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EuclidSCP-4092 The Depressed TeenRate: -14

Item #: SCP-4092

Object Class: Euclid Self Terminated

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4092 is to be contained within a medium (10mx10mx10m) sized housing unit just outside Site ██. It is to be monitored 24/7 through a hidden camera system. It is to have the basic necessities such as clean water, electricity, plumbing, and a place to rest after testing.The cell must be cleaned on a monthly basis for the subject will begin to scream and wail while tearing at the walls and door. This is also a way for the clean up crew to fix any cameras if they break. The subject may have access to most things that are not connected to the outside of Site ██. If SCP-4092 escapes from containment, it must be re-contained so it does not hurt itself or anyone else. Researcher J███ and Researcher V██████ have decided to put electronic devices into the subjects clothing to detect when an "episode" is coming and then proceed to evacuate within 15 meters of SCP-4092. If an employee is affected by a less powerful wave, they are to be mentally reevaluated.

Description: SCP-4092 is a human male that is 1.6 meters in height. The subject will proceed to wear mostly white clothing except when eating meals and going through an episode. It does not usually differ from its routine except when removed from containment for testing. SCP-4092 is very picky and neat. Tests show that the subject has a major case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). It will usually answer to its name (M███ M█████), but not its number, for an unknown reason.

(█/██/2004):SCP-4092's origin is as of now unknown. It was detained at [DATA REDACTED], USA. It's unknown if this is the point of origin of SCP-4092. The subject has been questioned fifteen(15) times, either it doesn't know itself, or it just won't say for possible traumatic experiences. If the cause is indeed a traumatic experience caused by their family, it might help explain why SCP-4092 has these unusual abilities.

SCP-4092 is currently contained because due to it's deadly "powers". It will enter an "episode" (how it refers to it's abilities) when it is angered, attacked, when it experiences a painful memory, or becomes depressed. This might serve as SCP-4092's only emotional outlet. SCP-4092 is usually not hostile but will attack all organic lifeforms when an episode begins. It will begin to feel that it's in danger and fight and run to escape the testing chamber. What will proceed to happen is what is believed to be wave of sadness or anger blasting from within SCP-4092. This will cause all living organisms within a 10 meter range to collapse with sadness. Any human within a 5 meter range proceeds to act like a quadruped animal by falling on their hands and knees and growling at personnel. Those directly next to SCP-4092 are vaporized and what remains is what is believed to be dust that makes people depressed and angry upon contact.

(█/██/2006): Due to its anomalous properties, Foundation personnel have reason to believe that SCP-4092 is fairly anti-social and prone to lashing out in anger. SCP-4092 will now rarely even communicate during testing or when it has free time. Camera footage has shown that, instead of sleeping, SCP-4092 will read, pace a circle around it's chambers, or will try its best to rest. During the day, it will proceed to ignore all organisms and stimuli and proceed to fake sleep.

(█/█/2019): SCP-4092 was found deceased on January 17, 2019. It had seemingly committed suicide through hanging itself. Upon further inspection, there were several shallow and two deep cuts on either arm. These cuts were performed with a 28 centimeter shard of glass found next to the body. There was also a loaded gun with one bullet missing. Traces of gunpowder were found on the fingers of SCP-4092 which led to the inference that SCP-4092 fired the weapon.The (believed) missing bullet was later found embedded in a wall inside of a hidden camera. These actions were believed to be intentional. The quarters have since been cleaned out in case another humanoid is to reside within them.

So it knew we were watching it the whole time. Odd. -Researcher V██████

<Begin Black Box Log>

Date: (█/██/04)

MTF Commander T███████: ATTENTION! [Pauses] At ease. Alright men. We are approaching the containment point. We get in, secure the subject, then get out. Understood?

Epsilon 54: YES SIR!

MTF Commander T███████: Alright! As you were.

Private #1: Can't believe we get assigned the worst missions. Always "Secure the subject."

Private #2: I know right.

[Time jump to upon arrival at detainment area]

MTF Commander T███████: ATTENTION!! [Pauses to wait for Epsilon 54 to ready up] At ease. Alright, we have arrived at the containment area, you already know what to do. Okay Squad 68 on me. J███, trail us in the chopper so we can contain this thing.

J███: Yes sir!

MTF Commander T███████: Okay, Epsilon 54 on me!

Epsilon 54: Sir, yes sir!

<End Black Box Log>

<Begin Radio Log>

MTF Commander T███████: Sir! Put your hands in the air!

M███ M█████: Hmm?

MTF Commander T███████: PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW!!!

M███ M█████: Please don't yell. I don't like it.

MTF Commander T███████: [Gun clicks signaling it's armed.] Get over here!

M███ M█████: Okay.

[Yelling and screaming that sound like they are coming from M███ M█████'s mouth]

[Sounds that are almost like water splashing]

<End Radio Log>
Closing Statement: Witnesses report that the sounds were made when an episode from SCP-XXXX occurred. Commander T███████ was vaporized due to his close proximity to him it.

<Begin Audio Log>
Date: (7/5/07)

Researcher J████: Help! SCP-XXXX has breached containment and is moving around the facility. I have barricaded myself in my office and watching SCP-XXXX move around the site through the cameras. They will be here soo-

[Sounds of explosions being heard and disrupting audio file]

Researcher J████: Oh no. Please, I'm sorry that I hurt and I won't do it again. Just please let me-

[Sounds appearing to be Researcher J████'s screams followed by liquid sloshing.]

<End Audio Log>

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