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Item #: SCP-1326

Object Class:  Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1326 is to be contained in a standard Site 19 containment cell, with a box of used literature (e.g. newspapers or magazines) kept outside its cell. One magazine from this box is to be left within the SCP's containment cell as a precaution, and must be replaced pending "feedings'. Every 3 weeks, a staff member is to "feed" the SCP by bringing the book kept inside the containment cell within 30cm of the SCP's front cover and held in place until activity ceases, then discard the magazine in question and replace it with another paper from the box outside SCP-1326's cell. Should the SCP release SCP-1326-2 due to failure to perform aforementioned procedure, SCP-1326's containment cell is to be kept on lockdown until all instances return to SCP-1326, at which point lockdown may be lifted and the magazine absorbed during the event must be replaced ASAP. All readings of SCP-1326 contents must be performed by D-class only, and any content deemed safe and/or useful to the Foundation is to be transcribed and stored on a Foundation computer under Document 1326-82.

Description: SCP-1326 is an ornate leather-bound hardcover book adorned with various moving parts on its front cover, including a circular numbered dial in its upper-left corner, a semicircular dial in the lower-left corner, and several jointed mechanical arms crossing over its center, ending in mechanical claws or circular lenses. SCP-1326 is secured by a lock on its right side, designed to fit a small key designated SCP-1326-1.

SCP-1326 may only be opened by SCP-1326-1; attempts to open the lock using picks or replicas of SCP-1326-1 have failed.

The content of SCP-1326 appears to be an encyclopedic collection of various works and articles on diverse topics. The nature of these entries varies between known works by known authors, altered versions of known works, or unidentified works covering known or unknown material, some of which may be related to SCP's under or out of Foundation custody. The content yielded by SCP-1326 when opened may be changed by inputting "index numbers" via the dials on the book's front cover. These numbers do not appear to follow any sort of classification system, as no correlation has been found between the index values and the contents they yield. List of works found within SCP-1326

If SCP-1326 is brought within one meter of another book or written document, the arms on its cover will begin moving of their own accord in order to line up the lenses on the ends of these arms with the document in question. Once aligned, the lenses will emit a blue light and "scan" the document for approximately 5 seconds, then return to their original positions. Testing has confirmed that this behavior is a means for the SCP to acquire new information, which will be presented in readable format under an apparently random index designation. How SCP-1326 is capable of identifying sources of information is unknown, though staff theorize it may possess a certain degree of sentience. It is also possible that the book simply reacts to repeating symbols or patterns, as it has been observed scanning Foundation staff nametags or groups of ceiling tiles, though such scans have been noted to be shorter than scans performed on complete books or written papers.

It is advised to provide SCP-1326 with new material on a monthly basis, as the object will become hostile if not "fed" regularly. See Incident Report 1326-█ for details.


Remains of SCP-1326-2 killed during Incident 1326-█. Entity rapidly decayed to skeletal form after being killed by Dr. R█████ via blunt trauma.
Image captured by Researcher Anji Marth.

Incident Report 1326-█: On ██/██/██, after 30 days without "feeding" SCP-1326 opened of its own accord and released a swarm of entities resembling large arachnids, henceforth SCP-1326-2. These beings acted as an organized unit and proceeded to gather all objects relevant to data storage within the containment chamber, including loose documents, computers, and file cabinets, and bring them to SCP-1326, where they were [DATA EXPUNGED] and absorbed into the book. As the chamber was not locked at the time, SCP-1326-2 proceeded to breach containment and continue this process with the surrounding offices, resulting in the loss of █ Foundation computers as well as Dr. R█████, who had been [DATA EXPUNGED] into SCP-1326 after attempting to destroy several instances of SCP-1326-2. After several minutes of activity, all instances of 1326-2 returned to SCP-1326's containment chamber, at which point the latter opened automatically, revealing a dark corridor extending past the thickness of the book. Once all 1326-2 had re-entered the book through this passageway, the latter closed and locked of its own accord. Ten minutes later, SCP-1326 reopened and expelled all items that had been stolen by 1326-2. All documents had been stripped of writing, and all computer hardware had been reverted to factory condition. The body of Dr. R█████ was not recovered following the incident.

Addendum: Security footage of the SCP-1326-2 events reveal the entities make vocalizations resembling human speech while active. Most of these vocalizations are incoherent, but analysis reveals some instances are vocalizing in known languages. The following is a transcript of some vocalizations made by 1326-2, translated into English if not already spoken as such:

You have failed to pay tribute.

The Library does not accept unpaid tolls.

Return your books on time.

(heard during all 1326-2 events)

Don't damage library property

(heard while Dr. R█████ was under assault by SCP-1326-2)

Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.

(heard during a contained event after on-site staff had neglected to "feed" SCP-1326 on schedule. Of note is the fact that this vocalization was made in a voice nearly identical to that of Dr. R█████.)

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