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The file you are about to read, 'SCP-3309,' describes an unpredictable narrativic anomaly intersecting with multiple subnarrative layers. Narrativic inoculation is required, as this document contains several embedded narrativohazards. Personnel not inoculated against such anomalies may undergo a narrative paraphrasing event. Are you sure you wish to proceed?

— The Office of the Pataphysics Department

Narrativic inoculation disseminated.

Sometimes we don't fade until it's too late.

Until we've withered, withered, down to the bone. And at the end, there's nothing left to fade. It's forgotten. Memories, hopes, dreams, we're forgotten. How do we know that people can even have these memories, these hopes, these dreams? How can we be forgotten if there was nothing there in the first place? We fade from the minds of others, but not from our own. We live with it until we can't live any longer. Until we forget that there was ever any way we could live in peace. And then, that's when we fade away.

Fade, fade away.

Inoculation complete. You may proceed.

Item #: SCP-3309

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All documentation regarding anomalies affected by SCP-3309 is to be preserved in a rewritten format and kept within the RAISA archive database. Following the containment of an instance, all personnel assigned to the affected item must undergo amnestic treatment and transfer to unrelated projects.

Description: SCP-3309 is a phenomenon in which catalogued anomalies spontaneously disappear. Items affected by SCP-3309 have included anomalous objects, entities, locations, and conceptual structures. Anomalies affected by this phenomenon do not appear to be directly related; SCP-3309 activity is indicated by a note (designated SCP-3309-1) of unknown origin.

48 hours before the disappearance of an anomaly, SCP-3309-1 will appear appended to the end of the object's document. Documents undergoing SCP-3309 become wiped from all known file systems, including Protected Site-01 and RAISA archives. After this, the anomaly itself becomes effectively neutralized, or otherwise disappears entirely. The contents of SCP-3309-1 are as follows:

If you are not the author and you want to rewrite this article, you may reply to this post asking for the opportunity to do so. Please obtain permission from the author.

SCP-3309 affects back-ups created for disappearing documents. SCP-3309 also affects documents of anomalous items coming into contact with SCP-3309—approximately 71% of disappearing documents are connected to other non-affected anomalies. This leads to a weakening in the Foundation's anomaly containment network, potentially escalating to an ADK-Class Full Anomalous Destabilization scenario.

Addendum 3309.1:

Since its prime emergence, SCP-3309 has affected an average of forty anomalies per month. Researchers assigned to SCP-3309 have identified an emerging pattern and developed the following list of criteria:

  • Affected objects are documented as being contained with excessive containment procedures (such as chambers constructed from heavy-duty titanium alloy). This indicates either a misunderstanding of the anomaly's nature or an unprofessional level of care taken to contain it.
  • The object itself is powerful enough to threaten a K-class end-of-the-world scenario. Documentation fails to outline the true consequences of this anomaly and containment procedures typically align with that of the first criteria.
  • The object's documentation, which includes any written supplements, is poorly written, improperly formatted, and filled with grammar and logic errors.

Based on these new observations, PROJECT: TAPERED SPEAR has been proposed. TAPERED SPEAR outlines the adaptation of the aforementioned criteria for use against dangerous anomalies in an attempt to neutralize them. As this contravenes the mission of the Foundation, the execution of TAPERED SPEAR has been contested by an Ethics Committee special tribunal. The results of this tribunal are as follows:


For: 21
Against: 20
Abstain: 2

Outcome: PROJECT: TAPERED SPEAR has been authorized. SCP-3309 is pending Thaumiel reclassification.

Addendum 3309.2:

Preliminary testing of SCP-3309 to determine the suitability of a Thaumiel reclassification has officially commenced. Attached is a preliminary testing log, the results of which will determine a final decision.

Proposal excerpt

Proposal of SCP-3309 use: Use SCP-3309 to neutralize SCP-4463, a complex water-based spatial anomaly capable of flooding North America within 50 years.

Description: SCP-4463 is a water-based anomaly affecting parts of the Chihuahuan desert in the state of Arizona. SCP-4463 describes the slow transformation of a large area of desert into an equivalent area of wetlands.

Since 1990, desertification of southeastern Arizona began to occur at a rate of roughly 2 km2 per month. This desertification increased at a rate of 0.5% per year until 2008, when approximately 1,200 km2 of previously arable land had been rendered incapable of bearing healthy vegetation. At this point, the government of Arizona considered this phenomenon an ecological disaster and enacted plans to attempt to reverse the spread of desertification. This occurred as a response to the mass protest by members of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in the nearby Tucson region beginning in November of 2006.

In August of 2008, approximately 60% of desiccated topsoil per square meter began to transform into water by an unknown anomalous effect. By 2017, 45% of the previously desertified area had been transformed into wetlands, which prevented any native animal or human development in this territory.

Actions taken: SCP-4463's file was updated to contain heavy grammatical errors and major inconsistencies with the related functions of the anomaly. Multiple fabricated addenda and an unrelated image depicting a large ocean wave were also added.

Result: SCP-4463 was completely erased from all Foundation databases within 48 hours by SCP-3309. After further research and an observation into the former location of SCP-4463, it was determined that the threat posed by SCP-4463 had been neutralized, and the area had become desertified once more.

After continued debate and preliminary testing involving 19 different anomalies, SCP-3309 has passed the second stage of voting among the Ethics Committee special tribunal. SCP-3309 has been reclassified as Thaumiel and authorized for use in TAPERED SPEAR. The first round of post-reclassification research involving 49 anomalies is underway.

Researcher Note: I don't understand how one round of testing can burden a man with so much stress. I think I even saw my first grey hair this morning, or an entire patch of grey hairs? No, surely that's unnatural? I don't feel natural right now. I don't feel alright. But so early on in my tenure?

Fading to dust, what does that feel like? Would it burden my senses in the same way an illness might? Or might it leave me numb? I think, if I was to go out, I would want to continue to feel, even into my final moment. To know that I'm still here, as everything else fades away.

I'm not alright.

I've locked myself in my office. I'm going numb. This isn't what I would have wanted. But the end doesn't care about one man's wants and needs, does it? There is nothing, nothing.

Did we ever find out where those neutralized anomalies went? Surely it can't be so easy, to do what we did, to feel justice without any repercussions. That's unlike us. But it feels like everyone, everyone except me, forgot what happened to those anomalies. Is it that simple? Have we simply forgotten?

I don't want to be forgotten.

— Researcher Adamo Smalls

Addendum 3309.3:

Researcher Smalls did not show up during the latter parts of our testing this evening. He no longer appears on any of our itineraries and his name has been expunged from my project files. If there has been an immediate project alteration or a change in schedule that I was not informed of, please notify me immediately.

— Researcher John Calzaroli

Researcher Calzaroli, are you alright? Yes, there was indeed a 3-hour schedule change, but a "Researcher Smalls" has never been involved with this project. Further, I assure you that someone named Researcher Smalls does not work with us. Please, John, take a break, the stress must be getting to you. Testing has been absolutely rigorous these past few weeks. I feel it, too.

— Researcher Robert Woods

I'm sorry, you're mistaken. You must know the man. He's the most exceptional memeticist we have.

But, if you truly claim that there is no Researcher Smalls, well, there must be something more to this. SCP-3309 erases anomalies and the files associated with them. We haven't discussed where exactly these anomalies go, and I'm sure we've all had our questions. As far as I can remember, Smalls was assigned to investigate SCP-4463 when it was first discovered.

Are we sure personnel aren't also being deleted?


What the hell?

— Researcher Robert Woods



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