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SCP-1075 - Daredevil Horse
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Item #: SCP-1075

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1075 is to be kept on-site within a standard ten (10) by ten (10) meter pen. Personnel authorized for care of SCP-1075 are required to wear Level D hazmat protective gear, and under no circumstances other than recorded testing may personnel make physical contact with the Item. The saddle worn by SCP-1075 is currently unable to be removed at this time. Only Class D Personnel are authorized test subjects for SCP-1075, and must be terminated and removed within twelve (12) hours of mounting. Due to the difficulty in removing a rider from SCP-1075, testing subjects must wear lethal injection-based kill collars, and testing must enable for immediate restraint at any time.

Description: SCP-1075 appears to be a black purebred Andalusian horse, roughly seventeen hands high. The exact age of SCP-1075 is currently undetermined, although it has far exceeded the average lifespan of any breed of horse since its initial containment in 17██. SCP-1075 is wearing a thick leather saddle which has proven impossible to remove at this time. Whether it is SCP-1075 or the saddle which displays the anomalous effects that require containment is still unknown.

Contact with SCP-1075 is not harmful, although all known instances of contact with the saddle have proven fatal. Within three (3) seconds of contact with the saddle, the subject''s muscles immediately begin absorbing calcium ions and rapidly contract in a manner similar to rigor mortis, starting from the region making contact and spreading outwards through the body. Due to the elaborate make of the saddle, this generally results in the subject gripping some region of the saddle and being unable to let go, which has been described as painful from the force of the muscle contractions. Within several minutes of this occurrence, if the subject has managed to mount or grasp the saddle SCP-1075 will enter into a frenzied state, attempting to buck off the subject or running out of confinement. SCP-1075 will continue with this violent behavior until the subject has been completely removed from the saddle. During this period, SCP-1075 will actively attempt to harm the mounted subject in a number of ways, such as running through deep water, through brambles, under low apertures, and in one instance through a large fire.

Throughout this experience the subject remains conscious and aware of his or her surroundings, and regardless of what injuries may be incurred by the rider during this state SCP-1075 does not appear to be harmed by any force the rider may be inflicting upon it, or its own attempts to harm the subject. During these episodes SCP-1075 inevitably harms the rider to the point of death, as subjects are unable to be removed from the saddle safely. SCP-1075 has been recorded to continue with this display for no less than ninety-three (93) hours, as all that remained of the current test subject being a right hand. So far, there is no known way to remove a rider without damaging or removing the limbs that are gripping SCP-1075.

SCP-1075 was discovered in the town of ██████ ██████, New York. SCP agents had investigated reports of an ''evil spirit'' that was reported to be tormenting the town. Attention was drawn when SCP-1075 ran under a low-lying bridge which decapitated the rider at head level and continued to rampage throughout the village. Agents had successfully isolated and contained SCP-1075 when it was found that the soldier riding it was dead, and the corpse was still stuck on the Item.

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