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SCP-1905 - Dino Hunter Model 6
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SCP-1905 prior to relocation to Site 83

Item #: SCP-1905

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1905 is locked within a secure storage locker in the Site 83 anomalous weapon storage wing. Access to SCP-1905 is restricted according to standard anomalous firearm handling procedures. SCP-1905 is to be thoroughly cleaned before and after testing.

Description: SCP-1905 is a stopping rifle chambered for the .577 tyrannosaur round. SCP-1905 lacks a serial number and possesses no manufacturing marks. The left side of SCP-1905’s stock has the phrases “Jur-ass-kick” and “Dino-sore” carved into it. When SCP-1905 is loaded and within 3 meters of an individual capable of firing it, an instance of SCP-1905-1 will spontaneously manifest relatively close to SCP-1905. SCP-1905 will misfire unless it is aimed directly at an instance of SCP-1905-1.

SCP-1905-1 instances are sentient beings physically resembling various animals of the clade Dinosauria. Instances of SCP-1905-1 have all displayed a high degree of hostility. At the time of writing, instances of SCP-1905-1 have been found to resemble over ██ different species of dinosaur in testing. All instances of SCP-1905-1 have resembled dinosaurs known to have existed in the Cretaceous Period; the majority of instances have been found to resemble either Tyrannosaurus rex or Triceratops horridus.

Instances of SCP-1905-1 are composed primarily of fiberglass and plaster; they show no abnormal resilience and cease function upon receiving sufficient amounts of damage to their infrastructure. A single shot from SCP-1905 will cause the immediate destruction of an instance of SCP-1905-1 regardless of where it makes contact with the object. If SCP-1905 is still loaded when an instance of SCP-1905-1 is destroyed, a new instance of SCP-1905-1 will materialize in close proximity to SCP-1905.

Recovery Log 1905: SCP-1905 was recovered in rural ████████ on ██/██/████. Foundation assets in the area traced several alleged “dinosaur sightings” to the residence of 24 year old ███ ██████. SCP-1905 was located inside of a barn near the corpse of Mr. ██████. An instance of SCP-1905-1 inside of the barn was engaged and destroyed by the retrieval team. The initial attempt to relocate SCP-1905 to Site 83 was unsuccessful (See Incident Report 1905-Alpha). SCP-1905 was recovered from the wreckage of the transport aircraft undamaged and successfully transported to Site 83.

The following document is a copy of the contents found on a piece of paper inside a shipping crate in Mr. ██████’s residence. Neither the paper nor the crate possessed a return address. The paper was somewhat damaged at the time of recovery.

Hello there, my TESTOSTERONE rich friend. Are you a BORE to your buddies? Do the ladies find you absolutely UNINTERESTING? Do you cry yourself to sleep knowing that you will die ALONE AND UNLOVED? Worry no more, my friend. With the DINO HUNTER MODEL 6 you’ll never be the boring guy at the party again. Impress women, enthrall your acquaintances, and instill PURE EXCITEMENT into those around you with the DINO HUNTER MODEL 6. Become a genuine DINOSAUR HUNTER and show off your SICK SKILLS to those around you. Are you ready to hunt the MOST DANGEROUS GAME?

Mr. ██████, as we understand it, you''re absolutely PATHETIC. But so long as you follow the procedures outlined in your DINO HUNTER MODEL 6 OPERATOR''S MANUAL, you may finally grow to be someone who''s not an ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL EXAMPLE OF A HUMAN BEING. So get up, ready your rifle, and go SLAUGHTER SOME REPTILIAN SCUM!

We at [REDACTED] would like to remind you that any injuries inflicted on you and those around you as a direct result of use of the Dino Hunter Model 6 are not our responsibility. In the event that your Dino Hunter Model 6 manifests creatures of the Jurassic or Triassic periods, return it immediately to your nearest [REDACTED] facility within 30 days for a full refund. In the event that you fail to follow the payment plan outlined in your Dino Hunter Model 6 purchasing package, know that we will find you and punishment will be administered as outlined in article 7 subsection D (Punishable Actions) of your Dino Hunter Model 6 Informational Guide.

Incident Report 1905-Alpha: During initial containment, retrieval staff neglected to unload SCP-1905 before storing it for transport to Site 83. Approximately 14 minutes after departing for Site 83, an instance of SCP-1905-1 manifested in the cockpit of the transport aircraft; control was lost shortly after, causing the plane to crash into a small wooded area. Information regarding the crash was successfully suppressed and SCP-1905 was recovered intact.

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