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SCP-1909 - Conquerer''s Tomb
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Item #: SCP-1909

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building above SCP-1909 is under Foundation control, and has been designated Site-58. Containment is to consist of preventing all unauthorized persons from accessing SCP-1909. No personnel named Alexander, Alex, Alexandra, Alexis, or any other variant on the name “Alexander” are to be allowed into Site-58 under any circumstances.

In the event of a world leader fitting the appropriate profile attempting to gain access to SCP-1909, countermeasures up to and including assassination are authorized. In the event of a successful or imminently successful 1909-Coronate event, Site-58 is to be destroyed. The same procedure is to be enacted in the event of abnormal seismic activity in at least three of the following cities: Athens; Jerusalem; Iznik; Tyre; Thessaloniki; Hillah, as occurred during Incident 1909-2.

Description: SCP-1909 is the tomb of Alexander the Great. It is located underground in Alexandria, Egypt. It came the attention of the Foundation in 1967 after Mr. Az-Zahir Ghazi, a shopkeeper, bought the storefront located above it and uncovered the crypt while renovating. Mr. Ghazi and the work-crew were administered Class B amnestics and released.

SCP-1909 consists of two rooms. On the archway into the tomb is carved an inscription in Greek which translates to “Through these gates lies he that ruled, awaiting the time the world craves his heel once more.” The first room is an antechamber. It contains a glass sarcophagus, inside of which is an embalmed cadaver, presumably that of Alexander the Great. The walls show faded remnants of murals glorifying him. Historical records indicated that this chamber was lavishly decorated, but that it was later stripped clean for gold by Roman emperors. Another inscription is engraved above the sarcophagus, a translation of which may be found in Document 1909-4.

The other room contains an extensive network of machinery surrounding a man-shaped depression in the floor. According to Mr. Ghazi, these machines were quiescent when he entered the tomb, only becoming active after he tripped over the sarcophagus. This machinery exhibits moderate self-repair capabilities, and certain components resemble radio transmitters, though the functionality and workings of any of the objects in this chamber is unknown. This room was sectioned off from the sarcophagus chamber until the machinery activated.

Although the exact effects of SCP-1909 are unknown, it is believed it broadcasts a minor psychic influence on a global scale. After it was activated, a nearly tenfold increase in the popularity of the name “Alexander” and its variants was observed worldwide.

Additionally, Incident 1909-2 suggests that SCP-1909 may exert more direct control on persons named Alexander in top positions of military or state leadership. Specifically, it is believed that some such individuals are induced to seek out SCP-1909 and lower themselves into the floor cavity inside the machine room, whereupon the machines in SCP-1909 will move to a more active state. This has been designated an 1909-Coronate event. The full effects of a successful 1909-Coronate event are unknown, but in light of Incident 1909-2, cannot be allowed to occur.

Document 1909-4: The following is a translation from ancient Greek of the inscription in the sarcophagus chamber of SCP-1909.

I write this at my last. Let none alter this before it is carved in stone. Cursed be he that perverts my word, cursed to the destroyers.

I am Alexander. I am the last herald, the greatest of the champions of Man. I am he that brought this world to its knees, and found it too small a prize for one such as I. Behold my sleeping vessel and remember my glory.
A thousand children I fathered, yet I fathered no heir. One or another will claim my throne, and another will claim it from him, and in time my line will pass from power. After me there would be no others like me. For this the world mourns the passing of its master.

Yet I tell you here: Fear not. I shall bless this world and all the other realms that decorate the heavens with my footsteps. As Calanus foretold my fall, so too do I prophesy a return. When I am needed, when men prostrate themselves before me, then shall I return. Whether a hundred years or a thousand years have passed, my name shall once more pound in the mind of every last man, woman, and child.
And in time an heir shall arise, a shadow of his namesake, but worthier still than the pale wisps that clamor for the throne that could never be theirs. He shall come to this place, and he shall know his destiny, and he shall know me, and he shall be like me, and he shall be me. The Towers of Alexander will rise from Athens, from Babylon, from Jerusalem, from Tyre, from Nicea, from Pella.

Then the Heavens will quaver at the knowledge that Man once more is ruled by his rightful king, Alexander. Once, and forever.

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