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nn5n: scp-4416 Tails of Site-42: Why The Foundation Punches Sharks
UnknownSCP-4416 Tails of Site-42: Why The Foundation Punches SharksRate: 61
Item Number: SCP-4416 Level 3/4416
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Promotional photograph taken by an SCP-4416-involved group. Subject depicts a beach well-known for frequent occurrences of organized shark-punching.

Special Containment Procedures: All aspects of SCP-4416's properties are not to be interfered with; organized shark-punching is to remain commonplace in the state of North Carolina. Any instance of shark-punching encountered out-of-state is to be monitored for anomalous properties. If no anomalous properties manifest, the activity is to proceed unmitigated.

All references made to SCP-4416-A in writing, pictorial, or verbal communications are to be discredited where possible.

Description: SCP-4416 is the recent increase in human-initiated attacks against Selachimorphic fish (sharks) in North Carolina.

SCP-4416 refers to the action of any person(s) with the intention to assault sharks via punching1. These attacks are coordinated to occur at dusk with a frequency of two to three times per night. Civilians engaging in SCP-4416 refer to their actions as 'selachian pugilism' and 'sharkboxing'.

SCP-4416 has led to the formation of various groups dedicated to the activity. 90% of observed groups range between eight and 15 people in size. Competing philosophies between various groups assert that SCP-4416 exists either for sport or protecting others against sharks.

SCP-4416, while non-anomalous, has led to a marked increase in shark appearances on the east coast of North Carolina. Research into whether this has led to an increase in shark attacks on humans is underway.

Foundation para-anthropologists have formed the following hypotheses on the nature of this activity:

  • SCP-4416 was triggered by another anomalous phenomenon.
  • SCP-4416 groups are connected to another anomalous phenomenon.
  • SCP-4416 exists to avert or lessen the effects of another anomalous phenomenon.

Further investigation is underway.

Addendum 4416.1 — Discovery: The first significant reference to SCP-4416-type phenomena can be traced back to the July 26th, 2010 airing of conspiracy theorist radio broadcast Mondays on the Alex Jones Show. At the time, the show featured a segment on the archetypal significance of humans attacking sharks and "the spectre of shark-punching's clutch on the underbelly of North Carolina". The segment proceeded to list known shark-punching groups, the connection between those groups and the occult, and made allusion to a mythological trickster demigod that turns humans into shark-like abominations.

Foundation webcrawler UZ413H ("PAYLOAD TOO LARGE") flagged the broadcast and attempted to cross-reference several key phrases. Despite this, Foundation Intelligence Agents were unsuccessful in finding any such phenomena on the Eastern Seaboard.

On September 16th, 2016, a local New Hanover County news network aired a story on organized shark-punching and featured one such group dedicated to the activity: "Amos' Shark Threshers". A Foundation media watchdog picked up the story before forwarding it to Site-42's Command Office. The group was confirmed to have been mentioned during the 2010 radio broadcast, corroborating its legitimacy. With no other leads, efforts were redirected towards contacting and infiltrating Amos' Shark Threshers.


Note: The following is an excerpt from an extranormal categorization discussion on the potential anomalous properties of SCP-4416.

<Begin Log>

Field Agent Nico De Castro: Next up, a consensus on this new "shark-punching" phenomenon. I'm sure you've both heard of this by now.

Researcher Adamo Smalls: Wait, when did that get picked up again? I thought —

Researcher Justine Everwood: [interrupting] Oh come on, that's anomalous! A memetic agent that compels people to punch sharks, right? It has to be.

Smalls: It is memetic, but not in the anomalous sense. Haven't you ever seen Shark Week?

Everwood: [pauses] I never actually got around to that.

Smalls: [under his breath] I'm surprised more people don't die by shark attacks these days…

Everwood: The question is, how do we find out? I'm pretty sure we don't have the grounds to investigate this. Not unless we get permission from the Ethics Committee since this is clearly not anomalous.

Smalls: Didn't you just say it is?

Everwood: [avoiding embarassment] Um, no!

Smalls: [sarcastic] Alright, gang, let's get searching for whoever's behind this illegal underground shark boxing ring. We're looking for an evil lair, a devious end-of-the-word scheme, and the bogeyman's secret identity. Then we'll finally have something to show the authorities.

De Castro: I know I'm asking from a lot from you guys, with how ridiculous this is, but let's not blow it out of proportion.

Everwood: I'm betting on this entire thing being just another Reefer prank.

