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nn5n: scp-1712 An Unusual Occurrence On August 11th, 1959
EuclidSCP-1712 An Unusual Occurrence On August 11th, 1959Rate: 17

Last known image of SCP-1712-A, taken 1 hour before the object exited Earth's atmosphere.

Item #: SCP-1712

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1712-A is to be monitored by members of MTF-Kappa-11 "Red Barons". All images of SCP-1712-A picked up by satellite imaging are to be edited by Foundation personnel embedded in organizations capable of observing SCP-1712-A. Several probes have been launched by the Foundation from Thoth-1, in order to track SCP-1712-A's location. All information about SCP-1712-A gaining its anomalous phenomenon are to be suppressed, with the cover story of an office suicide having been disseminated.

SCP-1712-B is to be held in a wildlife habitation unit, located in Site-77. The walls of this unit are to be made out of stone. No personnel are permitted direct contact with SCP-1712-B, and any contact made for the purpose of transportation or testing must be done with machinery. Prior to being moved, SCP-1712-B is to be sedated.

Description: SCP-1712 designates two anomalous objects, labeled SCP-1712-A and -B. SCP-1712-A is a stone statue of a man named "Richard Boyd" a resident of Chicago, Illinois, in addition to half of an iron beam. SCP-1712-B is a tabby kitten with black and white fur. It weighs 8 kilograms, and analysis has shown that it does not possess any internal organs, being one completely solid mass of flesh. On its exterior, SCP-1712-B displays no anomalous properties whatsoever.

SCP-1712-A is rising at a rate of 20 kilometers per hour, with the speed increasing exponentially. Currently, it is located in the outer rim of the solar system, and is traveling out of observable range. No noticeable developments in its flight pattern have occurred since initial discovery, and the location Incident 1712-Prime occurred in has not displayed the same anomalous activity since. It is currently hypothesized that Incident 1712-Prime was not a random event, due to the fact that Richard Boyd had few family members, and the abnormally low number of witnesses.

SCP-1712-B, when contacting living tissue, will immediately transform all surrounding tissue into stone. This transformation occurs instantaneously, and will also affect all non-organic matter the subject is making direct contact with, although it does not extend beyond this. SCP-1712-B does not appear to be aware of this effect, and displays behavior expected for a cat of its age. SCP-1712-B has not been noted to age during its time in containment.

At present, the best reconstruction of Incident 1712-Prime is as follows: On the morning of August 11th, 1959, Richard Boyd was in his office when witnesses say he noted a "cat on the construction area"1 and attempted to crawl out onto the construction area to rescue it, against the advice of others. After contacting the cat, Richard immediately lost his balance, fell, and then vanished from sight. Foundation personnel currently believe that this was the result of SCP-1712-A's anomalous effect initiating.

MTF-Kappa-11 "Red Barons" was mobilized to track SCP-1712-A's location, but were not able to track it after it exited the operating range of their aircraft. Foundation personnel were able to recover SCP-1712-B from the area of the incident, and administered Class-B amnestics to all witnesses. The Foundation regained visual contact with SCP-1712-A in 1963, after tracking it with radar since its discovery. On 11/22/1961, SCP-1712 was classified as Euclid.

In addition, the following note was found within SCP-1712-B's collar upon recovery:

LOST CAT IF FOUND CONTACT [Renmar the Trebucher] CONTACTABLE IN [Kingdom of Suva]

Gone to see her. My fault, have to rectify before it is to late. Will return if possible.


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