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Item #: SCP-2084

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2084 is to be entirely covered by a rubber tent and marked as containing hazardous biological material within. All personnel entering SCP-2084 must undergo decontamination procedures before exiting. Entry is off-limits to all personnel without level 3 approval and equipped with a Level C hazmat suit.

Description: SCP-2084 is a middle school located in █████, FL in the neighborhood of ████ ██████. The interior contains a pathogen capable of inducing auditory and visual hallucinations lasting between 1 - 60 seconds. Testing has shown the pathogen has been neutralized by an unknown antibody present within the school, indicating that the hallucinations are contingent upon SCP-2084 itself. Content of these hallucinations have been consistent between individuals, and logs of hallucinogenic incidents are filed below.

Prior to ██/██/199█, the school building had been occupied, before sustaining significant damage in Hurricane ██████. The school had been condemned and remained abandoned until ██/██/200█. Demolition was slated for that date when SCP-2084 appeared on site the night before, leaving no trace of the pre-existing structure behind.

SCP-2084 appeared recently abandoned, with electrical services still functioning upon reconnection. The layout is described as similar to that of ████ ██ ███ Middle School, which had previously occupied the lot ██ years before its demolition and subsequent replacement with another school building. Apart from an anachronistic style of architecture1, the building itself is unremarkable.

Files relating to SCP-2084:

Note: For the purpose of cross-referencing, none of the agents listened to or read transcripts of one another's logs until all four logs were on file. Audio logs from agents on-site were inconsistent with one another and the possibility of mind-altering effects was acknowledged, but the agents disagreed on what elements of their report reflected these effects.

Date: 3/23/06 Time: 11:37
Stepped in and the first thing that hit me was the smell. Smells like a morgue. Everything mostly intact and clean. Certainly looks like [REDACTED] Middle, but missing some things, like elevators and fire alarms. Front desk has an old computer on it, has "Slow, love" typed on screen. Wait, strike that. Computer disappeared. Room's changed; there's books and papers strewn about on the floors. Calling in a potential cognitohazard.

Date 3/23/06 Time: 14:02
Tested positive for a hallucinogen. Doctor said it wears off on its own, but could be neutralized on the spot. Decontaminated and I check out fine, ready to head back in. Not really like acid at all.

Front desk how I left it, no computer, papers strewn about. Checking in on classrooms.

Room 108. Looks—nope. Changed. Soon as you blink, things change. Keep that in mind for future exploration. Probably should have a video camera to see if it's just me or an actual illusion. Was about to say, it looks new and unused, then it changed; papers everywhere, desks overturned, lots of mold on the ceiling. Welcome to [REDACTED], Florida.

Room 110. There's kids in here. One of them saw me and he's coming out. Hey, what're you doing? [No other sound is heard] I'm a hall monitor… Go on, back to your test. He's gone. Classroom's gone now. Kid said they were about to start a test. Room looked normal when I peeked in, but now it's got medical equipment everywhere. Maybe testing for head lice.

Rooms are clear. Heading upstairs. One of the doors had a sign on it, but someone tore it in half. Looks like someone dropped a big bottle of something here, there's glass and dried liquid, sticky-looking. Smells rotten. Checking out the rooms now.

Rooms are all clear up here. Stairwell… Stairwell I came up on was collapsed. No idea how I got up here. Stairwell on other end of the hall is intact, though. Most likely from there.

Computer on front desk again. Still says "Slow, love" on it. Not touching it, but was tempted to put in "Sure thing, babe".
Signing out.

Date: 3/24/06 Time: 08:01
Nothing unusual, looks like an old school. I'm kind of on edge, just waiting for some kind of boogin' to burst out and yell "Surprise, asshole!" Never had hallucinations before. Checking out one of the books… looks like a math book. Problems are all done, writing's in English.

Heading down the halls now. Looking in room 129. The ceiling collapsed in it. A bunch of desks and chairs came tumbling down. Doesn't look like the room was occupied, so there's that.

Right across from me—OH God! [Nervous laughter] I guess that's one of the things… Just saw someone in the doorway across from me, then they were gone in the blink of an eye. Checking out that room… odd. There's a bunch of cots here with IV stands next to them, like a medical room. I don't think IVs are typical in a middle school nurse's office.

Looking down the hall, there's a bunch of lockers on the far wall. Hallway turns at a sharp angle to the next hallway. Dark and silent. I'm okay, though. [Groan and whimpering is heard, followed by a squeak in footsteps] Please don't let that be real… Oh God… there's a pile of bodies here. Children. Some adults. Stacked in a pile, some of them naked. It's not going away. Oh my God, it's not going away.

Left to catch my breath… oh please, for fuck's sake, it's still here. It's not going away. I can't… I can't… [Heavy breathing, followed by the sound of vomiting]. It won't… it's still there. It smells…

Date 4/2/06 Time: 06:54
I am at the front desk. Nothing unusual so far, except there is a computer powered on. It says, "Breathe in, strap on, enjoy yourself [REDACTED]" Oh it knows my first name, how charming.

All the rooms here are empty, or filled with garbage. Hall turns sharply left to another, bigger hallway. Nothing here, but it's certainly bright. Is the electricity still working— Oh, it's a hallucination, I see! Children are coming down the hall towards me. One of them tripped and fell, ouch. Mm… he's not getting up. I don't think he tripped. Merde, he's gone. As soon as I took a step towards him. The light's gone as well.

