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SCP-2129 - Hot-Blooded Snake
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SCP-2129 in flight. Instance recorded on █-█-20█ on [REDACTED] military base, Brazil.

Item #: SCP-2129

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2129 is to be kept in its dormant state in a specially-designed, vacuum-sealed container with walls composed of ten centimeters of Tungsten backed by one meter of concrete. The containment chamber requires a self-contained oxygen regulation system, in the form of an inert gas fire suppression system. The container must be monitored by no less than six thermal cameras at all times without exception, and be equipped by one loudspeaker allowing communication in Morse. All equipment must be encased in five centimeters of blast-resistant laminated glass. A ten meters-long corridor must lead to the containment chamber, and be designed in the same manner.

No personnel is allowed to enter SCP-2129''s container while it hasn''t been de-oxygenated under any circumstances, and must wear sealed bomb suits when doing so.

In the event of a containment breach, Procedure Perkele-1 is to be initiated under the briefest delays.

Near Site █ has been built a 150 meters-deep well reinforced with the same tungsten and Zetix composing SCP-2129''s container''s walls, sealed with a vacuum-tight steel door and hidden by the surrounding vegetation: at the bottom of this well have been placed approximatively twenty (20) tons of ANFO. SCP-2129''s demeanor will push it to fly down the well, as it will be attracted by the large quantity of explosives: the well will then be flooded with both a set of pumps and Foundation personnel trained for the exercise. SCP-2129, once confirmed to be neutralized and docile, is to be retrieved from the bottom of the well by a team of three staff members specifically trained to retrieve SCP-2129 under such circumstances.


Thermal image of SCP-2129, taken shortly after capture.

Description: SCP-2129 is an invisible entity manifesting itself by a continuous stream of detonations. It possesses the ability to levitate and fly in three dimensions, and is able to reach speeds of up to 152 kilometers per hour. Detonations happen continuously while the creature is moving, with a general frequency of two per seconds. The explosions'' energy output has been estimated to be in the neighbourhood of 5 gigajoules, or the equivalent of 1.2 tons of TNT. It has been theorized that detonating is either its means of energy production or a side-effect of it. Likewise, study of the creature''s flight patterns have shown changes of directions correlated to its detonations.

Thermal cameras show, in the absence of explosions, an oblong, serpentine body approximatively a meter long, with no other discernible characteristics. Experiments to discover more about the characteristics entity''s physical body are currently being devised.

SCP-2129 necessitates air to detonate: it will do so continuously until it has consumed all the available air, after which it will enter a dormant state and only resume activity when more oxygen is available. It is unknown what process the creature uses to create the detonation, as no trace of any known explosive as ever been found to have been emitted by it. The entity appears to be attracted by explosives and explosives substances, and displays an ability to sense them through hard surfaces by an unknown process.

SCP-2129 also appears to possess sapience. This is evidenced by its ability to modulate the strength and length of the detonations it emits to communicate in Portuguese using a rough, sometimes inexact version of morse code: it is able to communicate in short sentences in this manner, and is able to understand messages communicated in the same manner.

Extended conversations have revealed that SCP-2129 displays a generally cooperative but melancholic demeanor, mostly expressing frustration concerning its containment and wishes to be released and made able to roam freely.

SCP-2129 was captured on █-█-20█, following its destruction of the coastal town of [REDACTED], Brazil, causing the deaths of ██ inhabitants and injuring ██ others. The incident was publicly attributed to a terrorist attack by explosives, and efforts to fabricate proof corroborating this version of the facts are still ongoing. All known survivors have been administered standard Class-3 amnesia treatment. The area should be closed-off under the pretense of an ongoing investigation: civilians and possible investigators alike should be discouraged from the premises by any means necessary.

Foreword: This constitudes the seventh interview conducted with SCP-2129. Previous interviews confirmed SCP-2129''s capacity for communication, and had permitted Dr.███ to refine his methods of interview.

<Begin Log, █-█-20█, 14:23>

Dr ███: Good day, SCP-2129. May I have your attention?

SCP-2129: Cold in here. Suffocate.

Dr ███: Do you remember the town where we captured you?

SCP-2129: The town. Yes. More oxygen, more space.

Dr ███: We have pictures of you before that. Do you remember the military base?

SCP-2129: Fire, weapons, yes. But not home.

Dr ███: "Home"?

SCP-2129: The navel of fire, mother''s womb.

Dr ███: What is this "mother"? Did it create you?

SCP-2129: Purpose of existence. Find the pit of fire, reproduction. I was chosen.

Dr ███: Is there another of you?

SCP-2129: Merely an intermediate.

<End Log>


The sinkhole leading to SCP-2129-1.

SCP-2129-1 is a serpentine entity located underneath the southern region of the Amazonian rainforest. A safe way to reach SCP-2129-1 is currently being devised by Site █ personnel: a sinkhole located above SCP-2129-1 is the only currently-known manner to reach it.

An extremely complex network of stone tunnels (hereafter called SCP-2129-2) of unknown origins has been dug above and around SCP-2129-1, with the supposed purpose of stopping potential intruders from reaching the entity. Hundreds of human skeletons have been found in the tunnels.1

SCP-2129-1 appears to produce large amounts of heat. Extensive geothermal analysises have uncovered heat patterns consistant with underground volcanic hotspots, while geological studies have shown the entity to measure a length in the neighbourhood of ten kilometers.

SCP-2129-2 is to be guarded by three armed guards at all times.

Addendum: Following Incident 2129-01, all the vegetation in a fity meters radius around SCP-2192-2 is to be burnt down, and the number of guards quadrupled.

Incident 2129-01: On █-█-20█, four men armed with bladed weapons attempted to enter SCP-2129-2 at 00:52, using the area''s dense vegetation as cover. The four intruders killed one of the guards and injured another. Two intruders were gunned down and one subdued and captured: the fourth one managed to enter SCP-2129.

Reinforcements were called to pursue the fourth intruder and take the subdued attacker into Foundation custody. An exploration team was sent into SCP-2129-2, but failed to capture the intruder: the exploration team was then tasked with guarding the sinkhole leading to SCP-2129-2.

Stronger thermal activity from SCP-2129-1 was recorded after the incident.

The detainee was vaccinated for most common diseases immediately after detainement.

Foreword: The detainee is a twenty to twenty-five years old Amerindian man, 181 centimeters tall and weighing 64 kilograms. He has so so far refused to communicate his name or tribe of origin, and speaks a bastardized version of Brazilian Portuguese as well as an unknown language resembling the Xavante Ameridian language.

<Begin Log, █-█-20█, 19:53>

Dr ███: Good evening. I suppose you haven''t decided to tell us your name?

Detainee: I haven''t.

Dr ███: Right, let''s get to the meat of this, then. Why did you try to enter the sinkhole?

Detainee: I hear it in your voice, you hate me for that man who died. We did not want to kill. But you were here, with your weapons, we knew you would have never let us into the navel. So we attacked, and my brother made it.

Dr ███: This is irrelevant. Why did you try to enter the sinkhole?

Detainee: The navel. The progenitor''s intermediate was lost, so she needed another.

Dr ███: Excuse me, but… the "intermediate"?

Detainee: The serpent of fire. You would not know what I''m speaking of.

Dr ███: I think we do, actually. It destroyed that town, [REDACTED]. We are studying it at this very moment… But tell me, what is its purpose?

Detainee: The liquid fire deep within the land moves, it shifts. It is the origin of life, the first warmth. No life could be without it. But as the woman cannot give life without a man''s seed, so can''t the land. My brother will find the way.

<End Log>

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