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EuclidSCP-3825 So it GoesRate: 24

Item #: SCP-3825

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3825 is to be contained in the lowest sub-basement level at Site-15, in an enlarged humanoid containment unit. In order to reduce the risk of potential structural damage, SCP-3825 is not to be moved to any area that is not directly supported by solid ground or specially reinforced floors, such as the upper floors of any buildings on-site.

Investigation into the whereabouts of PoI-3825-1 are ongoing. If possible, PoI-3825-1 is to be captured and brought to Site-15 for interrogation.

Description: SCP-3825 is the collective designation for an adult human male and the mass of inert copies of itself it continually generates. SCP-3825 appears as a conglomeration of adult male human bodies physically merged with one another to form a solid mass of human tissue. Each of these copied bodies is referred to as an instance of SCP-3825-1. SCP-3825-1 physically resembles adult male human bodies, but are inert and show no signs of life functions. At the “front” of this mass is a live human male known as SCP-3825-2, which moves, speaks, and behaves identically to a non-anomalous human.

SCP-3825-2 continually and involuntarily generates instances of SCP-3825-1, identical in appearance to SCP-3825-2, that merge into each other to form the bulk of SCP-3825. These copies appear as “freeze-frames” of how SCP-3825-2 was positioned at the time of their generation. Although SCP-3825-1 appear tangible to outside interaction, SCP-3825-2 can physically pass through SCP-3825-1 instances, allowing more instances to be formed “inside” previous instances. This stacking occurs seamlessly, and results in an increased mass density within the overlap.

Analysis has determined that each SCP-3825-1 instance manifests for a total of thirty seconds before demanifesting, and as the oldest instance demanifests, a new instance is simultaneously created from SCP-3825-2. SCP-3825-2 generates SCP-3825-1 ten times per second, making the total conglomeration of SCP-3825-1 consist of 300 instances at any given time. Each instance possesses a mass of approximately 85 kilograms, placing the full mass of SCP-3825 at over 25 metric tons. The density of this mass depends on the rate at which SCP-3825-2 changes its geographic location, and can quickly reach structurally hazardous levels when SCP-3825-2 stands still.

Recovery: SCP-3825 was discovered in 20██ after several floors of the ████ Laboratory in ████, New York suddenly collapsed, creating a series of holes leading to its basement. Foundation agents embedded in emergency services were some of the first on-scene, and discovered SCP-3825, injured but alive, lying atop a pile of rubble in the basement beneath the collapsed floors. The rubble had been largely crushed into gravel and splinters by SCP-3825’s substantial weight. Civilian first responders were amnesticized, and a cover story about improper adherence to building codes was distributed to the public.

Interview Log 3825-IL-01

Interviewer: Dr. Swicker
Interviewed: SCP-3825-2
Date: 09/01/20██
Notes: This interview was conducted one week after SCP-3825’s transport to Site-15, once SCP-3825-2 had recovered from its injuries.

<Begin log>

Dr. Swicker: Good afternoon, SCP-3825-2. How’s your leg feeling?

SCP-3825-2: Not bad, all things considered. I mean, I fell through what, four floors? I guess I’m lucky I’m not a paraplegic. Ribs are still killing me though. Did you guys ever get in touch with my insurance? I dunno if my plan covers… well, whatever you’d call this situation.

Swicker: That won’t be necessary. All medical expenses are free of charge while you’re under our jurisdiction.

3825-2: Good, ‘cause I’m pretty broke right now. Do me a favor and tell ████ Labs that if they think they’re sticking me with the repair charges on their building, they can blow me. Tell them to take that up with Arnold.

Swicker: Arnold?

3825-2: Yeah, Dr. Arnold ████████. Did I not tell you about him? Maybe that was a fever dream or something. You guys have really powerful morphine.

Swicker: I don’t believe you did. Could you explain?

3825-2: Yeah, sure. ████████ was the guy I was interning with, over at ████ Labs. He was a professor at ███, you can probably find him if you look him up. He’s the one to blame for this damn mess.

Swicker: Describe the nature of your work as an intern, please.

3825-2: I think my position title would have been something like "lab monkey", meaning any work he had me do probably could have been completed by a trained chimp. A lot of number crunching and simulation-running, really. Wasn't up until the end that he decided I'd make a good test subject.

Swicker: And what was it that you and Dr. ████████ were studying?

3825-2: Time travel.

Swicker: Time travel?

3825-2: Yep. If it sounds ridiculous, it's because it is. ████████ thought he had discovered a way to conduct honest-to-god time travel. He hired me because I agreed to keep my mouth shut about it, not because of my stellar 2.7 GPA. He was paranoid someone was gonna steal the patent from under his nose.

Swicker: Did he ever explain how he intended to accomplish… time travel?

3825-2: He'd lecture me constantly about the "principles" behind it. I hardly ever listened, because he's as interesting as static on TV. The gist of it was that he thought he found a way to send human consciousness backwards along the fourth axis of time. He said our minds travel along this fourth axis, jumping between instants in three-dimensional space. His machine was intended to reverse the vector of this movement. Or something.

A pause. SCP-3825-2 scratches its head.

3825-2: It sounds ever stupider saying it out loud.

Swicker: And how did this machine work?

3825-2: That, I can't tell you. I never had a real hand in designing or building the thing. That was up to him and the technicians.

Swicker: You mentioned earlier that you were selected as a test subject. Tell me about this testing, if you would.

3825-2: There was only ever one test. ████████ asked me if I wanted to be the first to step inside the machine, and I agreed. I figured at worst it'd zap me with some electricity and I could sue for on-the-job injury. He didn't even make me sign a waiver, the dumb bastard.

Swicker: Describe that test for me, then.

3825-2: Right, so after a few months of having me plug numbers into AutumnSim, ████████ tells me to step into the chamber for an early test. Thirty seconds back through time. He says that since he was only sending my consciousness back in time, I wouldn't meet my past self and cause the universe to implode or whatever. I'm paraphrasing.

Swicker: Understood. Please continue.

3825-2: I get inside the machine, and he tells me "I'll set h to point one, to keep power consumption low." I remember that part clearly. He flipped the switch, there was a bright flash of light, and next thing I knew I was falling through the floor. You know the rest.

Swicker: The experiment didn't go as planned, then.

3825-2: I can see why they pay you the big bucks, doc. No, it didn't. I'll chalk that part up to ████████ being an arrogant hack who was in way over his head with this whole project. Speaking of which, you guys ought to track him down so he can get in here and fix me.

Swicker: We'll begin the search soon, don't worry.

3825-2: Good. You folks have been pretty cool and all, but I'd like to be able to stand on the second floor without caving it in. And I'll never get a date with this weird flesh-snake dragging behind me.

<End log>

Following this interview, Dr. Arnold ████████ has been designated PoI-3825-1.

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