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SCP-1463 - Señor Purple
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Item #: SCP-1463

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1463 is to be contained in a 3 x 3 x 2 meter cell. No sanitary facilities are needed. All personnel entering SCP-1463''s containment chamber must wear Class D hazmat suits and must prevent any skin-to-skin contact. Any personnel who are involved with a skin-to-skin contact with SCP-1463 are to be quarantined for 35 days, or until SCP-1463''s effect wears off.

Description: SCP-1463 is a humanoid automaton with the appearance of a middle aged Caucasian male. When SCP-1463 touches any substance, it is instantly dyed purple. This effect is limited to any singular material type within a one meter radius of the point of contact with SCP-1463. SCP-1463 is also extremely suggestible, responding to any verbal commands with complete compliance.

In addition to this, SCP-1463 has a number of detrimental side effects on human subjects. Subjects exposed to SCP-1463''s effect have a 25 percent chance of acute metal poisoning. This is caused by a mixture of several metals, including lead, cadmium, arsenic and radium. This effect does not extend to non-living objects.

Since initial containment on ██/██/19██, SCP-1463 has suffered over ██ failures resulting from faulty mechanical parts either breaking or being expelled violently from SCP-1463. While repairable, these failures have the potential to inflict harm on researching personnel.

SCP-1463 was found wandering outside of a department store in [REDACTED], Australia after several reports of a "crazy man" were reported to local authorities. With it were several documents providing details on a previously-unknown group of interest. Due to the possibility of more products such as this, investigation into the person or organization known as "Professer Funtastic!" is to be considered a priority.

Addendum 1463-1: Documents recovered from SCP-1463:

All child congratulations! The Brovisr Funtastic fun to play! Gets or sets the hour and Arta señor fun! The magic and surprise your friends señor purple fun!
Purple only thing, there a lot of fun to your señor time to touch! Purple all! Very interesting! Enjoy the pleasure, and the PC purple times!
Brovisr there are several lots Funtastic humor! Want to have more fun, go to Brovisr Funtastic! And funny! It has also more than SEÑORS and much more fun!
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Let your señors here for fun! Pick up all the señors, super fun! Fun for you! Jealous of your friends!
Señor Blast!
Señor Cookie!
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Señor Magic!!
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Señor Police!
Señor Purple!
Señor Books!

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