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SCP-1026 - Someone You Know
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Item #: SCP-1026

Object Class: Safe Euclid (see Addendum #1026-1)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1026 is contained within a 8 m x 8 m unfurnished room. Personnel are advised not to enter SCP-1026''s containment cell without supervision from an external observer. SCP-1026 is contained within a reinforced cell in Sector ██. Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter the containment area; all observation will be done remotely through security cameras. No care is necessary; SCP-1026 has no apparent need for food, water, or sleep.

Description: SCP-1026 is an entity that produces a powerful mental effect on any observer who sees it directly. This effect causes the observer to become completely convinced that SCP-1026 is someone who they know and trust. There is currently no known way to convince the observer otherwise; this effect will continue for approximately one (1) hour after they are removed from SCP-1026''s presence (subjects that lack any close relationships, such as sociopaths, cannot see SCP-1026 and refuse to acknowledge its existence). When viewed indirectly, such as through a camera feed or photograph, SCP-1026 appears as a blurry, roughly humanoid entity. This entity appears to "flicker", rapidly changing height, shape, and color. SCP-1026 is capable of speech; however, this speech sounds extremely garbled and distorted to anyone aside from its observer, who perceives it as perfectly normal human speech. SCP-1026 has also displayed reasoning and problem-solving abilities on par with those of a human, as well as a fairly docile temperament (see Addendum #1026-1).
NOTE: In my opinion, SCP-1026 probably exists partially "outside" normal space/time. This would explain why it appears to "flicker" when viewed indirectly. However, there''s no hard evidence for this; more research needs to be done before we can get an accurate idea of its true nature. -Dr. █████

Addendum #1026-1:
The following log is an account of a test to determine the exact nature of SCP-1026''s memetic abilities, performed just prior to Incident 1026-1. On ██/██/██ D-5582 was told to enter the testing area and perform a series of experiments to gather information about SCP-1026''s physiology. Dr. █████ oversaw the test and communicated with D-5582 through a speaker.

*D-5582 enters test chamber carrying video camera*
D-5582: What the hell? There''s someone else in here!
Dr. █████: Yes there is. Please proceed.
D-5582: Oh my- Mom? That''s my fucking mother, you bastards! What the hell is this?!
Dr. █████: That is not your mother. Please proceed with the test.
SCP-1026: *garbled speech*
D-5582: Don''t worry, Mom. I''m gonna get us outta here. (to speaker) Let her out now!
Dr. █████: That is not your mother. Please proceed with the-
D-5582: Fuck the test! I''m not doing anything until you tell me what the hell''s going on!
SCP-1026: *garbled speech*
D-5582: I don''t know, Mom. That''s what I''m trying to find out.
*D-5582 throws a piece of equipment at speaker; misses*
D-5582: Fuck you! Fuck you all! *begins crying*
Dr. █████: *sighs* D-5582, the test is now terminated please leave the chamber.
*SCP-1026 begins to move towards D-5582*
D-5582: I''m not leaving my mother!
Dr. █████: If you do not vacate the test chamber, I will be forced to call security!
*SCP-1026 is now standing behind D-5582*
Dr. █████: I''m going to tell you one last time…
*SCP-1026 appears to grab D-5582''s shoulders, spin him around, and "stare" at his face*
Dr. █████: I-I need a security team down here now!
*D-5582 begins to violently convulse, and his body begins to "flicker" in a manner similar to that of SCP-1026*
Dr. █████: Oh Jesus… There''s two of them…
*SCP-1026 and D-5582 move towards test chamber door as security team enters*

After the above log was created, SCP-1026 and D-5582 broke containment. Displaying unusually aggressive behavior, they proceeded to kill █ members of the security team and wound ██ more. The security teams found it very difficult to respond due to SCP-1026''s memetic effect. Although one of the entities (now assigned the designation of SCP-1026-A) was lured into a temporary holding cell and re-contained, the whereabouts of SCP-1026-B are unknown (see Addendum #1026-2).

Note: Shit. These things can reproduce… If there''s more of them out there, we could have a serious problem on our hands. -Dr. █████

Addendum #1026-2:
On ██/██/██, SCP-1026-B was located two miles from Sector ██, where SCP-1026-A is currently being held (how it managed to cover the distance between the the original facility and Sector ██ is currently unknown). A security team was dispatched to contain it. [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the accidental neutralization of SCP-1026-B. Dr. █████ performed an autopsy of the entity on ██/██/██ (see Document 1026-B).

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