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SafeSCP-096-J NarrAwayRate: 163

Item #: SCP-096-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Three copies of SCP-096-J are to be kept on separate USB flash drives in the High Value Storage Locker at Site 38. Foundation cyberanalysis units should attempt to locate and eradicate any uncontained instances of SCP-096-J while in the course of other duties.

Description: SCP-096-J is an anomalous computer program built as an Internet browser applet designed to prevent children and others from encountering sexually explicit material. The program, “NarrAway”, is 2.4 MB in size and has been found modified for function with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. The program is equipped with settings for “No Limit”, “Partial Limit,” and “Full Limit.”

Computers with SCP-096-J enabled will be unable to display sexually explicit material due to the program's ability to remove explicit components from audiovisual and literary works. This function will operate when possible by editing the narrative of the materials into scenarios wherein sexual congress or situations are unlikely or altering the decisions of actors within the narrative to remove sexual activity. This is reminiscent of SCP-1781's mode of operation, suggesting a possible connection between the two anomalies. See Experiment Log 096-J for examples.

Experiment ID: 096-J-7/A

Sample: Video titled “Feisty redhead ██████████ █████", uploaded 21/11/13 to ██████████.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "No Limit"

Results: Video proceeds as normal. █████ ██████████, acting under the pseudonym "Red Foxy", is introduced as an unnamed nurse performing a standard physical examination upon an unnamed character portrayed by ████████ █████ ("Richard Dark"). Approximately two minutes into the physical examination, the nurse character begins performing a standard check for colonic herniation that proceeds into gratuitous manual stimulation of the patient's genitalia. This stimulation transitions into oral [DATA EXPUNGED] five (5) mililiters, deposited directly below the unnamed nurse's manubrium.

Experiment ID: 096-J-7/B

Sample: Same as previous experiment

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Partial Limit"

Results: █████ ██████████, acting under the pseudonym "Red Foxy", is introduced as an unnamed nurse performing a standard physical examination upon an unnamed character portrayed by ████████ █████ ("Richard Dark"). Approximately two minutes into the physical examination, the nurse character begins performing a standard check for colonic herniation. The facial expressions of both individuals suggest that the nurse has begun to stimulate the unnamed male character's genitalia without prior warning or consent, though no nudity is shown within the video. The video cuts to a scene outside of the nurse's office accompanied by subtitles reading "Several minutes later…" during which both characters exit the room. The male character pauses, removes an unidentified amount of currency from a rear pants pocket, and gives it to the nurse, who smiles and returns into the office.

Experiment ID: 096-J-7/C

Sample: Same as previous experiment

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: An unnamed male character portrayed by ████████ █████ ("Richard Dark") sits in a waiting room for ███ minutes, then leaves.

Experiment ID: 096-J-12/C

Sample: Video titled "three ███ ██████ █████ ████ ███ ass", uploaded ██/██/11 to █████.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: Three unnamed female characters in a dormitory spontaneously identify themselves as being eighteen (18) years of age and over the age of majority in their region (albeit barely), alone in college for the first time. An unnamed man arrives in possession of two (2) sausage pizzas. While exchanging money for the pizzas, the female characters express frustration with their homework in an Anatomy & Physiology class. The pizza delivery man inquires as to whether the female characters require assistance in understanding anatomy. The women politely decline and return to their homework. A postscript explains that all three went on to become distinguished physicians in the field of proctology and graduated summa cum laude.

Experiment ID: 096-J-19/C

Sample: Video titled "She wants to █████████ with cream!", uploaded ██/██/09 to █████.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: A single unnamed woman sits on a couch, conversing with an unseen man behind the camera. Over the course of a conversation that lasts several minutes, it becomes generally understood to the audience that the woman is attempting to audition for a film of some sort, the details of which are not discussed. The man inquires as to what the woman is willing to do in order to secure this film role. The woman explains that she has already taken several acting classes at a local college and has been working with several friends of hers to produce a body of short films that she feels best embodies her skills. After evaluating the short films, the man turns the woman down in a polite but respectful way and explains that her work is not what he is looking for. Discouraged but still fundamentally confident in her own skills, she goes back to school and begins working on a degree in anthropology, which she finds immensely satisfying.

Experiment ID: 096-J-32/C

Sample: Video titled "Cute blonde girl will do anything for money", uploaded ██/██/13 to ███.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: A group of men discuss a young blonde woman walking down the street. The men, riding along in a van, ask the woman if she would be interested in getting in the van with them. The woman is reluctant. The men pull out a sum of local currency and explain that the woman will have the opportunity to profit considerably by completing an unspecified task inside the van. The woman initially balks, but eventually gets into the van. The men ask the woman to complete a fifteen-question survey involving brand recognition with regards to automotive insurance companies. The woman completes the survey in approximately four minutes and is given the unspecified currency, then exits the van.

Experiment ID: 096-J-38/C

Sample: Video titled "Teacher deals with naughty student", uploaded ██/██/02 to ████████████.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: A female student is held after class by a female teacher. The teacher admonishes the student for a series of instances of poor behavior, mostly centering on distracting another female student by talking and giggling during class. The teacher also mentions a series of poor grades that the student had received recently. The teacher mentions, as an aside, that it is going to be very difficult for the student to make up the bad grades and that she would have to work very hard to convince the teacher that the student deserved a passing grade. The student then mentions, without prompting, that she has realized recently that she is attracted to girls rather than boys. The teacher appears very interested in this development.

The teacher stands up, hugs the student tenderly, explains that she also realized her own attraction to the same sex at the student's age and that it is common for young women of that age to have difficulty reconciling a lesbian self-identity with a heterocentric, misogynistic, and hypersexualized culture. The teacher gives the student her telephone number and tells her to call her at home if she finds herself needing to talk to someone. She also provides the student with several extra-credit assignments.

Experiment ID: 096-J-42/C

Sample: Video titled "Arab sultan wants ███ in exchange for ██████████", uploaded ██/██/08 to ████████████.com

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Results: An unnamed individual dressed in traditional finery of the Berber sultans is engaged in an argument with an older man. With the older man is his young male grandson, an older adolesecent. The sultan character is insisting that the man produce full restitution for an undescribed debt. The older man insists that the amount the sultan demands is impossible for him to produce and that they will have to find some other means by which payment can be made. The sultan looks over the grandson and announces that he will consider the debt repaid if the grandson is brought to live in the sultan's estate for one year, after which he may return to the older man. The older man protests for several minutes, but is eventually forced to acquiesce. The young man is later shown during his first night at the sultan's house, where the sultan allows him to peruse his collection of classic texts of medieval philosophy, including original 12th century journals from Mūsā ibn Maymūn. It is implied that if the younger man excels in his studies, the sultan will name him his heir to the throne.

Experiment ID: 096-J-44/C

Researcher: Dr. Andrew Ursus

Sample: "Leather Daddies Take Boy For A Ride"

Parameters: SCP-096-J set to "Full Limit"

Description: 30 minutes of a pair of older men (45-55 years of age) wearing full motorcycle leathers, who, while riding a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycles, encounter a young man (stated age 18) by the side of a dirt road. The youth mentions that he just graduated high school and is looking to become more experienced. They offer to take him to his destination and drive him over a series of roads to a library in town, where they drop him off. Final minute of the film consists of words superimposed over the facade of the library, stating that the youth was so impressed by the kindness of the men that he becomes an auto and motorcycle mechanic as well as mentoring troubled teens at an after-school program. The men are stated to have maintained their friendship and kindness towards others for the remainder of their lives.

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