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This document has been secured under Operation Marduk executive authority. Due to the ongoing progression of SCP-3895's anomalous effects, portions of the information contained within are known to be cognitohazardous to personnel not primed with Infoinoculation 27-APOLLO. This treatment has been proven effective in neutralizing the memetic threat posed by this document in 97% of cases. Do not proceed unless you have undergone this procedure.


I'll dispense with the introductions. If you're reading this, you understand the extent to which we've lost our grip on the situation at hand.

To put it plainly, throughout our history, we've had a fairly easy time of it.

I understand that assertion may seem hypocritical if not insulting to most of you, given the many thousand years of collective service across the personnel within this initiative. I ask that you set aside your pride and consider this objectively.

The threats contained, addressed, and borne by our organization have, until this point, been manageable. Not without difficulty, not without sacrifice. But they have been managed. We have done our job. The evidence of this is all around you: humanity still exists. Civilization stands, and stands strong. We have been our world's Foundation.

Consider the collective nature of what we have faced thus far, and you may notice a pattern. There are monsters in the closet, but we've bolted the door. We stare down uncountable barrels, but not one trigger has been pulled. Damocles's blade may as well be suspended by a bridge cable. Even those that we currently have no solution for have proven themselves sluggish to a point that frankly seems suspicious, affording us time enough to devise appropriate contingencies. We have been, in a way, fortunate. And because of our fortune, Joe Average gets to sleep in his bed at night without a care in the world.

We have, in our way, grown lazy to match. We have found ourselves unprepared for something that fails to display the characteristic politeness of our other known antagonists. Something with initiative, that does not pay due respect to our limitations. This is a serpent that has struck without the courtesy of a rattle or a hiss.

These events have moved apace, and even with all our might it becomes uncertain whether we will be able to address this serpent at all, much less while wrestling the thousands of others. But I will not see us back down. I would have Joe be frightened but safe, rather than asleep with fangs brushing his neck.

The advent of SCP-3895 has stripped us of our luxury of choice. It has shattered our defenses, cast aside our bulwarks and made a mockery of our strength while devouring and enslaving our sacred dead. We have shown good judgment. Restraint. Consideration and discipline. But upon the horizon is war, and we can ill afford to measure and examine and make our boxes as we have in the past. We now stand at the precipice of oblivion, and we are being pushed. The time has come for us to push back.

We secure. We contain. We protect. And now, we fight.

Overseer 8, Operation Marduk Prime Director

Item #: SCP-3895

Object Class: Tiamat1

Special Containment Procedures: To be determined pending reevaluation of Foundation prime directive.

Description: SCP-3895 is a Category 4 hostile hyperphysical entity which has successfully achieved corporeal manifestation within conventional reality. It is actively attempting to assimilate all life on Earth.

Within physical reality, SCP-3895 exists as a morphologically variable gestalt of biological organisms, all of which are subservient to and controlled by SCP-3895's metaphysical components. Individual organisms incorporate material from a wide range of other species from all known taxonomic categories of life into their biology, seemingly at random. They are invariably comprised, however, of genetically human tissue in varying states of decomposition. It is currently debated as to whether individual SCP-3895 specimens can be considered “alive” in the traditional sense, as all exhibit some degree of necrotization and decay while displaying no apparent need for nutritional intake or rest. A multitude of other cellular and metabolic anomalies are also present, and are currently under analysis.

SCP-3895 is capable of assimilating living or deceased biological matter into any of its masses, and will generally exhibit extremely rapid physical mutations upon doing so, altering its subservient autonomous bodies to best suit a given function or to adapt to a perceived threat. Upon the assimilation of a human, SCP-3895 will occasionally display behavioral and tactical alterations, indicating that SCP-3895 is capable of retrieving and utilizing information stored within human neural tissue. As a result of this, tactical engagement with SCP-3895 forces have proven to be difficult, as SCP-3895's knowledge of Foundation military strategy and training increases with each instance of Foundation personnel assimilated.

Individual SCP-3895 entities appear to possess a tiered hierarchy, the specific nature of which is not currently understood. Larger SCP-3895 entities (≈ 6 meters in height) will lead groups of smaller SCP-3895 entities, and may assimilate them to repair inflicted traumas. Larger SCP-3895 bioforms will also occasionally fragment into smaller, autonomously distinct instances when disabled.

SCP-3895 instances occasionally produce wordless vocalizations, but a small percentage (0.4%) of those observed have displayed the ability to produce coherent speech. These exceptional bioforms have shown behavioral characteristics and access to knowledge particular to individuals known to be assimilated. This, combined with information extrapolated from SCP-3983 and several instances of both SCP-3896 and SCP-3897 has led to the conclusion that SCP-3895's metaphysical influence extends beyond the thanatotropic threshold2.

