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Item #: SCP-4541

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4541 is to be contained in a sizably voluminous steel room measuring 10 x 8 x 10 m. Soil, plants, trees, and other natural objects must be placed in the containment area. There are to be no digital video surveillance or cameras of any kind, and absolutely no windows through the side. Motion sensors must be installed inside the containment to ensure that SCP-4541 remains in the box.

Description: SCP-4541 resembles a grey humanoid, with purely white eyes. SCP-4541's lower jaw bone is loosely hanging from the joint, detached from the skin and flesh, and its nervous system is composed of concentrated methane gas. SCP-4541’s nose appears to be absent from its facial features. SCP-4541 is approximately 177 cm tall, and has an arched back. Its body is very akin to a skeleton.

Without a replicated natural environment, SCP-4541 will commence belligerently twitching (reported in ████████ ██████).

SCP-4541 additionally appears to act hostile towards any humans that are proximate to it. However, it does not apperceive Foundation members to be human yet.

It is unknown if SCP-4541 is sapient, but it shows certain denotements of sentience.

SCP-4541 does not require human meat to live, but it prefers to devour its victims.

When idle, SCP-4541 paces around the room on all fours. Once it senses a human, it gets up on its feet and endeavors to chase its target. The sound produced by SCP-4541 at this stage is a loud screeching, which ceases once it has regained stability.

When one looks into SCP-4541’s eyes, they instantly feel extreme anger and detestation towards anyone near, up to the point of murder. Staring at SCP-4541 can be direct, through a recording, or even a photographic image. (Ones affected by this will be designated SCP-4541-1). Under no circumstances should anyone be in close vicinity to any SCP-4541-1. It is also not known if SCP-4541 can visually perceive, but it can sense humans proximate to it and assail by slashing its claws, tearing away flesh and bone until the target is thoroughly shredded.

SCP-4541-1 have been found to exhibit savagery towards others, including assailing, yelling, and screaming. Irrational behavior, like smiling and hysterical laughter has been shown to be the effect of SCP-4541. Both SCP-4541 and SCP-4541-1 relish the taste of human blood, as it was reported by the late Dr. ███████████. SCP-4541 and 4541-1 share kindred traits, including grey skin, white eyes, and savagery. However, SCP-4541-1 cannot cause anger or execration.

SCP-4541-1 appear to possess strength that cannot customarily be possible for a human. They additionally experience mild optical incapacitation. Once in this stage, one cannot be reverted back, and must be exterminated. Physically contacting the thin layer of skin on SCP-4541 causes extreme skin and flesh corrosion. This does not occur in SCP-4541-1.

There have been several endeavors to terminate SCP-4541, but its sentience and competency to sense humans have proven it very arduous to do so.

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