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SCP-1288 - Timely Encouragement
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Item #: SCP-1288

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested, SCP-1288 is to be held in Storage Locker ██ at Site-19. Personnel are to observe SCP-1288 at all times while the item is being transported in order to avoid unnecessary collisions. When exploring a new location, population centres in particular, a Geiger counter must be in use.

Description: SCP-1288 is a cylindrical object with density, angular momentum, and refractive index consistent with glass of the same dimensions. The interior of SCP-1288 depicts the equivalent location in what has been determined to be an alternate timeline, believed to have diverged from our own in approximately the late 14th to early 15th Centuries. The world that is depicted is frozen in a single moment which astronomical observations from multiple locations indicate is the Winter Solstice of 2012 at approximately 0600 GMT.

Examination of the few easily accessible historical documents shows that the major point of divergence depended on the choices made by Admiral Zheng He. While claims in our own timeline of such an encounter are dubious, it is clear that, in the alternate world, Zheng He''s fleet explored the west coast of the Americas. A strong trade relationship between China and the Mayan Empire resulted from this. While North America saw some limited European colonization, attempts at conquest of Central and South America were unsuccessful due to Chinese technologies and manpower which allowed the ruling parties there to remain in control. As a result, Europe plays a smaller role in the modern world stage which is primarily dominated by the Sino-American alliance.

Recovery Log: SCP-1288 was initially discovered on 12/27/2012 in front of the entrance to Site-19. Initially determined to be an anomalous item that can only be moved in the vertical dimension, it was soon found to have been placed within a tube in the alternate timeline. When SCP-1288 was removed from the tube, a plaque could be seen through it, clearly indicating that the item was intended to be found by Foundation personnel (refer to Document 1288-a for details of plaque).

Location Observations
Site-19 A rough replica of Site-19 is found at the location, with both above-ground and underground structures hastily constructed and excavated, respectively. Plaques are located at a number of contained objects providing notes on how a containment breach may occur so that maximum casualties would be suffered.
Manhattan Island, USA The southern tip of the island is heavily urbanized with a large native population and a minority of assimilated Europeans, whereas the remainder of the island consists of suburbs and farmland. Few residents can be seen in their homes. It is theorized that the majority of the population has travelled to the urbanized area in the south. On the southern tip is a pyramidal structure which can not be easily explored due to differences in city planning.
Mexico City, Mexico The city appears to be a major economic hub, home to people of multiple ethnicities, including East Asian, African, and European, along with a large native population. Much of the population have congregated about a large pyramidal structure similar to that seen in southern Manhattan. Despite evidence pointing to a religious celebration, limited exploration of the structure suggests that it is some variety of power plant, though the processes used to generate energy are not immediately apparent.
Beijing, People''s Republic of China The city is populated primarily by both Asian and native Central American ethnicities. As with the two previous locations, a pyramid can be found in the city, around which a significant portion of the populace are gathered. While this group is also celebrating, a number of violent incidents are occurring on the periphery, between the local constabulary and Central Americans.
Paris, France A mass evacuation is occurring. Much of the population, consisting of African, native American, and European ethnicities, have left the city. A large military presence is situated in the centre of Paris, with the majority of personnel focusing their attention on the pyramid at this location.
[DATA REDACTED]1 As in Paris, an evacuation is taking place and military forces are descending upon the central pyramid. Multiple entrances are open, allowing exploration. Observations continue to confirm that the structure functions as a power plant which is operated primarily by those of American descent. Many have been killed by local soldiers while others seem to have taken their own lives. As researchers explore deeper into the pyramid, SCP-1288 becomes noticeably warmer. At one junction, approximately 150 m from the centre of the pyramid, a bright light can be seen. This is coupled with a significant increase in temperature. Description by the observer, prior to expiring due to exposure to radiation, suggests that the power plant is in the process of detonation.

Dear SCP Foundation,

For some time, we have been observing your development and we are pleased that, so far, it is on par with our own. We have learned much from you, including many political experiments that we would have been afraid to perform, and the power inherent in the calendar.

How you have concluded that the end of the calendar signifies the end of all things, we can not be sure. Before we saw you, we thought it only a way to tell the passing of seasons and kings. Your reckoning of time inspired us and urged us to take action.

We have left you this record to show you how we succeeded. For a hundred years, you have only waited for the end to come. From this, we concluded that we must instead bring it about. Please, study it so that you might properly plan in the next thousand years.

We await you on the other side of the glorious end.



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