Room 115. Looks to be a computer lab. There are children in here, all ignoring me. I cannot hear any of them but it looks as though many are talking. One of the computers near me has the words "Feeling fine" typed in large letters on it. Strange room for vaccinations to take place.

Out in the hallway, it is light again. The same scene plays out; children running, the one falling. I see now he indeed did not trip but was struck from behind, maybe hit with a rock or a bullet. This hallway smells like a used restroom and there is mildew all over the walls.

[Agent Saisset yelps and stammers something incoherent. No other sound is heard beyond her breathing.] Turned the corner and saw someone standing in front of me. He is dressed like a doctor, and telling me I'm not supposed to be here, it's a quarantine zone. I don't know if this thing will pick up his voice, I— [pause]. Yes? No, no, I am on my phone. A cell phone. You know—argh. He is gone. This is tiresome.

At front desk. Still smells like a restroom. The computer is gone, but there is a stack of books on the chair behind the desk. Was that always here? They're all textbooks, nothing unusual.
Signing out.

Date 4/8/06 Time: 18:15
Heading down the hall. Front area smelled like shit, even through the suit, but given all the mold and other crap all over the walls, that's nothing unusual.

Room 129. Ceiling's collapsed. Debris from second floor's cluttered everywhere. No signs of life in here.

Room 127. Same here. There's some kind of mold creeping out from under an overturned desk. At least I hope that's mold. Smells more like… no wait. Damn, I lost it.

Room 125. Something was burning in here. Burning recently, I'd say. It's still kind of smoky. Can't pop my suit to check it out, though.

Thought I heard someone behind me, but there was nothing there. Heading to the back.

Ohhhhhh shit. There's a big pile of dead bodies back here. Looks fresh… Oh fuck! It's gone. The whole place cleared out. My suit must've breached, I'm not supposed to be seeing this shit.

Date 4/9/06 Time: 09:00
We'll try this again… new suit, higher level. Checking out the rooms again.

Room 128. Medical cots, IV stands beside each. Not seeing anything else in here.

Back hall's empty. Heading upstairs.

Stairwell was collapsed, had to use the one across the hall. Big stain on the floor as soon as you step out. Looks like a big glass bottle of something thick and viscous was dropped here. Still moist.

Oh shit. There's a bunch of boys ahead, walking into a room. My suit's breached again, somehow, I'm seeing them again. Heading back down.

Someone's at the front desk, on a computer. Fuck, they saw me. They're coming up… They just disappeared. He said "Sure thing, babe", then disappeared. Computer stayed behind. Looking at the screen, it says… "Are you alive?" [Sound of typing] Just responded, "No". And… computer just disappeared. Well fine, be like that.

Having trouble opening the door… Door's jammed. Nice try, ghosties, but we have crowbars. Signing out.

Addendum D-4: A report was filed by Agent Piper on behalf of an "Agent Locke", which all other agents reported as being familiar to them at the time. Foundation records do not indicate an "Agent Locke" matching the description given stationed on-site at any time. Contents of unknown agent's log are available to personnel with level 3 security access and above. Transcript is logged at end of file.

Date 4/9/06 Time: 00:01
[Recording begins with background commotion, voices talking and shouting.]

Status report. Situation has deteriorated significantly, as expected. Subjects aren't responding to vaccines. Best case scenario, asphyxiation within 2-3 minutes. Worst case… I don't know how to convey the horror. They keep moving. Twitching, jerking, some even standing upright for a moment, before collapsing in a heap. We have to burn them; they don't stop until they're ash. If you saw their corpses, you saw mercy.

Symptoms consistent with what we've been seeing in east Asia. Internal hemorrhaging, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of sweating leading to hyperthermia. A new symptom's showing in the newer cases; the itching. It's not enough to just scratch your ass and be done with it; it's persistent, and it burns. Some of the kids strip naked, unable to bear even the slightest touch, and start scratching until they bleed. Then they scratch some more.

Medical logs… Dante couldn't imagine anything this hellish. First you see their names, starting with the refugees. Name, age, sex, symptoms, prescription, prognosis… the survivors are checked off in blue. You can go fifty, sixty names without seeing a mark. Further down you go, brevity dictates the entries; no names, no symptoms. The handwriting changes. Newcomer doesn't bother mincing words: "Female, 31, death. Male, 13, death."

I could almost respect the inhumanity of an enemy willing to target civilians with a bio-weapon like this. When we learned the insurgents fumbled this badly… it's not even pitiable. People like that… they're too low to be animals, too stupid to be monsters, and too far gone to learn better.

No. This isn't gonna work. Yesterday it was just booms and cracks of gunfire. Today you can differentiate between their shouts and ours. They'll overrun us by nightfall. Probably too late for these people, but we have to start evacuating now if we're going to salvage anything from this. If we're lucky, Anabasis will fire before the enemy overruns the place. If not, we'll have the advantage while they're trying to figure out what the fuck happened. Maybe they'll stir up enough of a shitstorm on the other side that we won't even have to deal with them.

I hope this works. God save our race.

Signing out.

Addendum D-5: A fifth expedition into SCP-2084 was scheduled, but was delayed due to concerns regarding the hallucinogens within the building. Shortly thereafter, the fifth expedition was undertaken. No anomalous hallucinations took place, though an intact computer hard drive was recovered. Materials found on the drive are logged below.

2084-1: E-mail correspondences
2084-2: Undated IM correspondences

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