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SCP-2126 - Trapdoor House
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Item #: SCP-2126

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2126''s location necessitates "Daylight" containment procedures: two (2) agents are stationed undercover at ████████, adjacent to SCP-2126. Noise levels within SCP-2126 are to be held below 70dB.

Person of Interest Amelia Holbrook (née Kneller, aliases Amelia Heartwood, Amanda Luther, and Amy Wash) remains at large. Embedded law enforcement agents are ordered to apprehend on sight.

Description: SCP-2126 is a 545.5 square meter home located in ████████, Kentucky. Records show it was constructed in 1967. SCP-2126 came to the Foundation''s attention 18/04/20██ when a police dispatch investigating reports of a break-in located the body of an unidentified intruder partially absorbed into the north-facing wall of the first floor living room. Neighbors reported that the property''s owner, Amelia Holbrook was on vacation in Germany during the incident. As of 01/05/20██ she has yet to be located.

SCP-2126''s anomalous properties become active when noise levels within the house rise above 70dB. Test subjects describe an increase in air pressure that remains as long as the noise levels are maintained. If noise levels remain consistent for a period of 4-6 minutes, an endocytosis-like "trapdoor" event occurs and the offending subject is absorbed into the walls, floor, or ceiling of SCP-2126. A trapdoor event partially displaces the infrastructure of the house itself to make room for the absorbed individual. SCP-2126 is able to distinguish between those responsible for excessive noise, even if they are not present within the same room (such as leaving a musical device in one room and retreating to another). SCP-2126 will absorb the individual responsible for the noise first, then continue to absorb subjects until noise levels decrease to a safe level.

Absorption is nearly instantaneous, with no evidence of physical movement from SCP-2126 itself. Absorbed individuals remain alive, but are unable to free themselves. Death is usually due to asphyxiation, dehydration, starvation or self-harm. X-Rays of SCP-2126 have revealed the bodies of ██ canines and ██ humans of various ages. Due to the risk of a trapdoor event, these bodies have yet to be extracted for study.

Foreword: Investigation of SCP-2126 revealed that Amelia Holbrook adopted ██ children from various out-of-state agencies over a twenty-two year period (1989-2006) using falsified documents and multiple aliases. Currently, only one of these adoptees has been located: Robin ████████, who lived in SCP-2126 from 2009-2011. She was interviewed under the guise of investigating Amelia Holbrook for adoption fraud.

Interviewer: Doctor Anguis Salvia.

Interviewee: Robin ████████.

Begin Interview

Salvia: How long did you live in the home?

Robin: [Whispering] Two years.

Salvia: How would you describe your time there?

Robin: [Whispering] I''m on three types of anti-depressants, and my doctor says I have PTS. The fuck do you think?

Salvia: I''m sorry. How many children were living at the home with you?

Robin: [Whispering] Three. Myself, Bobby, Jason. And Miss Amelia.

Salvia: There is no one named Bobby or Robert in our records.

Robin: [Whispering] H-he…

[Robin becomes visibly upset.]

Robin: [Whispering] I- I can''t.

Salvia: Robin, did Miss Amelia hurt Bobby?

Robin: [Whispering] He was banging a pot lid. Miss Amelia told him to stop. But he didn''t, and, and she got mad. Like I''ve never seen anyone get mad. The- the floor opened. I saw… it was like a room. Another room that was in the floor but it- it wasn''t in the basement. It took him.

Salvia: What happened next?

Robin: [Whispering] Bobby never came out. I could hear scratching.

Salvia: Robin, what did Miss Amelia do next?

Robin: Scratching! I… I heard him scratching! All night!

End Interview

At 0003 Hours, 20/05/2015, Monitoring Camera 2126-C4 [Northeast Bedroom] detected motion and recorded an unknown subject (designated SCP-2126-1) emerging from the west wall. Noise levels within SCP-2126 increased to ███dB (noise determined to be vocalizations from multiple unknown sources/subjects) for approximately ██ minutes. During this time SCP-2126-1 moved throughout the house in a state that suggested confusion and panic before being re-absorbed by a trapdoor event, at which point the anomalous noise levels ceased.
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