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SCP-2152 within containment.

Item #: SCP-2152

Object Class: Euclid

Revised Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2152 is to be contained within a soundproofed containment chamber at Reliquary Unit-05. Interaction with SCP-2152 warrants preliminary authorisation from the offsite Unit Deputy, who is to disclose the containment chamber entry code to any randomly-nominated guard selected from a stratified sample of the Unit security population, which is to be refreshed on a weekly basis.

D-Class personnel are to enter SCP-2152's containment chamber unclothed. The nominated guard is to enter the disclosed code, direct the D-Class personnel into the containment chamber without personally entering the chamber itself, and close the door for automatic relocking. Upon closing the door, the entry code will automatically refresh. The nominated guard is to be thereafter designated E-Class personnel, and is to be regarded as such until the subject passes their follow-up monthly psychiatric examinations as per Document-REF621.

The effects of SCP-2152 are to be observed from a standard observatory bay via a two-way mirror on the west wall of the containment chamber. D-Class personnel are to remain active within the containment chamber for no longer than ten minutes. D-Class personnel are to be terminated within this juncture via lethal auditory cognitohazard. Personnel are to be left within the chamber until the remains are fully dispelled under SCP-2152's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-2152 is a marble plinth-mounted bust of assumed Catalonian origin, depicting an unidentified female character wearing a headdress. Prominent weathering upon the surface of the marble indicates that the item is antique, predating that of contemporary art; this has been speculated despite the comparatively recent, separate addition of pink latex-based paint to the eyes.

SCP-2152 generates two primary anomalous effects. Firstly, SCP-2152 emits a continuous, uninterrupted stream of popular music released between 1971 and 2000 from an unknown internal source2, primarily spanning genres such as synthpop, disco, smooth jazz, hip-hop, and Europop. At 10 minute intervals, an internally-generated female voice repeats the following message twice3:

Prototype. Capitalism has triumphed, and this is a celebratory watermark. Now is the time. Begin your ascent unto preternatural luxury, and gaze into the heart of a prosperous future. You have all the time in the world. So sit back, relax, and absorb. Plunge yourself into the flourishing waters of New Earth, trademark. Deckchairs overlook island sunrises with your name on the horizon. Windows open to inexhaustible opportunity. Planes fly overhead. Congratulations. You are Home, trademark.

Secondly, SCP-2152 applies several preservative effects to any space it occupies that can be defined as a 'room'. Previously observed anomalous effects include:

  • Electrical power sources continuing to supply energy to devices indefinitely.
  • Unlimited preservation of food and spontaneous remanifestation directly at the feet of any subject that consumes it.
  • Preservation of items of clothing, with damaged items provided with spontaneous repair.
  • Dematerialisation of dead biological material.
  • Automatic maintenance of personal hygiene; examples include the lack of bacteria attracted to sweat molecules; spontaneous fluoride manifestation within the oral cavity, tooth-whitening, and immediate tooth-straightening with no resultant physical pain; increased reaction rates in human intermediary metabolisms; continuous moisturisation of the skin; and increased secretion of extracellular molecules (ECM) within all compatible bodily cells.

Excluding the above effects, SCP-2152 additionally induces an improved subjective perception of beauty in humans, especially in regards to architecture, contemporary art, and nature. This effect is extreme, with past subjects expressing immoderate vocal enthusiasm regarding the design of containment chambers in which they were situated.

I've temporarily attached this annotation to the database archive to document an important incident involving this skip. As the immediate anomalous effects of SCP-2152 are still being explored and are not fully known, it is of the utmost importance that we analyse and attempt to determine the nature of what happened yesterday. Before I continue, this written text is expunged to those with subordinate clearance; don't panic if you've stumbled across this arbitrarily and know nothing about what just happened. If you're reading this now, you're relevant and share responsibility with those involved.

Yesterday, the east wall of SCP-2152's containment chamber was observed to transmute into what appeared to be an undulating translucent material. As you are aware, the room situated on the opposite side of the east wall is the central thermoregulatory chamber for the entire site; this is not what we thought we saw behind the translucent image.

The initial panic subsided once the guesswork began. We were at first uncertain as to what we were looking at, but the research team had a general idea based on the proportions and positions of the shapes and colours behind the translucence. The ideas conflicted, but they all pointed towards the same speculation. The wall stayed in this state of strange pellucidity for roughly twenty minutes. Then, without warning and to our surprise, the wall "switched" from translucence to crystalline transparency, physically turning the wall into a window.

What we saw confirmed our speculation. It was a very obviously an early-morning cliffside sunrise. We were absolutely dumbfounded.

Firstly, we didn't actually know how or why the matter had reconstituted itself into the window in the first place, nevermind the glistening scene beyond. It had 'shifted' in a fashion similar to that of switchable smart glass that the Foundation uses for observing hostile skips undergoing testing, or the kind you'd find in hospitals or nightclubs for privacy.

As for the landscape, I couldn't describe it at the time without using the words 'beautiful' or 'staggering'. It was unnaturally bright, as if the image itself had been enhanced through the glass. I have yet to ask others, but I personally felt a monstrous, unconvincing sense of achievement when watching this dawn. There were these distant seabirds drifting over the ripples that seemed to bleed into the horizon, and through my mind, I could hear the repeated phrase, "this is my reward". Personally, I couldn't control that thought. It kept coming back to me, forcing itself upon me. It was home. It was unsatisfactory, forced, but it was home.

I was getting all of these feelings while in the observatory bay. I wasn't even in the containment chamber. Even after that incredibly draining fifteen minutes of bliss, even after the east wall reformed to its original plaster-paint makeup, all I wanted to do was furnish the area with beanbags and trawl through social media on my phone or something.

Shortly after the big reveal, my associates had informed me that they had taken the liberty of photographing the scene, activating the Foundation's locator softwares, and identifying the location presented so suddenly before us, assuming that it was a real-world location. It was not. Furthermore, the ocean looked false. It rippled invariably forward, into the distance, as if stuck on some kind of loop.

I've included a small portion of the photograph for the time being. It has been verified as perfectly safe for viewing, and has had no emotional effect on me whatsoever. In fact, when I think about it, I don't even think it looks anything like what I saw yesterday.



We'll be discussing this event at daily recapitulation meetings that begin next week, to which you are invited and have an obligation to attend. The most recent revision within the containment procedures cannot be stressed enough. No-one enters the chamber but disposable personnel. I am convinced that anyone, if they were in there with SCP-2152, could've opened that window if they wanted to.

Director T.K. Hussein, Reliquary Unit-05

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