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Fix me, Fix me, Fix me, Fix me

[Verse 1]
Here come old skippy, he called Four-nine-thirty
He got object classic, he one Euclid number
He got threat level always green
Got to be a thinker, he contain with some ease

Fix me, Fix me, Fix me, Fix me

[Verse 2]
He have procedures, he got self-containment
He got square apartment, he one normal eater
He say, "I stay here, I am free.
One thing I can tell you is don't write about me"

[Chorus 1]
Come together, right now
Over me

[Verse 3]
He six foot person, he got infohazard
He got semantic hell, he one Lennon looker
He got words down inside his memes
Hold you in psych eval, you can hear all his screams.

[Chorus 2]
Come together, right now
Over me

Fix me, Fix me


[Verse 4]
More information, he got insect hatred
He got tragic background, he one four-three crosslink
He say, "friends, dear friends, they made the cage"
Doctor interview him so just grab a new page.

[Chorus 3]
Come together, right now
Over me

Fix me, shoot me, change me, kill me


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