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Item #: SCP-4898

Object Class: Keter


Saul Kronenberg

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the public nature of SCP-4898, the already wide propagation of its assumed name, and its ability to traverse space, it is currently infeasible to contain the anomaly. However, SCP Foundation Task Force Rho-3 ("The Hills Have Eyes") has been established to monitor advertisements, media activity, and business conduct for SCP-4898 and limit its reach.

SCP-4898 itself appears to be aware of the risks of exposure and will self-limit conduct in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Description: SCP-4898 is an extradimensional humanoid entity that possesses the ability to manipulate space including instantaneous teleportation, the ability to co-locate, and the ability to clone or duplicate matter. Appearing as a late middle-aged humanoid male of Italian descent, the entity identifies as 'Saul Kronenberg' and most commonly manifests in the greater area of Los Angeles, California.

SCP-4898 has been observed conducting business consistent with that of a normal 'Hollywood Agent' that services the film and television industry. The entity operates a small business front located in West Hollywood, CA that does business as "Kronenberg Talent Management" and regularly takes meetings and hosts client negotiations at this location.

The entity freely manifests at industry-related socialization and networking events in order to meet potential clients and foster established relationships. The manner in which the entity engages clients or conducts business does not itself appear to be anomalous and instead relies upon substantially undercutting the industry standard rate for comparable services. See Addendum 4898.1 for additional details.

The scene fades to a middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair in a navy blue pinstripe suit. He stands on the righthand side of the screen with his left hand resting on the breast of his suit jacket. His ring finger displays what appears to be a rose-gold men's ring of a gaudy nature. The background of the commercial is a muted burgundy with large gold block letters that spell out 'Kronenberg Talent Management' filling the top half of the screen.

<Saul> "Fellas, ladies, are you tired of grinding it out for your big break while working two jobs just to pay the bills? Are you tired of greedy industry predators taking as much as ten or even twelve percent of each paycheck?"

The shot cuts to a woman in a traditional 'diner' uniform sitting at a counter, flipping through the mail. The woman opens one envelop that presumably contains a paycheck and she shakes her head in disgust and frustration.

<Saul> "Come on down and talk to Saul! I know all the ins, all the outs, I can get you into roles and take you places you've only dreamed about from your pull out couch! Work alongside all the big names, work for all the big time producers! I've been serving the industry for over thirty years and I know… what it takes… to make a star!"

"So if you're ready to pour your heart and soul into your craft…Give Saul A Call! Today!"

Saul, regarding the camera, smiles big as the shot fades out. A telephone number appears on the screen as the commercial ends.

Discovery Log: In 2003, data analysis flagged a substantial uptick in credited work for a number of actors generally associated with 'indie' style films. Further investigation determined that these actors appeared in and were credited in a number of films which had a substantial overlap in production and filming schedules. All flagged actors shared a listed agent of 'Saul Kronenberg' as a common link.

Additional backtracking found the name 'Saul Kronenberg' appearing in the credits of films as far back as 1979, however, no corroborating financial or business records have been located prior to 1994 when the business 'Kronenberg Talent Management' was first registered. It is unknown how long this entity has been operating.

In 2004 Foundation analysts isolated an actor credited with the role of 'unknown prisoner' in the film Chronicles of Riddick, who listed Saul Kronenberg as his booking agent. This person was marked as POI-4898-1 and placed under Foundation monitoring. The next day, POI-4898-1 was observed leaving his apartment at 09:10. Then again at 09:24. And a third time at 09:41. At no point was POI-4898-1 observed returning to the apartment during this time, and each instance of POI-4898-1 left for a different destination.

Foundation resources were mobilized and all three iterations were apprehended after arriving on location. Interviews and observation determined that none of the instances of POI-4898-1 appeared independently anomalous and did not appear to be aware of the other instances. After approximately 48 hours in Foundation custody, two instances of POI-4898-1 collapsed into an equivalent volume of a viscous, tan fluid of unknown origins. The surviving instance of POI-4898-1 was administered Class B amnestics and returned to the general population.

Researcher's Note: The recovered fluid is a mixture of selenium-gold alloy and a silicon-based organic compound. When an electrical current is applied to the material, it phase-transitions into a rigid substance in a manner similar to that of 'smart metal'. However, the substance appears to no longer retain its originally programmed shape.

Synopsis: In late 2004, Foundation asset actor David Harbour agreed to participate in a candid interview with SCP-4898 in order to record and learn about the object's methods, practices, and abilities. He was equipped with video and audio recording equipment including multiple concealed body cameras and scheduled for an afternoon consulting. MTF Rho-3 ("The Hills Have Eyes") established a monitoring position from the alley adjacent to the building.

