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SCP-1915 - Status Quo
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Item #: SCP-1915

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1915 is to be kept in its self-modified humanoid containment unit. Furniture and sustenance are unnecessary, as SCP-1915 provides them itself. One guard is to escort SCP-1915 during its daily walk around the designated yard. No expensive or sensitive equipment is to be brought into SCP-1915''s vicinity.

Description: SCP-1915 is a Caucasian man, thirty three (33) years old, of an unexceptional build and height, identified as █████ ███ ██████ by the documents it was carrying on its person at the time of its retrieval. A background check revealed no relatives or close friends. SCP-1915''s anomalous nature stems from a localized causality abnormality which negates any significant long term changes to its body, personality, memory or lifestyle. SCP-1915 alters reality in its close vicinity as is necessary to maintain its personal status-quo. SCP-1915''s effects are largely limited to non-living matter manipulation and internal mental manipulation, and are incapable of permanently affecting living creatures other than SCP-1915 itself. SCP-1915 does not appear to be aware of its anomalous properties, and the mild-to-moderate discontent it expressed concerning its life during several interviews suggests it possesses limited, if any, control over them. SCP-1915 is unaware of its containment, believing it is still employed at the offices of the now defunct ██████ Corporation, where it was recovered.

Addendum-1915-A: Incident Log 1915


Date: ██/██/2███

Location: Offices of the ██████ Corporation, ██████ ██████, ██

Description: During its initial recovery, SCP-1915 was escorted to Site-17 by Mobile Task Force Delta-17 (“Green Caps”). As it was being transported, SCP-1915 altered MTF Delta-17’s armored vehicle to the form of a No.██ city bus, which SCP-1915 used in its commute to work while it was still employed. SCP-1915 was seemingly convinced the members of the Task Force were other passengers. Agent ██████, who was driving the vehicle at the time, was briefly convinced that he was the bus driver, and assumed the bus’s usual route. Verbal persuasion from other Task Force members proved sufficient in negating this effect, and SCP-1915 was safely transported in the altered vehicle to Site-17.


Date: ██/██/2███

Location: Site-17, Humanoid Containment Wing, Cell 257

Description: Upon arriving at its designated cell, SCP-1915 converted it to an exact replica of its apartment (located at [REDACTED]). Electronic devices continued functioning without an external power source, and the bathroom maintained both a running water supply and sewage access. When removed from the converted cell, objects did not retain this anomalous property. SCP-1915 assumed that escorting Site security members and researchers are neighbors and local service givers.


Date: ██/ ██/2████

Location: Site-17, Humanoid Containment Wing, cell 257, Maintenance Closet 17

Description: The morning following its initial containment, SCP-1915 exited its cell (despite it being locked), and entered a nearby maintenance closet. Site security dispatched to the scene discovered the closet was converted to mimic SCP-1915''s cubicle at ██████, including working telephone and internet connections. When confronted by Site security, SCP-1915 apologized for "coming after hours to finish the budget report", claiming that it needed the extra income.

Addendum-1915-B: Interview Log SCP-1915-3

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Interviewed: SCP-1915

Forward: This interview was held a week after SCP-1915''s recovery. During that time, SCP-1915 has maintained the same set daily routine.

<Begin Log>

Dr.████: Good afternoon, SCP-1915.

SCP-1915: Oh, hello. The ''k'' is silent, by the way. Are you new around here?

Dr.████: SCP-1915, are you aware of where you are?

SCP-1915: Hmm? Oh, in the office, of course.

Dr.████: This isn''t your office.

SCP-1915: Well, of course it''s not mine. I was passed for promotion again.

Dr.████: That''s not what I meant… I don''t think so, at least.

SCP-1915: Don''t worry about it, happens all the time. People look at me and say, ''look at this guy, he must have an office by now, worked for the company for so long, after all, dedicated man like him.'' But no, it''s the cubicle life for me. So, what''s your position?

Dr.████: Er. Junior accountant. Bernstein''s team.

SCP-1915: You guys are on the third floor, right?

Dr.████: Yeah, next to the coffee machine.

SCP-1915: That''s where Lisa works, right?

Dr.████: Um, sure, I guess.

SCP-1915: Could you tell her to… I dunno, give me a call sometime?

Dr.████: Sure?

SCP-1915: You know what, forget it. She''s just going to reject me. Don''t tell her anything. At least that way I can still dream.

Dr.████: That''s…nice. Listen, I think the boss is waiting for me, so-

SCP-1915: Oh, sure man, sure. You have a good day, you hear? Don''t be a stranger.

<End Log>

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