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SCP-1991 - Cybernetically Enhanced Mammalian
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SCP-1991 prior to containment. Proper feeding has since cured malnutrition.

Item #: SCP-1991

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1991 is to be stored in a 5x5x5 meter containment chamber within Site 19''s biological specimens wing. Due to the specimen''s behavior, a locked door is considered to be all that is required to prevent escape. SCP-1991 is to be fed three kilograms (3 kg) of cooked and pulped beef daily. Water is to be provided via a trough which is to be kept refilled constantly. Containment cell is to be cleaned weekly by Class-D personnel.

Description: SCP-1991 is a two (2) meter-long quadruped mammalian creature of unknown species, enhanced by the implantation of cybernetic compounds. Both implanted compounds and creature show signs of damage consistent with extreme age, poorly-healed puncture wounds, bullets of assorted calibers embedded underneath the skin, burns comparable to those produced by industrial cutting lasers, and starvation. SCP-1991 appears to have suffered psychological damage as a result of physical abuse or trauma, displaying extreme fear of loud noises, rapid movements, and aggression or seeming aggression by personnel.

SCP-1991''s body core is roughly humanoid, with elongated limbs of equal length. All limbs end in "hands" similar to those of a large primate, apart from the presence of elongated claws. The head resembles a mummified canine skull with elongated incisor teeth. Skin resembles decayed leather with matted fur growing from it, primarily around the ankles and back of the neck. SCP-1991 lacks a tail. When recovered, SCP-1991 displayed traits of starvation, including enlarged gut and enunciated limbs. Proper feeding while in containment has been shown to cure said traits.

Cybernetics consist of a mechanical "collar", implantation of unidentified structure into right forelimb, sharpened steel blades replacing teeth and claws of forelimbs as well as [DATA EXPUNGED] system alterations of unknown usage. "Collar" consists of a metal disc embedded in the front of the neck, possessing a small speaker array (nonfunctional due to bullet damage), six (6) video cameras, two (2) of which have broken lenses, and a complex network of [DATA EXPUNGED] fibers apparently serving as linkage/control to its central nervous system (nonfunctional due to ██████). Due to the nonfunctional nature of linkage between its nervous system and the camera network on the "shield", SCP-1991 appears to be blind. The "right forelimb structure" consists of a pair of miniature mechanical clamps and an extending, rotary metal rod similar to the triggering equipment of remotely-operated firearms. It is assumed that the clamps were intended to serve as the mounting system for such a weapon.

Behavioral Test Log 1991 - 1
Tests of SCP-1991 behavior in regards to positive stimuli.

Supervisor: Dr. ████████
Stimulus: Dr. ████████ saying "hello" in a normal and calm voice.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 having huddled in the furthest corner of the containment chamber upon Dr. ████████''s entry emerged and hesitantly licked Dr. ████████''s outstretched hand.

Supervisor: Dr. ████████
Stimulus: SCP-1991 "petted" on the top of the head by Dr. ████████.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 emitted gurgling noise assumed to be a sign of pleasure.

Supervisor: Dr. ████████
Stimulus: SCP-1991 given common canine chew toy shaped like a teddy bear.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 prodded toy with forepaw, causing it to squeak. SCP-1991 proceeded to emit whimpering noise and huddle against the furthest wall of the containment chamber until chew toy was removed.

End Log

Behavioral Test Log 1991 - 2
Tests of SCP-1991 behavior in regards to negative stimuli.

Supervisor: Agent ███
Stimulus: Agent ███ saying "hello" in a raised and aggressive voice.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 proceeded to rapidly move to the furthest edge of the chamber from Agent ███ and attempted to curl into a ball.

Supervisor: Agent ███
Stimulus: Agent ███ clapping hands in front of SCP-1991.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 whimpered, and attempted to cover head with forepaws.

Supervisor: Agent ███
Stimulus: Gunshot from starter pistol into the air outside containment chamber.
Effect upon subject: SCP-1991 urinated on floor of containment chamber and huddled twitching on the opposite side of chamber from the door until ending of the test.

End Log

History: SCP-1991 was recovered by Foundation agents in ██/██/19██ following reports of a "monster" scavenging from dumpsters in [DATA EXPUNGED], a small town in ██████. Cover story regarding vagrants planted.

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