observing with distance
11:45 R.4571.02 status: nominal. 125 meters from target, long distance camera active

For the next 8 days, R.4571.02 kept a distance of 125 meters from the mud house, gathering information using it's long distance camera.

215:30 R.4571.02 status: nominal. Command received, moving to target.

Note: A simple malfunctioning of R.4571.01's remaining parts caused it to send data akin to an earlier movement command it itself had received. It is unknown if the command was caused by SCP-4571's efforts to deconstruct the rover, or if the signal had been sent by SCP-4571 intentionally.

215:40 R.4571.02 status: nominal. Command received, stopping.
215:41:02 R.4571.02 status: damaged. Sending photo of attack source
215:41:32 R.4571.02 status: damaged. Sending photo of attack source
215:41:47 R.4571.02 status: critical.

Connection to rover R.4571.02 was lost, last pictures were sent successfully.

Note: SCP-4571 held up the back side of the parchment to R.4571.02's camera, as if it wants us to read it.

Log End

Procedure 157-Invict:

Procedure 157-Invict will begin once SCP-4571 manages to create a radio communications device from the broken parts of rover R-4571.01 and R.4571.02. Procedure shall follow as such once a stable language system can be understood and conveyed by both parties:

  • SCP-4571 is to be tested on intelligence using standard IQ test.
  • SCP-4571 is to be asked about the destruction of rover R.4571.01 and rover R.4571.02.
  • A lander replicating Martian atmospheric conditions with no internal control is to collect SCP-4571. A container capable of preserving SCP-4571-2 fruit and seeds is to be secured within the lander.
  • On Earth, SCP-4571 is then to be placed in a humanoid containment chamber alongside Martian atmospheric conditions and a steady diet of SCP-4571-2 fruit, grown by Foundation botanists in replica of Martian conditions for ease of transport.
  • SCP-4571-1 is to be temporarily stored no less than five (5) kilometers away from SCP-4571, distance tests are to be carried out to find a more permanent location.

Notes: If there's one thing we haven't considered, it's that SCP-4571 might only be hostile to the rovers, not us specifically. I propose a rewrite of Procedure 157-Invict, one where there's a "friendly" clause, or at least plans to send an MTF unit should it refuse to use the lander. -Dr. J███

Denied, the foundation does not care if SCP-4571 is willing to cooperate or not, nor does it need to use a Mobile Task Force. You saw the path it carved, it wants to come to Earth. - Dr. M████


SCP-4571 appears to get exhausted after removing SCP-4571-1, more so depending on the power of the activity it was used for. Based on Incident dust storm 5, SCP-4571 can quickly regain strength lost in this way upon consumption of SCP-4571-2 fruit. Additionally, it appears that when separate, SCP-4571 can "call" SCP-4571-1, causing it to roll towards SCP-4571's reach. Despite the increased amount of exhaustion this "call" caused to SCP-4571, we cannot overlook this newfound link between SCP-4571 and SCP-4571-1. I think it would be wise to humor SCP-4571, or at least contain SCP-4571 and SCP-4571-1 several kilometers apart. A rewrite of Procedure 157-Invict is integral. If we manage to become SCP-4571's allies, it might allow us to better understand SCP-4571-1, not to mention the long term nutritional benefits of SCP-4571-2 fruit. -Researcher S███████

Addendum 2:

Using the first line of the back side of the parchment, I've been able to find something interesting. The rovers sent binary data, encoded as ASCII characters. Turning that first parchment line from quinary to binary, It became 8 bytes which I then converted into ASCII. The result: "i got e
". Might just be a coincidence, but I think I'm onto something here. Researcher S███████, could you help me confirm this?
-Dr. J███

Addendum 3:

Foundation satellite S.4571.01 Have since discovered SCP-4571 planting a large amount of SCP-4571-2 instances in a strange behavioral shift, post destruction of rover R.4571.02. SCP-4571-1 began by extending the farm's range to a 25x25 grid. Satellite S.4571.01 found SCP-4571 preparing a further multiplication by digging small holes in continuation of the grid pattern. Contrary to our botanists' beliefs, tilling the Martian soil would no doubt reduce the effectiveness of SCP-4571-2's anchor roots. Should SCP-4571 increase the farm's size thrice more, it could be forced to deal with other Martian SCPs such as SCP-████, SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-█████. - Dr. M████

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