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SCP-2011 - Recomposing Tribesmen
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Item #: SCP-2011

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All wilderness in a 20 km radius around the site of SCP-2011 is designated as a jungle preservation. As such, illegal loggers and poachers, as well as any other trespassers, are to be detained, questioned, and administered class-B amnestics prior to release. SCP-2011-1 are to be monitored from the on-site research station. All births and deaths of SCP-2011''s population are to be cataloged by on-site staff; as of █/██/2███, cadavers will no longer be collected for any reason (see Addendum 2011-1).

Description: SCP-2011 is a remote tribal village located in the jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula. The residents of SCP-2011, known as SCP-2011-1, maintain a population generally ranging from 200-300; currently, SCP-2011-1-567 through SCP-2011-1-819 inhabit SCP-2011. SCP-2011-1 are born in various states of advanced decay, ranging from entirely skeletal to having small portions of muscle tissue and skin; during the lifespan of SCP-2011-1, each individual physically recomposes into more complete forms of the human anatomy. At death, bodies of SCP-2011-1 will be completely intact and do not decompose. SCP-2011-1 function as if they possessed a full body structure: ingested food will remain where the stomach would typically be located, regardless of its presence or condition; dirt and water do not enter the body where the skin would otherwise block such contaminants.

Upon expiration, SCP-2011-1 will transport cadavers to the top of a religious temple located at the center of SCP-2011. After conducting a ceremony performed by SCP-2011-2, the corpse will remain on the temple for precisely 18 hours before it dematerializes in the span of one second. This ritual is believed to be a method of disposal to prevent a buildup of cadavers within SCP-2011. In addition, corpses previously obtained by Foundation personnel for research purposes dematerialized (see Addendum 2011-1), as SCP-2011-2 conducts the funeral ceremony even without a body present.

SCP-2011-2 is a specimen of SCP-2011-1 that takes the role of the village shaman. SCP-2011-1 claim that SCP-2011-2 possesses the unique ability to communicate with their god. This ability is apparently used during funeral ceremonies and various random instances. However, there is currently no concrete evidence verifying the validity of SCP-2011-2''s abilities. When SCP-2011-2 appears to be near death, it will "divine" the identity of its successor from the existing population of SCP-2011-1. The targeted member gains SCP-2011-2''s abilities by removing [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the death of the current SCP-2011-2, and then inserting [REDACTED] into its own body. Despite the extensive physical damage, the cadaver of the previous SCP-2011-2 will repair itself fully as with other corpses and be treated identically to other cadavers.

The Foundation has maintained a relatively friendly diplomatic relationship with the inhabitants of SCP-2011 since initial containment. SCP-2011-1 have never attempted to leave SCP-2011; Foundation personnel are viewed as intriguing visitors by the population. Furthermore, SCP-2011-1 have cooperated with learning both English and Spanish to communicate effectively with research personnel. SCP-2011-1 had expressed moderate distaste with previous attempts to study cadavers; since the termination of these studies, SCP-2011-1 have returned to being highly cooperative with Foundation staff.

Addendum 2011-1: On █/██/2███, a cadaver under Foundation research dematerialized during an attempted autopsy. The space previously occupied by the body was replaced by a vacuum immediately reoccupied by atmospheric gas, unlike typical body disappearances. The event produced damaging shockwaves and injured █ personnel. As this occurred, SCP-2011-2 began to suffer from severe full-body muscle spasms. After SCP-2011-2 recovered from this incident, it warned Foundation personnel against removing their dead from SCP-2011 for fear of angering Tlaloc, the Mesoamerican god of fertility worshipped by SCP-2011. Containment procedures updated accordingly.

Addendum 2011-2: During the initial containment of SCP-2011, researchers discovered a "holy book" placed within the village''s central temple. With permission from SCP-2011-2, Foundation staff have transcribed the text of the artifact into the research facility''s database. SCP-2011-1 have assisted with the translation of the document. The text appears to be a collection of mythological tales detailing the origins of SCP-2011 and the relationship of SCP-2011-1 with their deity Tlaloc.

"…a time of prosperity had come. The Winter of the Great Famine had passed, and all of Tezcatlipoca''s cities flourished from a bountiful harvest, and his people grew many. New temples were erected in each city. These were dedicated to Tlaloc to honor his blessings of fertility.

"Such reverence for Tlaloc displeased the Jeweled Turkey, Chalchiuhtotolin. Never had the people built shrines of such majesty for him. None of the priests or priestesses chose him as their patron. All despised or cowered before the plagues he gifted to the peoples of the world. Chalchiuhtotolin decided that, this time, the insufferable Tlaloc would not wallow in the reverence that the people so readily expressed for him.

"So it was that the god of disease brooded and planned while the time of good fortune continued to pass; only the Jade Turkey was aware that it also waned…"

"…war with Tlaloc came quickly and quietly, like the jaguar stalking through the jungle. Chalchiuhtotolin secretly dispersed his newest, foulest sickness among the great kings and chieftains of the people. The Jaded Turkey then approached Tlaloc as the god of fertility sat upon his heavenly throne. Just as Tlaloc hailed Chalchiuhtotolin, the treacherous god struck with an obsidian dagger. Tlaloc despised the idea of bloodshed between kin, but he had to remove the disease of the mind from his upstart bretheren…"

"…had defeated the misguided Chalchiuhtotolin, Tlaloc pitied his brother of the heavens and sought to make peace with him. The Jaded Turkey''s jealousy had overthrown his mind, and he refused all of Tlaloc''s offerings. Instead, with deadly spite, Chalchiuhtotolin devised a curse, not for Tlaloc, but for his beloved priests and priestesses. The god of plague spoke: ''Your holy servants know you well, but now they shall know your absence— no, your undoing. Long have they lived luxuriously in your splendor, but now, they will suffer a most wretched life: living as corpses. Those who clung closest to your gift of fertility will now experience true suffering. Remember my rage, Tlaloc. See it everyday in your people.''

"As he spoke, his words became truth. All across the world, the disciples of Tlaloc were stricken with the vengeful curse; flesh faded away, and the people drove the victims of the Jaded Turkey away…"

"…the cursed had gathered and began anew in their own city dedicated to their patron Tlaloc. Their god spoke to them: ''I am still with you, my faithful servants. I cannot fully undo the evil words of my kin, but I give you this promise: For taking the burden of a punishment meant to bring pain to me, your natural form will be returned to you as you walk through life towards me. Once you depart from this world, I shall grant you peace in the heavens for enduring this undeserved hardship.'' With this, Tlaloc returned to the heavens, and his promise will come to fruition for all of his faithful servants…"

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