SCP-3895 has, as of the time of this document's creation, resisted all attempts at containment, and current Foundation response initiatives insofar as they exist are expected to be rendered ineffective within ██ months, resulting in a TK-Class Total Human Transmutation scenario.

State of Engagement: Foundation contingency protocols currently stand at Critical in the wake of the events of 10 March 2017. The failure of Foundation expeditionary forces to properly locate and contain all SCP-3895-related anomalies combined with SCP-3895's extreme rate of proliferation and mutation has culminated in a worldwide state of emergency that strains the continued feasibility of maintaining Pure Veil operational standards.

Foundation military assets have been mobilized in their entirety to address global SCP-3895 emergence, the only exceptions being those currently engaged in preventing other imminent K-class scenarios. As of the time of this document's last update, subsidization of Foundation forces via the commandeering of international military assets has commenced, however rate of asset loss places this policy as a temporary measure at best.

Timeline of recent events follows.

Date Event
27 November 2016 Operation Marduk proposed by Overseer 8 in response to overt worldwide escalation, multiplication, and intensification of all known SCP objects known to be associated with SCP-3895. Proposal approved unanimously by Overseer Council.
22 January, 2017 Special Task Force Sigma-01 formed and deployed alongside GoI-089 “The Bearers” against global emergence of SCP-3895 forces.
29 January, 2017 Rate of STF Sigma-01 personnel loss deemed unacceptable by Operation Marduk Central Command. Daily number of Foundation personnel subjected to Procedure 3895-PERSEPHONE ordered by Overseer 8 to be increased threefold to maintain Foundation standing forces.
08 March 2017 STF Sigma-01 forces stationed at Guam routed following overwhelming off-coast emergence of SCP-3895 entities. Reinforcements deployed and subsequently defeated. Island lost to SCP-3895 forces. First instance of significant territorial loss to SCP-3895. Emergency global disinformation protocol 3895-SIRENSONG3 enacted.
09 March 2017 Behavioral change observed in SCP-3895 entities inhabiting Exclusion Zone 3895-01, previously known as Guam. Individual entities4 gather en masse at center of island and fuse, forming an amorphous mass of biological material approximately 1.87 kilometers wide. Long-range thaumaturgical scanners register conceptual energy readings exceeding those of SCP-3894-Alpha. Mass is theorized by Operation Marduk Thaumaturgical Division and confirmed by SCP-3894-Alpha to be a metabiological protoform preceding SCP-3895 primary manifestation and subsequent breach into conventional reality. Mass tentatively designated SCP-3895-Prime.
10 March 2017 All STF Sigma-01 forces5 deployed to Exclusion Zone 3895-01 with orders to destroy or disrupt SCP-3895-Prime. SCP-3895-Prime generates and releases subordinate entities from its central mass, which engage STF Sigma-01.
13 March 2017 STF Sigma-01 lost. SCP-3895-Prime mass has increased to an approximate width of 2.39 kilometers. Thaumaturgic scans indicate conceptual and metaphysical energy readings have increased exponentially as SCP-3895-Prime continues to gestate, indicating an impending localized reality failure or restructuring within Exclusion Zone 3895-01.

Disinformation protocols including 3895-SIRENSONG have begun to fail. With the loss of STF Sigma-01, global SCP-3895 emergence has been left unchecked, necessitating the mobilization of the entirety of the Foundation's military assets. Operation Sorrow's End has been submitted to the Overseer Council and the Ethics Committee for approval as of 14 March 2017. If approved, this initiative will reconfigure the Foundation's standing prime directive, and subsequently result in a Lifted Veil scenario in an attempt to prevent humanity's extinction as a result of SCP-3895-Ω's emergence into physical reality.

Currently, investigative and tactical efforts are underway to amplify and support the Foundation's offensive posture against SCP-3895 using any means possible, up to and including the usage of other SCP objects and increased anomalous conversion of Foundation personnel following the loss of STF Sigma-01. All Foundation mobilization strategy and maneuvers now include the destruction of SCP-3895-Prime as an overriding priority, with prototypic thaumonuclear stratocharge munitions being pulled from preliminary testing to be used against SCP-3895-Prime in the event that conventional bombardment proves ineffective. SCP-3895-Ω's gestation and its subsequent emergence into physical reality presents an immediate and irrevocable threat to humanity. The Foundation will not allow this entity to be born.

We will not reenter the womb.

i can love you through your own corpses

it is time to come home

mother knows best

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