De Castro: This is all 100% legit. Anyway, the media leak reports quite a bit of information on an associated group called Amos' Shark Threshers. Well, there were a few different groups named, but this is the only one that came up twice. Check this out.

[De Castro shows the following quoted excerpt on a computer screen.]

Amos' Shark Threshers have always punched sharks. Always. It wasn't even until the media picked up on us that the controversies came in. And it wasn't even, like, they feared for our lives or some shit like that. They thought it was inhumane what we were doing to the sharks! My step-brother Dani got his arm bitten off by one in 2012 but now he's the bad guy!

— Madeline Cruz, Wilmington resident

Everwood: Can we backtrace them?

De Castro: I don't… think that's a thing?

Smalls: That answer doesn't sound very convincing.

De Castro: Okay, there's more here. They took pictures of one of their attack spots. If we can't find them, well, then… [pauses]

Smalls: Maybe we can wait for them to come to us.

De Castro: Exactly.

Everwood: [her voice pitches with excitement] Like a stakeout mission?

De Castro: [nodding his head] That's the one. Let me get a tactical response team set up while the two of you do some research. Find anything you can on selachian anomalies and see if there's a link here. International network, anomalous items log, whatever. Anything we have clearance on.

Smalls: This is by far the silliest assignment I've been on.

Everwood: Right?! And we don't even get to punch any sharks!

<End Log>

Addendum 4416.2 — Initial Interview: On September 22nd at 7:35 PM, six days after locating an area matching with the photographs, the response team encountered Amos' Shark Threshers. Field Agent De Castro exited cover and confronted the group while posing as a local shark-punching enthusiast.


Note: Field Agent De Castro was outfitted with a standard full-body swimsuit and a waterproof camera/audio recording device.

<Begin Log>

Field Agent De Castro walks towards the shore. 9 people are congregating in the shallow water.

De Castro: Um. Hey, excuse me!

Confused voices can be heard. A woman, presumably the group's leader, leaves the water and walks in the direction of De Castro.

Unidentified Woman: What, are you lost or something?

De Castro: I'm not lost, I'm —

Unidentified Woman: [interrupting] I don't give a fuck! Who are you?

De Castro: Uh, my name's Nico. I didn't get lost, I'm here —

Unidentified Woman: [interrupting] If you're not lost then what the hell are you doing on our turf?

De Castro: I'm here to — [pauses] To punch sharks.

[The woman pauses, then laughs.]

Unidentified Woman: Oh, I get it. You're one of us! Sorry 'bout that, I thought you were one of those media rats. I'm Madeline, but you can call me Maddy.

De Castro: Well, okay then. It's a pleasure to meet you, Maddy. Are you guys with Amos?

Madeline Cruz: Amos died a few years back. Some say a Great White got him, but we don't actually know. [she looks around before leaning in] If you ask me, I think he's still out there clobbering them, even as we speak.

De Castro: Huh. No shit?

Cruz: Mhm.

De Castro: Is that why you, er, punch sharks?

Cruz: Do you think I'm fucking insane? Jesus, no.

De Castro: Then why do you do it?

Cruz: Look, Nicky —

De Castro: It's Nico.

Cruz: Nico, how much of an amateur are you at this anyway?

De Castro: I have never punched a shark before.

Cruz: Nico, I'm gonna be frank with you. The only way you'll ever know why we punch sharks is if you punch one yourself.

<End Log>

After the first contact with Madeline Cruz (now PoI-3739), Field Agent De Castro made efforts towards becoming acquainted with Amos' Shark Threshers. He was expected by group consensus to engage in 'selachian pugilism', which he administered with success. De Castro reported no mental or physical compulsion at the time. A post-incident medical analysis found no physical abnormalities except for a higher-than-average testosterone level.

Addendum 4416.3 — Further Communications: On September 23rd at 7:51 PM, Field Agent Nico De Castro made contact with an anomalous entity (designated SCP-4416-A). At the time, he was undergoing a lone coastline observation in Seabreeze, North Carolina to surveil potential instances of SCP-4416 phenomena. The other members of the project team claim no knowledge of the event, nor of any unknown entity or person in the area at the time.

In an offhand comment, De Castro referred to the communication as "divine intervention (with) a selachian deity". The following is a record of the supposed intervention, as recorded by his body camera.


<Begin Log>

[De Castro begins recording at the local Carolina Beach Fishing Pier. He turns on his night vision for visibility before setting off due north.]

[After 15 minutes, a rocky outcropping comes into view. De Castro approaches it. The outcropping rises from the nearby inlet. 30 seconds later, De Castro enters the shallow water to get a closer look. The rocky outcropping reveals a section hidden from the beach and a cave within. He enters the cave.]

