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Item #: SCP-2160

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") is currently assigned to track and investigate potential internet sites that may be involved in the broadcast of SCP-2160. In addition, Mobile Task Force Mu-4 is authorized to shut down said sites in the event a transmission occurs.

Description: SCP-2160 is a webcast entitled "The Happy Place", currently produced from an unknown location. The source of the broadcast varies with each instance of SCP-2160, and all attempts to locate a specific point of origin have failed. Forty eight hours before broadcast, a countdown timer appears on the website chosen to host the webcast, and once it reaches zero the page automatically refreshes itself; in its place is a built-in video player. The pattern for choosing the website used, if any, is not currently known. Due to the coding on the website itself (it is unknown whether or not this was intentionally done by the creators of SCP-2160) the video portion of the webcast does not play, only the audio portion.

The broadcast portion of SCP-2160 begins with an opening jingle, and is introduced as "The Happy Place". The webcast is narrated by "Sheriff Buddy", who introduces himself. The webcast then continues, with the audio similar to other educational children's television shows.

No evidence exists that such a show was ever broadcast prior to the first known instance of SCP-2160. Research has indicated that interest in the webcast has increased since the initial broadcast, and any fan sites and discussion boards pertaining to SCP-2160 are to be monitored.

On 04/16/12 after the first known broadcast, the anomalous nature of SCP-2160 became apparent when multiple Sites began receiving visits from people claiming to be "fans" of SCP-2160. Further questioning revealed that the affected individuals had downloaded the webcast and watched it outside of its native source.

It was this action that brought SCP-2160 to the Foundation's attention, and research began on the matter. It was discovered that if an instance of SCP-2160 is downloaded or recorded from the broadcast site and then is played within a different program the visual portion of the instance functions as normal, revealing Sheriff Buddy to be a marionette dressed in a cowboy suit that resembles O5-6, and other puppets that re-enact events that do not coincide with the audio of the broadcast.

Due to the sensitive nature of the events being re-enacted, transcripts and other data in relation to SCP-2160 has been limited to those with Level 4 clearance or higher.

Excerpt from transcript of Webcast made on 6/27/12

00:04:29 - [Sheriff Buddy is standing over a rag doll strapped to a bed. The room itself is a sterile white, and there are IV stands next to the rag doll's bed.]

00:04:31 - Sheriff Buddy: Now then kids, what do we do when someone is hurt?

00:04:33 - [A chorus of children can be heard yelling out "call an adult" as six separate doors slide open, and six other puppets enter. These puppets are dressed in orange prison garb. The rag doll lifts her head, making a horrified expression.]

00:04:50 - Sheriff Buddy: That's right kids! Always tell an adult if your friend is hurt so they can get help!

00:05:10 - [The six new puppets continue to approach the bed, with the rag doll thrashing in place. At this point, Mobile Task Force Mu-4 managed to force an interruption of the feed, and no further part of this instance was seen.]


This particular instance of SCP-2160 led to the re-assignment of Mobile Task Force Mu-4 from all non-vital assignments to focus on the issue. Analysis of the broadcast as suggests that the creators had inside knowledge of Foundation activity. That, coupled with the memetic effect the footage has had on some, suggests the possibility that a currently contained SCP may be causing these broadcasts to occur. Further research is ongoing.

Excerpt from transcript of Webcast made on 02/10/13

00:00:05.9 - [Sheriff Buddy is positioned on a catwalk over a large, sterile looking white room. Below him is a large mechanical device, and there are five other puppets surrounding it, each dressed in a clean white suit. Four other puppets burst in through a door, dressed in all black tactical armor and carrying assault rifles. They then open fire.]

00:00:06.3 - Sheriff Buddy: Today kids, we are going to talk about Chinese New Year's!

00:00:07.2 - [The sound of firecrackers going off can be heard as the gunfire goes off. One of the five puppets, a female with brown hair, dives underneath a table while a male puppet with brown hair is struck twice in the head.]

00:00:07.8 - [Another male puppet drops out of sight, presumably hit, but the angle makes it impossible to tell.]

00:00:08.0 - [A third male puppet is shot in the shoulder, falling to the floor and rolling behind the device.]

