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SCP-1212 - Irresponsible Competition
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SCP-1212, in its unused state.

Item #: SCP-1212

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1212 is kept in a 5m x 5m x 3m containment cell at Site-██. Experimentation may only be performed with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel, and the room is to be cleared of any residual body fluids or other detritus immediately after testing.

Description: SCP-1212, while not in use, is a simple wooden bar stool with a height of 74 cm and seat dimensions of 38 x 38 cm.  It does not possess any abnormal physical qualities other than a faint odor of alcohol, and there are no maker''s marks or other identifying features present.   When any living, mentally sound human being older than fifteen (15) years of age sits on SCP-1212, two occurrences of abnormal activity can be immediately observed:

  • SCP-1212, while leaving the occupant unaffected, changes shape almost instantaneously; ███ separate iterations have been observed (with none repeating), including:
    • a shiny metallic bar stool with bright red plastic seat
    • a rude wooden stool which appeared to have been painted very poorly with black paint
    • a smooth sandstone chair elegantly carved with unfamiliar square symbols which have as yet been unable to be conclusively identified
    • a low, square stool engraved with cloud motifs believed to resemble those manufactured in the late Chinese Qing Dynasty


  • The occupant appears to experience a full sensory hallucination and is no longer able to sense what is occurring around them in reality, while being completely unable to be removed from SCP-1212 (even using extreme methods; see Addendum 1212-A).

The occupant of SCP-1212 is then heard speaking to someone, but all attempts to record the other half of the conversation have so far failed.  Usually, it becomes apparent that the occupant (hereafter referred to as ''the contestant'') has been invited to participate in a drinking contest, and the contest begins regardless of acceptance or refusal of the invitation.  All surviving subjects agree that the invitation includes two phrases similar in content to,  "You must drink with me, in memory of those who sat where you sit and lacked the strength to understand their limits," and "We must curse those who were weak, and honor those who were strong."   Sometimes, the contestant is spoken to in a language they do not understand, attempts made to bridge the communication barrier fail, and events proceed as normal.  The contestant then, willingly or forcibly, appears to mime the following actions in sequence: taking a container of liquid from a surface in front of them; placing it to their lips; drinking its contents in one smooth motion; then slamming the container back down onto the surface.  There is always a period of between thirty (30) and fifty (50) seconds between each sequence, presumably as the contestant waits his or her ''turn''.  The contestant is always capable of speech, but is always interrupted by the drinking action - no interference of any kind appears to be possible.

Despite no actual liquid passing between the contestant''s lips, they slowly begin to exhibit effects normally associated with alcohol intoxication, and as each sequence continues, the effects of intoxication become more and more severe.  Nausea, slurring of speech and drooping of the eyelids and other facial features are usually the first in evidence, followed by bodily swaying, choking and vomiting.  None of the mentioned effects appear to prevent the contestant from participating further - some contestants have even appeared to cease vomiting for the exact amount of the time it takes to take another drink, before resuming said oral expulsion of liquids.  Subsequent testing of these liquids and the bloodstream of the contestants has revealed no alcoholic substances were ever present.  The ''drinking'' continues even after the contestant is seen to visibly suffer the effects of severe alcohol poisoning, usually typified by unconsciousness, limpness of body and occasional shuddering.  Posture is still maintained, with no interruption to the miming actions.

The contest will only end when one of two conditions are met:

  • A period of time elapses that is no less than one (1) hour in length, with an average of one (1) drink per minute; of the ███ tests undertaken by the Foundation, only ██ contestants survived long enough to reach this point, and 95% of that group were unconscious (see Document 1212-B12).   SCP-1212 then reverts to its normal shape, and will no longer react to the presence of the contestant.
  • Alcohol poisoning causes all bodily functions to shut down, resulting in death.  Upon cessation of heartbeat, the contestant is released from SCP-1212 and falls to the floor.  SCP-1212 then returns to its dormant shape and size.

It has been proven physically impossible to interrupt the contest once it has begun; this includes outside termination of the contestant by any means.  Any wounds sustained that are not part of SCP-1212''s effect are simply ignored, fatal or otherwise; notably, in the case of Test 1212-0██, the contestant appeared to continue miming the actions of drinking with both arms severed neatly just below the shoulder - the cut was visible, but there was no evidence of bleeding, pain or lack of function.  When the contest ended and the contestant released from its effect, both appendages immediately fell off, causing extreme pain and cardiac arrest resulting in death.

Subject:  D-392010; male, Caucasian, 21 years
Test Supervisors:  Dr. T██████,  Dr. S███
Date: ██/██/20██

Dr. S███:  Sit down on the stool, D-class, and then describe what you see.  You won''t be able to hear us, but we will certainly hear you.

(D-392010 slowly sits down on the stool.  Almost immediately, the stool lowers by nearly half a meter and transforms into a bar stool made of shiny metal and plastic.  D-392010 becomes visibly shaken.)

D-392010:  What the.. uh, is this supposed to happen?  I''m in some sort of.. dive bar, I dunno, some guy across from me is looking at me funny and there''s a crowd here, I don''t-

(D-392010 appears to survey his surroundings, mouth agape, and then tilts his head as if listening to someone.)

D-392010:  You want to what?  Drink me under the table?  You wish, buddy!  (D-392010 breaks out into a huge grin, and laughs.) This is gonna be one hell of a test, I can tell.  You''re on.


Dr. T██████:  Ten minutes in.. looks like he''s holding up well, but he can barely speak.. I don''t think he''s realized yet.

(D-392010 is swaying back and forth, grinning manically while consuming each invisible drink.)

D-392010:  W-whoa, buddy, you just d-don''t sstop, do you..  Do you think we c-can take a break of a few mininutes or something?  No?  To hell with you, p-pal, I''ll stop wwhen I want t-.. Hey..
(D-392010 begins to struggle, but his arm appears to move by its own accord, forcing him to take another drink.)

D-392010:  The fuck is happ-(gulps down a drink) hhappening to me.. the fuck is this, I don''t.. Somebody, pplease stop this, I don''t want to keep going, you''ve won, buddy..  W-what the fuck do you mean, "The contest is underway"?  Hey, hey, doc!  Gget me out of here!  T-this is just a freaky illusion or something, right?  Get me-(chokes, but keeps drinking) Augh, this sshit is foul..

(D-392010 continues threatening Foundation personnel and attempts resisting the test, but cannot stop ''drinking''.  He begins gibbering irrationally, flailing his head side to side, back and forth when not compelled to take another shot.  After several minutes, he begins vomiting a light brown mixture of lumpy liquid.)

D-392010: (screaming)  GOD, MAKE IT STOP, YOU WIN, YOU WIN, FFUC- (vomits, pauses to take a drink, then resumes vomiting)


(D-392010 is unconscious and jerking back and forth involuntarily.  His jumpsuit pants are soaked from the waist down, the floor under the stool now covered with various substances.  He continues to mime drinking.)


(An unconscious, visibly reddened D-392010 feebly jerks back and forth several times, before pausing in the act of mid-drink.  Slowly, he keels over and falls off the stool, landing in a now large puddle of bodily fluid.)

Dr. S███:  Time of expiration, fifty-two minutes, forty-seven seconds.

(D-392010 twitches once more, before ceasing to move altogether.  SCP-1212 reverts to its normal state, no traces of fluid on its wooden surface evident.)

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