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EuclidSCP-5082 Everyday CleanRate: -16

Object Class: Euclid
SCP-5082 - "Everyday Clean"



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5082 is considered safe by the foundation, and is stored in a class three locked box at site ██. The box is only permitted to be opened during active testing, routine security checks.
Addendum: Due to recent events transpiring at site ██See Incident Log 5082-1, SCP-5082 has been lifted to Euclid status, under this new designation, new containment protocols have been put in place. SCP-5082 is to be kept locked inside a standard containment block with no fewer than two guards posted at the unit's entrance at all times. Level three access is now required to enter the containment unit, and level four is required to remove SCP-5082.

Description: SCP-5082 is an approximately 10 ounce shampoo bottle. The bottle is a shape commonly used by the █████████ company, the contents of which can be described as a smooth paste. Testing of this paste reveals it's anomalous properties, as any organic matter touched by the paste will begin to glow a pale white color before a seemingly random change in color promotes an equally random cause of death to occur, see test log 5082-A, and 5082-B

Log 5082-A
Begin log, Doctor █████ reporting. D-627 has entered the chamber, please pick up the bottle.
Subject: Whats it gonna do?
Doctor █████: Please pick up the bottle.
At this time, the subject picks up the bottle and looks it over
Subject: Ok… Now what?
Doctor █████: Describe the object for the record please.
Subject: Uhhh, its a bottle of shampoo, It's… light.
Doctor █████: Thank you, please uncap it.
Subject: Tell me what it does first.
Doctor █████: Please open the bottle, I don't have to remind you that you are obligated to do so under ██████████.
At this time, the subject has opened the bottle, it should be noted that a faint whistling sound could be heard.
Doctor █████: Apply the substance to your arm, describe how you feel.
Subject: It's cold and, what the f███, What is this? Why is it glowing?
Doctor █████: Continue to describe the feeling.
Subject: Oh my f██████ god! It burns! Help me! Please!
The subject is observed falling to the floor, writhing in pain. It should also be noted that SCP-5082 has somehow sealed it's cap.
Doctor █████: Test concluded, time of death recorded as █████, cause unknown

It should be noted that the D-class in question was later examined by foundation medical staff, the autopsy revealed that the subject had been boiled alive from the inside. Medical staff believe that 5082 had heated the subjects blood to 115 degrees Celsius.

Log 5082-B
Begin log, Doctor █████ reporting. D-890 has entered the chamber, please remove the object from the box.
Subject: This isn't one of those alternate dimension ones is it?
Doctor █████: Not as far as we know, please pick it up.
The subject is observed cautiously picking up the bottle.
Doctor █████: Describe the object
Subject: It's a soap bottle, says 10 ounces. Nothing special.
The subject has put the bottle down on the table at this time.
Doctor █████: State reason for putting down the object.
Subject: Was I not supposed to? Sorry.
Doctor █████: Please open the bottle and apply the substance to your arm.
Subject: You saying I stink doc? Be honest with me, is this even one of them?
Doctor █████: Apply the substance.
The subject's arm glows white at this time.
Subject: What the hell? Doc, you seeing this?
Doctor █████: Describe what you feel.
Subject: Calm, it's almost soothing. But it's really cold. My god it's really cold, jesus, doc come on, turn on the heater.
The subject is seen shivering, almost the same as the previous test, the subject falls to the floor.
Subject: So… cold… please…
Doctor █████: Test concluded, time of death recorded as █████, cause unknown

Medical records of the subject have shown that SCP-5082 somehow extracted the subjects blood. Further analysis reveals that the subjects blood may have been replaced with liquid nitrogen. At this time, Site Director █████ suspended 5082 testing for an undetermined period of time, despite the protests of Doctor █████

Incident Log 5082-1
At 4:35 pm on ██/██/██, a containment breach was experienced at site ██, resulting in the fatalities of ████ foundation personnel. During the breach, Doctor █████ was observed removing 5082 from it's lock-box, he was later caught by security personel trying to empty the contents of SCP 5082 into the site's central water system. Doctor █████ has been detained and placed under supervision, 5082 has been reclassified to Euclid under Site Director █████'s fears that it may in fact be a form of cognito-hazard.

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