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Item #: SCP-3195

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation maritime patrol vessels have been dispatched 5 km around the perimeter of Santa Cruz Island (henceforth referred to as Containment Zone-7750) as to prevent civilian access. These vessels are to undergo maintenance once a month at Outposts 3195-02, -03, -05, or -08.1

Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-3195 are not to interact or engage with SCP-3195-1 instances unless the instance interacts with the individual first or if the instance is suspected to trigger a 7750-Pulse event. Personnel are authorized to administer Class-A Amnestics to the instance then return it to the nearest SCP-3195-1 Entry Point should the latter scenario occur.

Personnel are not to come within 5 km of SCP-3195-2 or within 1 km of any 7750-Pulse event site. If any individuals other than any SCP-3195-1 instances claim to have insight on SCP-3195-2's appearance or its nature, those individuals are to undergo amnestic treatment and transferred to another project. Digital masking methods have been employed to camouflage SCP-3195-2, 7750-Pulse event sites, and Foundation outposts within Containment Zone-7750 from satellite images.

Containment procedures will be updated should construction of SCP-3195-2 be completed.


Map last updated on 08/21/2019

Description: SCP-3195-1 is the collective designation given to humanoid entities that appear within Containment Zone-7750. SCP-3195-1 instances have been recorded to have an average height of 200 cm and an average weight of 55 kg. Instances also possess reddish-grey skin with a charcoal-like texture.2 The organism can disappear and reappear in certain areas.3 (Designated SCP-3195-1 Entry Points, as noted on the map of Containment Zone-7750.) How SCP-3195-1 accomplishes this is currently unknown, and all attempts to track SCP-3195-1 instances leaving Containment Zone-7750 via these points have failed.

SCP-3195-1 are noted to be cooperative with Foundation personnel except when performing tasks pertaining to SCP-3195-2 or when traveling to a 7750-Pulse event site. While SCP-3195-1 instances vocalize sounds believed to be their native language, the instances also demonstrate an intermediate understanding of English, Spanish, and Cruzeño.4 SCP-3195-1 instances only display hostility whenever an individual enters within an unspecified radius of SCP-3195-2. The length of the radius varies greatly, but does not exceed 5 km.

Should an individual enter the aforementioned radius, multiple instances of SCP-3195-1 will surround the subject and assault the individual, then subsequently [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although SCP-3195-1 attacks are rarely fatal, approximately 70% of victims of said attacks suffer from progressive mutism and develop symptoms consistent with that of posttraumatic stress disorder.5

Due to the nature of SCP-3195-1, it is currently not possible to research the effects of SCP-3195-2 at this time. As such, the following information regarding SCP-3195-2 has been provided to Foundation personnel by various SCP-3195-1 instances:

SCP-3195-2 is a statue that is currently being constructed by SCP-3195-1. Through conjecture, Foundation analysts have estimated that the final dimensions of SCP-3195-2 will be 25m x 25m x 80m. SCP-3195-2 will depict an SCP-3195-1 instance weeping while cradling miniature humans in its arms. Although it is constructed from non-anomalous materials such as stone, marble, and iron, it is resistant to any and all forms of attempted destruction.

Upon completion, SCP-3195-2 will generate a memetic effect. Those who observe SCP-3195-2 through any means will gain full knowledge of the history of SCP-3195-1's former civilization. (Referred to as the U█████████.) Any attempts to physically obscure SCP-3195-2 that excludes the natural environment of Containment Zone-7750 will fail through anomalous means.

In addition to the above effects, SCP-3195-1 will cease to manifest within Containment Zone-7750, as they believe "they have accomplished their goals on [Earth]."

7750-Pulse events denote scenarios where an SCP-3195-1 instance has ceased performing SCP-3195-2 related tasks. It will travel to an area no less than 1 km away from the nearest entry point and make a sound that personnel have observed as "pained screeching" at approximately 200 dB. After twelve minutes of producing this sound, the instance will remove all of its internal organs from its body, replacing them with dirt and various other objects the instance finds on the ground before exploding. The radius of said explosion has been measured to be 1 km.

The ground within the radius is altered to contain traces of the various materials needed to construct SCP-3195-2. As such, SCP-3195-1 instances will refer to 7750-Pulse event sites as "sacred spots."

Addendum 3195: Interview logs with various SCP-3195-1 instances:

Interviewed: SCP-3195-1-14

Interviewer: Dr. E███████

Foreword: First Foundation attempt to extract information from an SCP-3195-1 instance regarding SCP-3195-2. As per containment procedures, Dr. E███████ was instructed to wait for an SCP-3195-1 instance to intercept him in order to begin the interview.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3195-1-14: Greetings, white-robe.6

E███████: Hello. While you're here, can I ask you something?

SCP-3195-1-14: What do you wish to know?

E███████: What exactly is it that your people don't want us to go near?

SCP-3195-1-14: I am sorry, but I must not tell.

E███████: It's of vital importance that we know. We can't keep whatever it is you're doing away from others if we don't know what that thing is or what it does.

SCP-3195-1-14 remained silent for approximately twelve seconds before responding.

