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SafeSCP-1948-J The ComradeRate: 39

SCP-1948-J in containment. Damn, how photogenic!

Item #: SCP-1948-J

Object Class: CYP (Safe)

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-1948-J is to be kept in the mines north-east of ███████, designated Site-1948-J. SCP-1948 should have access to food, water and a pack of ciggies per day.


SCP-1948-J is a member of Equus caballus, yet somehow it has the ability to speak and the staff is absolutely pleased with that! It's hard working and has a really good taste of humor. Every hour he lights a ciggie and every two hours he cracks open a cold one. SCP-1948-J doesn't appear to have any enemies, he goes out well with his comrades and also with other horses. It's also incredibly photogenic.

SCP-1948-J Recovery log

SCP-1948-J was found in the mines in the north-east of ███████, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. It was saved by group of local miners, now great friends to the Foundation, from a tunnel collapse. Staff was assigned to ensure the safety of this wonderful creature.

Interview Log 1948-J-25:

Interviewed: SCP-1948-J

Interviewer: Dr. Vladimír ██████

<Begin Log>

SCP-1948-J: Well howdy there doc!

Vladimír: Good day to you comrade horse! How's going?

SCP-1948-J: Well today is going very well, no casualities and we got some packs of smuggled ciggies from Germany!

A lighter can be heard.

Vladimír: Haha! Alright, I see you're doing well. Work hard comrade and take care!

SCP-1948-J: You too doc!

<End Log>

Addendum 1948-26: Hell, I like this horse!

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