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SCP-1444 - Brahmastra
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Item #: SCP-1444

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1444 is stored in a heat-proof, lead-lined storage safe on Site-19. SCP-1444''s test chamber is radiation-proof, with automatic chemical fire extinguishers to reduce the damage from accidental activation. Due to the risk of severe casualties from human handling, SCP-1444 is to be manipulated and transported by a modified EOD robot designated SCP-1444-1. Following Incident SCP-1444-01-35, no D-class personnel who practice any form of Hinduism are to be allowed access to the object.

Description: SCP-1444 is an arrow of unknown make which exhibits extremely destructive effects when handled by human beings. It is 50cm in length, composed of extremely aged E. ganitrus wood, with a two-pronged arrowhead made of badly tarnished iron. Visual observations of SCP-1444 cannot be consistently made through any means other than electronic surveillance. Personnel who directly view the arrow will invariably give meaningless descriptions, generally incoherent statements relating to the sun, mountains, and blades of grass.

When SCP-1444 is intentionally released from a living human being''s grasp, it begins to manifest its destructive effects. When it hits a solid object or flat surface, the arrow''s surface temperature will rapidly increase to a mean level of 5505°C. In addition, it will emit four pulses of high-energy gamma radiation at exactly 4.4x1019Hz, normally sufficient to cause severe radiation poisoning in nearby subjects. This active state persists for twenty-four seconds [one Hindu vighati], whereupon the arrow returns to normal temperature and cannot be activated again for a period of 27 days, 8 hours, roughly consistent with one Hindu Nakshatra, or month-analogue. Open-air areas affected by SCP-1444 seem to demonstrate consistently lowered levels of liquid precipitation, as well as significantly higher soil salinity not consistent with heat and radiation exposure. This area of effect is invariably a perfect circle exactly four kilometers [one krosha] in diameter.

Incident SCP-1444-01-35-: On [REDACTED], D-44446, a devout Hindu, was ordered to test SCP-1444 by firing it from a bow into a target 50 meters distant. Upon receiving the arrow from SCP-1444-1, D-44446 became unresponsive for several minutes, whereupon he recited the following [translated from Hindi] and fired the arrow directly upwards.

The [UNINTELLIGIBLE] potencies are innumerable. As He lies down in the water of devastation, I am born as the total universal energy from the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in which the lotus sprouts. I am now engaged in manifesting His diverse [Energies?] in the form of the cosmic manifestation. I therefore pray that in the course of my material activities I may not be deviated from the vibration of the [Vedic?] hymns.

When SCP-1444 hit the ground, it activated, emitting temperatures and radiation levels approximately four times stronger than average, accompanied by four seismic pulses, 16.8 microseconds [one paramáńu] apart, measuring at least four on the moment magnitude scale. The resulting damage to the test facility and its instrumentation made accurate data impossible to recover.

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