Extraneous audio and video has been cut. David Harbour finishes equipment check and leaves the Foundation monitoring van. He walks around the corner and down the sidewalk before entering the building housing 'Kronenberg Talent Management'. The metallic ding of a bell can be heard as the door opens, alerting reception to David's arrival.

<David Harbour> "Hello, ma'am. The name is David Harbour, I have a 2:30 with Mister Saul."

The receptionist offers Harbour water, which he accepts in bottled form. A short wait commences before he is lead through a small hallway to an open door. SCP-4898 is visible at the end of the hall standing behind a desk. The entity motions to an open seat on the near side of the desk. The receptionist closes the door as she leaves.

<SCP-4898> "David! Welcome, welcome. I am always happy to hear from the up and comers in the industry. The real boots on the ground in the fight to drive the art forward."

<David Harbour> "Thank you, Mister Kronenberg, it's an honor to just have my calls returned, not to mention actually be invited in to talk about opportunities."

<SCP-4898> "Well get used to it because I move fast and I move a lot, Dave. Can I call you Dave? And Saul is fine to address me. If we might be working together we should at least trust each other enough to be on a first name basis, yeah?"

<David Harbour> "Sure, Dave is fine."

<SCP-4898> "Okay, Dave. So, I've taken the liberty of preparing some things for you to read and sign. I've got a couple of great roles that I think will really launch you into the future. Really establish an image and put your face in the minds of movie-goers. I did some research on your portfolio and your reel and I think these are your best options."

<David Harbour> "Great, let's have it."

SCP-4898 walks around the desk and hands over a packet of papers, before taking a seat on the desk. David Harbour accepts the papers and begins to read. Most of the text is printed but largely illegible due to the angle of the body cameras and their distance from the text.

<SCP-4898> "So I've got three projects that should pay soon and hit the theaters next year. I'd like to get you into auditions as soon as the end of this week."

<David Harbour> "What? Three in one year? I… I'm only used to one at a time, I don't know how I can do all three due justice let alone nail the lines on that short of a notice."

<SCP-4898> "Don't worry too much, Dave. You'll have some outta this world coaching, free of charge, to get you nice and ready."

<David Harbour> "Free of charge?"

<SCP-4898> "Yep, for a meager 2% of your paycheck."

<David Harbour> "And you can keep the lights on and pay staff with 2% of a chump's paycheck?"

<SCP-4898> "Volume! That and you remembering your friends down the road when you hit it big. Consider my paltry fee as a downpayment against future opportunities that'll cost you nothing except a little bit of social credit with your studio friends. Most guys in my shoes have to spend, spend, spend and bribe their way into these opportunities. Those things don't pay off, at least not really. But this…this does!"

<David Harbour> "Alright, well, assuming these roles and the scripts all check out, let's do it."

<SCP-4898> "There's just one more thing, Dave."

<David Harbour> "Ah, the catch. Tell me."

<SCP-4898> "There are non-disclosure agreements and some extra health testing."

<David Harbour> "Figures. Seems standard."

<SCP-4898> "It's not. How much are you willing to give to build your future? Does this career matter to you as much as I think it does?"

<David Harbour> "Yeah, of course. I've been working hard for years already and I'm just getting started. What else would you expect me to say?"

<SCP-4898> "Precisely, but I am going to give you a chance to put your money where your mouth is. I just need something from you, Dave. It's not monetary, but it is valuable. It won't hurt, and I won't take enough for you to miss it. Promise."

<David Harbour> "What, like my blood?"

<SCP-4898> "No, Dave. Actors are not just normal folk. Why do you think it's easy for you, for them, to slip into the skin of another human being and assume a role, even if just for a few hours? You've got that mojo, that … conductive material."

<David Harbour> "I'm not sure I'm okay with this and it's making me uncomfortable."

<SCP-4898> "Well that's your choice, Dave. But do yourself a favor and think about it. Come see me tomorrow and give me your answer. We need to move on these roles soon and I would hate to see you miss out on your chance."

SCP-4898 and David Harbour shake hands and ends their meeting.


Synopsis: Following Interview 4898.1, Foundation asset David Harbour was scheduled for a return appointment and instructed to ascertain the nature of 'hidden fee' requested by SCP-4898. The asset was similarly fitted and monitored as per the previous interview.

