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Item #: SCP-2050

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2050 has officially been relocated to Site 118's Biological Environment Containment Zone. SCP-2050's biological environment zone is to mimic a deciduous forest resembling those that can be found in the United Kingdom.

The Foundation is to maintain one official envoy to SCP-2050 that can be contacted if necessary by SCP-2050. Said envoy is to remain neutral in all affairs involving SCP-2050, and is only to comment on events that directly affect the Foundation.

Description: SCP-2050 is a designation for the "Sciurine Monastic Brotherhood of Poor-Fellows and Crusader Knights," a monastic knightly order mostly composed of sapient members of the Sciurus vulgaris species, more commonly known as red squirrels, although the organization claims that "all righteous squirrel brethren are welcome."

Individual members of SCP-2050 (currently designated as SCP-2050-1-1 through SCP-2050-1-209) are equipped in armor resembling that found during the First Crusade. Metal for this armor is currently supplied by the Foundation, in order to maintain good relations with SCP-2050. In addition, SCP-2050 members are also equipped with weapons and other equipment present during the First Crusade.

SCP-2050-1 instances are genetically identical to non-anomalous members of the Sciuridae family, though SCP-2050-1 instances are capable of speech, and demonstrate some higher functions associated with sapience. However, SCP-2050-1 instances are unable to focus on complex tasks for long periods of time, and often lose interest in tasks before completion.

Members of SCP-2050 maintain that their order can trace its lineage back to the First Crusade, circa 1096 CE. SCP-2050-2 maintains that SCP-2050 was created in order to combat the influence of "heresy and blasphemy."

SCP-2050 was originally housed in a stone citadel in Galloway Forest Park, Scotland. The citadel heavily resembled a citadel that was located in the region before being torn down circa the 12th century CE.

SCP-2050-2 is a designation for the "Grand Master of the Brotherhood," the leader of SCP-2050, currently a 4 year old red squirrel named "Grand Master Robert Dunfeld, Master of the Order, Marshal of the North, and Duke of the Sciurus." SCP-2050-2 is identifiable by its plumed helmet.

SCP-2050-3 refers to the leader of "House Bushtail," a noble house of red squirrels that comprises roughly half of the membership of SCP-2050. Members of House Bushtail possess a characteristic streak of dark fur running down their dorsal side. SCP-2050-3 is considered to hold de facto control over members of House Bushtail. SCP-2050-3 is currently a 3 year old red squirrel named "Sir Casper Bushtail, Duke of the Bushtail Sciurine, Master of Horse, and Knight of the Woodland Order."

SCP-2050-4 refers to the leader of "House Acornfist," a noble house of red squirrels that comprises most of the other half of the membership of SCP-2050. Members of House Acornfist do not possess the fur pattern found in members of House Bushtail. SCP-2050-4 is considered to hold de facto control over members of House Acornfist. SCP-2050-4 is currently a 3 and a half year old red squirrel named "Sir Hugh Acornfist, Duke of the Acornfist Sciurine, Lord of the Arbor, and Knight of the Leafy Order."

Externally, SCP-2050 maintains a policy of extreme hostility towards any and all members of the genus Rattus, commonly known as the Rat family. SCP-2050-1 instances will seek to kill any member of this genus on sight. Aside from this, SCP-2050 currently maintains a policy of isolation, and containment of SCP-2050 is to focus on preventing outside awareness of SCP-2050.

Internally, SCP-2050 is politically unstable. SCP-2050-2 maintains little power over either house that comprises SCP-2050. According to SCP-2050-2, 2 civil wars have occurred in the past due to disagreements between the leaders of the two houses, leading to extreme diminishing in the number of members of SCP-2050.

SCP-2050 Acquisition: SCP-2050 came to the Foundation's attention when members of SCP-2050, lead by SCP-2050-3, were discovered attempting to besiege a nearby city. Members of SCP-2050 had actively attempted to seek out and kill as many rats in the area as possible. The heads of these rats were discovered mounted on pikes in front of an encampment that SCP-2050 had constructed.

According to members of SCP-2050, a decree by SCP-1845-1 had inspired the organization's attempt to "conquer the holy land, for the honor of the king."

Following a joint siege by the Foundation and elements of the GOC, SCP-2050 was convinced to surrender and enter Foundation containment, in return for a supply of food and metal. Requests by SCP-2050 to be contained with SCP-1845 were denied.

Addendum: The following documents are transcripts of incidents and conversations within SCP-2050

SCP-2050 Observation I

The following incident was observed by the official Foundation envoy when two members of SCP-2050 (both of House Bushtail) encountered a group of 4 laboratory rats that were introduced for testing purposes.

SCP-2050-1-132: Look, brother! Over there! Heretics!

SCP-2050-1-92: Why, yes, I do believe that you are right, good sir. Quick, draw your blade.

SCP-2050-1-132: They look rather sickly, don't they?

SCP-2050-1-92: Steel yourself, brother. They are heretics nonetheless. Into the fray! For the Order!

SCP-2050-1-132: For the Order!

(SCP-2050-1-132 and SCP-2050-1-92 proceed to draw their weapons and attack the laboratory rats. The rats attempt to retaliate, but are unable to penetrate the armor.)

SCP-2050-1-132: Amen, brother. Say, is that an acorn over yonder?

SCP-2050 Incident Report I

The following report of a meeting led by SCP-2050-2, SCP-2050-3, and SCP-2050-4 has been included for its observations on SCP-2050 inner politics.

SCP-2050-2: Settle down, brothers, settle down. Now, the first topic of the day is the reports that I've been receiving regarding….honor duels.

SCP-2050-3: Yes, those Acornfist cowards have run up and complained, have they? Dirty red lot.

SCP-2050-4: Oh really, Bushtail? I heard about your silly little brother. Fell out of a tree, or something of the sort? Killed by a ghost hawk?

SCP-2050-3: Better dead than an Acornfist.

SCP-2050-4: Take that back, you vagabond! I dare say, take that back this instant!

SCP-2050-2: Quiet! Peace, brothers, peace. We are all squirrel-brethren here. Remember our true enemy: the heretics, not each other.

SCP-2050-3: A heretic has better manners than these uncouth Acornfist scum.

SCP-2050-4: No more of these lowborn insults! Taste my wrath, Bushtail fiend!

At this point, the meeting dissolved into a brawl within SCP-2050. Several SCP-2050-1 instances were injured, and SCP-2050-4 was witnessed severing SCP-2050-3's ear through the use of his teeth.

SCP-2050-1-58 Interview Log

The official Foundation envoy attempted to interview a member of SCP-2050 to obtain more information surrounding the Order.

SCP-2050-1-58: What's it that you want, fur-less one?

Envoy: Hello, SCP-2050-1-58. Could you tell me more about your organization?

SCP-2050-1-58: The Order? We're a proud lot, we are. Formed way back, generations ago. Some fur-less pope of yours stated that all were supposed to journey and fight the heretics. Declared that our great order was on a mission from above.

Envoy: And you responded to this call?

SCP-2050-1-58: 'Course. You fur-less lot seem like you know what you're going on about. We didn't know about any fur-less heretics though, so we took our only enemies: those damned rats. Those heretics deserve what's coming to them.

Envoy: I see. What religion is it that you follow?

SCP-2050-1-58: Um. It's about…uh…being good and what-not? I dunno, never occurred to me. I was told that if I kill enough heretics, I get rewarded, and go to heaven. Say, do you think that there are acorns in heaven?

Envoy: I wouldn't know.

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