SCP-3195-1-14: The foremen will not be pleased, but for the sake of our work, I will tell you one thing I know.

E███████: Which is?

SCP-3195-1-14: We are constructing a most sacred monument. The foremen desire it to reach the sky so that all who see will know of our fate! Your kind may rule the world that we once did, and that is fine, but we will not be forgotten.

E███████: Please elaborate.

SCP-3195-1-14: I cannot.

E███████: Why?

SCP-3195-1-14: I sense the foremen reaching into my thoughts. My foolishness was not unnoticed. I must tend to my work or the foremen will get angrier with me.

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-3195-1-20

Interviewer: Dr. P████

Foreword: Second Foundation attempt to extract information from an SCP-3195-1 instance regarding SCP-3195-2. Protocol is the same as above.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3195-1-20: You want to know what we are building, yes?

Dr. P████: How did you know?

SCP-3195-1-20: Brother was scolded by the foremen two moons ago. They were mad because he told your fellow white-robe too much. Brother reasoned with them, and now the foremen allow us to tell you anything you wish.

Dr. P████: Very well. Why do your people feel the need to attack people that come near the statue?

SCP-3195-1-20: I don't understand. What is attack?

Dr. P████: Your people do something to hurt people that come near the statue.

SCP-3195-1-20: Harm? Ah, yes! We harm because we are not ready. We do not want the humans like you to see our final mark in its imperfection.

Dr. P████: Because it's incomplete, I'm assuming?

SCP-3195-1-20: No, no. We would want all humans to see our monument if we could, but unfortunately, that would mean letting their memories be filled with a false visage.

Dr. P████: Meaning?

SCP-3195-1-20: Our statue is our history. We want humans to know our history. We do not want our history to be associated with an unknowable blob of stone and iron. We wish for you to understand with perfect clarity what we have done and what you have done. This is why our monument will have one of us holding small humans. All will see! All will know! We will not be forgotten!

Dr. P████: I understand.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Getting information seems too easy. Yet in their tone, the instances we spoke with so far seem fairly genuine in their words as if they have no real reason to lie to us. I would say that we should take 3195-1's words with only a grain of salt, but I fear that might be counterproductive. If they are building something, then understanding it may be the best way to contain it. - Dr. L████ P████

Interviewed: SCP-3195-1-04

Interviewer: Dr. I█████

Foreword: Attempt to gather information regarding the nature of 3195 Entry Points as well as where SCP-3195-1 appears from. Protocol is the same as above.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3195-1-04: Do you want something?

Dr. I█████: Yes. We need to ask more questions.

SCP-3195-1-04: About our statue, I assume?

Dr. I█████: Not this time. This time, we've decided to learn more about your kind.

SCP-3195-1-04: What is there to know about us that you don't already know? You know that we are building a monument of us for the humans. Is that not enough?

Dr. I█████: Your kind appears from various locations on the island and are seen disappearing in those same spots. Where do you appear from?

SCP-3195-1-04: I don't understand.

Dr. I█████: Let me rephrase that. Other members of your kind have made mention of "returning to shelter" before vanishing from the island. What is this "shelter?"

SCP-3195-1-04: Our grave.

Dr. I█████: Pardon?

SCP-3195-1-04: Our time as kings and queens of this world have finished. We should have a tomb, yes?

Dr. I█████: It does fit the image, yes.

SCP-3195-1-04: The foremen have built this tomb for us, so we get used to the idea of extinction. They have deemed that it is time for our heir to rule this world of green and blue.

Dr. I█████: With that being said, what do you do in your shelter?

SCP-3195-1-04: We die, but we return to life when we must work on our monument or if the foremen have words with us.

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-3195-1-29

Interviewer: Dr. C██████████

Foreword: Attempt to gather information regarding "the foremen." Protocol is the same as above.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3195-1-29: Hello.

Dr. C██████████: Greetings.

SCP-3195-1-29: I want to talk with you.

Dr. C██████████: About what?

SCP-3195-1-29: I don't know. I just feel like talking with a human. You decide.

Dr. C██████████: Very well. What can you tell us about the foremen?

SCP-3195-1-29 refuses to answer and begins trembling.

Dr. C██████████: I was unaware that the foremen are a sensitive matter to you, but I really need you to tell us about them.

SCP-3195-1-29 remains silent.

Dr. C██████████: Please answer the questi-

Several other instances of SCP-3195-1 have appeared around Dr. C██████████ and then proceeded to attack him as though he has entered the previously mentioned radius of SCP-3195-2. SCP-3195-1-29 subsequently initiates a series of events that eventually lead to a 7750-Pulse event. Interview terminated.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: This was the first time SCP-3195-1 has displayed hostility towards Foundation personnel outside of its normal causes. This interview has made it clear that there are some things that SCP-3195-1 won't share with people. This begs the question: What role do the foremen play in SCP-3195-1's society outside of being, well, foremen? Regardless, all further research into the foremen must be done with high caution. Dr. C██████████ has been relieved of duty and is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment. - Dr. O████ K██████

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