Extraneous audio and video has been cut. Final equipment check is made and Harbour enters the building. The receptionist leads him back to the office of SCP-4898 and closes the door after his entry.

<SCP-4898> "Dave, my boy, welcome back! I'm hoping to hear good news so we can get the payday rollin'."

<David Harbour> "Yeah I've read over the parts of the scripts you gave me and slept on it and I feel that now is the right time. But I do want to know more about your 'something extra' arrangement what that might mean."

SCP-4898 is silent for several seconds, intently regarding Harbour.

<SCP-4898> "Tell ya what, Dave. I'll do what I gotta do and collect some of it now, and then I'll slip a fifteen day out in there for you. If you miss it, or if the concern eats you up, or if you fail to get these roles, you can cut me out and get a full refund."

<David Harbour> "Full? Even the 'something special'?"

<SCP-4898> "Even the little something special, yes."

<David Harbour> "Okay. Let's do it, Saul. Just give me something more about what 'it' is."

SCP-4898 claps his hands together once and stands from his chair. He rounds the table and helps Harbour to his feet, escorting him over towards a previously unseen wooden door. He stops after placing his handle on the doorknob.

<SCP-4898> "I'll be honest with you, Dave. Me and my friends? We're don't get out as much as we'd like to. But we love to travel, we love to see sights, we love to… well, we love to live! Do you see how these two things conflict?. That's all we want, Dave. Just a taste of the outside world. A little bit of freedom. And people like you are the perfect vehicle."

Harbour does not respond although audio records his breathing shallowing. At this time, the asset begins to tap on his lapel camera signifying a request for extraction, as dictated by the field operations manual.

<SCP-4898> "And right in here I've got everything we need to make the magic happen." SCP-4898 opens the door to reveal a small half-bathroom. "Right there, in the mirror."

Harbour approaches the mirror and looks into it, regarding himself. The hand of SCP-4898 enters the video from the left side and the entity's open palm is placed against the side of Harbour's head. Audio and video communication is immediately lost with the monitoring van, however, Harbour's equipment continues to record using local storage.

The video cuts to a dark place. Harbour's hands are seen drifting or floating in front of him; he appears to be unconscious or otherwise immobilized. There is an unknown source of light illuminating the immediate area including Harbour.

After approximately 60 seconds, Harbour's hands reflexively jerk as he suddenly regains consciousness. The motion of the hands and their passive drift suggests Harbour is suspending in some sort of fluid, but there is no visual occlusion noted by recording equipment. Muffled noises can be heard but they are unintelligible to the audio recording equipment. The hands appear to move more frantically, escalating over several minutes.

Abruptly, the thrashing stops and Harbour appears to begin a 'swimming motion'. It is unknown if a meaningful movement is happening as there are no referential objects visible. Swimming continues for several minutes before a dim light is observed at a distance. The light approaches and increases in intensity as it does so until an entity becomes visible.

Emerging from the darkness is a creature approximately two meters in length with an eel-like body and is now designated as SCP-4898-1. Prominently atop the entity's head is a long appendage that ends in a bio-luminescent bulb similar to that of an Angler Fish. The entity continues to close and alters the angle of its head to reveal multiple concentric sets of teeth surrounding a central orifice.

Harbour attempts to swim backward in order to escape the entity but the creature closes before meaningful progress can be made. An abrupt but muffled cry can be heard as SCP-4898-1 latches onto Harbour's right bicep with its mouth. Two sets of articulating appendages extend from the sides of SCP-4898-1 and wrap around the bicep, securing its hold.

Harbour uses his free arm to grab the tail of SCP-4898-1 and attempts to pry it off of his constrained arm. The instance of SCP-4898-1 begins to budge but tightens its grip and remains in place. Before Harbour is able to attempt another separation, a second instance of SCP-4898-1 is seen attaching to the forearm of Harbour's left arm. Additional instances become visible and emerge from the periphery heading towards Harbour. They ultimately surround and engulf the asset at great enough volume to render the video and audio recording unusable from this point.

Approximately two hours later, the video and audio begin transmitting again to the monitoring van. David Harbour regains consciousness on the floor of the half-bathroom. The ceiling light is on and Harbour shields his eyes as he re-orients himself. Quickly, he begins checking his arms and the rest of his visible body for signs of assault or other evidence of the eel-like entities. There are no visible signs. The door creaks open and SCP-4898 regards David Harbour, a polite smile on his face.

<SCP-4898> "Come on out when you're ready and let's sign this stuff. Don't worry, you won't remember a thing. You're not the only one with amnestics."


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