[It is at this point in the recording that De Castro claims the anomalous entity came into view. De Castro describes the entity as 'undefined' and says that it attempted to obscure itself during the recording. The video log displays no such entity but does, however, pick up audio. The entity begins to speak.]


A still from the point in the recording where Field Agent De Castro claims the entity emerged.

SCP-4416-A: Found you!

[The camera shakes as De Castro is startled. He pulls out his combat pistol but keeps it lowered.]

SCP-4416-A: Am not here to do big scare.

De Castro: How are you speaking?

[A high volume of bubbles fill the area.]

SCP-4416-A: Is not most crazy thing you see.

De Castro: Who are you?

SCP-4416-A: Tubi-ti known by many name.

De Castro: Okay, why are you here?

SCP-4416-A: Tubi here to do big warning. You make promise, ok?

De Castro: I'm not authorized to make any sort of agreement with you.

[De Castro attempts to leave the area.]

SCP-4416-A: No, no deal. Just say "agent man punch shark no more".

De Castro: What?

SCP-4416-A: Small promise, small promise! "Agent man punch shark one more time maybe but that's it."

De Castro: Have you been following me?

[The entity does not reply.]

De Castro: I think I know who you are. That… [pause] bitch told me about you. She said that her people have a supreme duty to the ocean and that there was some real persistent shark guy that they've been trying to get rid of. I didn't understand at the time but I'm guessing they're trying to scare you away.

SCP-4416-A: Tubi scared of punching, big time. People doing punching are big liars, all the time. And Tubi shark god, not guy.

De Castro: I don't agree with their methods. The fact that they're causing more sharks to come to the beach than ever before is borderline reckless. But I'm sure they have their reasons. Like, that Amos guy didn't die for nothing. All he did was get eaten and now he's practically their messiah.

[Bubbles fill the area for 10 seconds.]

De Castro: So what am I missing? Why do you even exist?

SCP-4416-A: Tubi want to turn human into sharkman to make big army. If work, Tubi would become full power. You seen, am good business-like selachian. Like good human entrepreneur show on glowing box. What is called…

De Castro: On TV? Uh, what, Shark Tank?

SCP-4416-A: Yes, very entertain. Shark is not like other fish. Shark biggest corporate mind in the sea. You know?

De Castro: Why would you tell me any of this? Why talk to me at all? If it's true what you say then you are the dumbest god I've ever met.

SCP-4416-A: If human is not sharkman, then human must be afraid of shark.

De Castro: And why do you talk so weirdly?

SCP-4416-A: Because ate surfboard.

De Castro: Well, okay. Is there anything else you have to say for the record?

SCP-4416-A: Tubi make big warning: stop punching sharks.

De Castro: [laughing] That's ridiculous.

SCP-4416-A: Am serious. Stop it. Let shark people eat. We hunger.

De Castro: You know what? This is a waste of everyone's time. If those fools want to punch sharks, so be it! Anything to get rid of you.

SCP-4416-A: No please, stop!

[A disturbance causes large waves in the cave.]

De Castro: I hope they punch a hundred sharks. A thousand! And I hope you feel every last knuckle.

SCP-4416-A: Do not doubt my powers, agent man.

[At this point, no further audio from the entity was detected. De Castro searched for SCP-4416-A for the next 10 minutes before ending the recording.]

<End Log>

After the correspondence, but before De Castro returned to the site, an unauthorized shipment arrived at Site-42. The shipment in question was a box with Amazon Prime packaging. After security personnel discerned the package's safety, the package was opened, revealing an assortment of human teeth and trace amounts of blood.

The following message was printed atop the package with dried blood:

this is why u trust sharko

The following document was submitted to the Site-42 Projects Command Office by Field Agent De Castro.


Proposal #: SCP-4416-16-A

Proposed Containment Level: Thaumiel

Proposal Description: Following an extensive survey of recent events, I've deduced that the concealed existence of the entity known as Tubi-ti (SCP-4416-A) is the result of a weak incidental Sensory Extrapolation (SEP) Field created and perpetuated by SCP-4416. The activity remains effective enough in warding off the entity and increases in potency based on the number of people engaging in it.

Due to this, and the potential (if dubious) danger alluded to in my contact with the entity, I suggest reclassification as a Thaumiel-class anomaly.

Update: Following an extensive investigation, SCP-4416 has been reclassified as Thaumiel. Controlled attempts at practicing SCP-4416 are unauthorized but are under close consideration.

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