00:00:08.1 - [The last of the original five puppets is hit three times in the chest and falls.]

00:00:08.2 - Sheriff Buddy: Happy new year from the fine folks of China!

00:00:11.3 - [The device in the center emits a bright light, and the show starts over. This loop continues until the webcast is interrupted at the 00:04:07 mark.]


Shortly after this transmission airs, the monitoring data of SCP-176 was reviewed, but no signs of any unauthorized access were detected.

Excerpt from transcript of Webcast made on 07/04/13

00:01:03 - [Sheriff Buddy is in the foreground, with a puppet made to look like a young woman of asian descent behind him, as well as a taller puppet of a balding man in a lab coat.]

00:01:06 - Sheriff Buddy: Today kids, we are going to talk about the importance of obeying all the rules.

00:01:38 - [The male puppet in the labcoat holds out a white sheet of paper, and the female puppet touches it, causing the paper to turn purple.]

00:02:10 - Sheriff Buddy: Adults make the rules to make sure you stay safe. You want to stay safe, right kids?

00:03:00 - [A chorus of children can be heard yelling out "Yes Sheriff Buddy" as the girl puppet starts to jump into the air.]

00:03:10 - Sheriff Buddy: Remember kids, always listen to the adult in charge. It's for your own good!

00:03:33 - [The female puppet reaches an equivalent scale height of 5 meters with its jump before falling back to the floor. Upon impact, both of the puppet's legs break.]


Due to the particular incident referenced, testing was done to see if SCP-2599 was a viable suspect. A posthypnotic suggestion is placed into the mind of SCP-2599 to attempt to recreate the events of the broadcast, to see if her subconscious mind was capable of acting in a manner that her conscious mind could not. She recreated the broadcast, except instead of Sheriff Buddy resembling O5-6, it now resembled O5-8. As a result, a new round of tests were created to try to identify why the subject was able to recreate the likeness of an individual they had never met before.

The numbers of civilian visitors arriving at Sites due to the broadcasts had reached a point where drastic measures were deemed necessary. Mobile Task Force Mu-4 was ordered to seize control of the broadcasting website the moment a transmission of SCP-2160 ended and broadcast a posthypnotic suggestion to make the viewers forget they had just watched SCP-2160. Number of civilian sightings at Foundation Sites dropped significantly for subsequent broadcasts.

Excerpt from transcript of Webcast made on 12/22/13

00:37:16 - [The camera pans in on a large puppet, surrounded by puppets half its height wearing hazmat suits. The large puppet is dark red with a pale grey underbelly. Spines run down its head and back, and its mouth ends in a proboscis. Sheriff Buddy can be seen in the foreground.]

00:38:02 - Sheriff Buddy: Just remember kids, things like smoke detectors make loud noises to alert you of danger, so always pay attention.

00:38:34 - [A loud piercing noise can be heard, like that of a smoke detector. As it does the larger puppet starts to convulse, and the other puppets put their hands over their ears. The noise grows increasing louder for several seconds before reaching its peak. As it does, all the puppets, including Sheriff Buddy, besides the largest puppet liquefy, and the webcast abruptly ends.]


This specific webcast proved significantly more difficult than the others to locate, and as a result only cut off due to the events in the webcast itself. Due to the nature of this broadcast, the location where webcast was produced was identified as the basement of a home in ██████, Colorado. When the MTF arrived the house was found to be vacant, with all the windows of the dwelling shattered. Upon entering, the house was empty with the exception of the basement, which had been painted white and contained the remaining intact puppet, as well as the liquefied remains of the other puppets. A digital camera was set-up on a tri-pod, with a cable connecting it to a desktop computer on a nearby table. The monitor to the computer was shattered, and the actual computer was in pieces, with the hard drives removed. Left on the table was a note that read simply "Wake her up" over and over, written in black ink. Research continues into the possible meaning of this particular message.

Excerpt from transcript of Webcast made on 12/31/14

00:00:01 - [The scene of the broadcast starts off quite differently than previous ones, taking place in the outdoors. The sun beats down upon a wide panning view of a large hole, several meters across. Several toy trucks can be seen, a large number of which are concrete trucks.]

00:00:05 - Sheriff Buddy: Hello kids! My name is Sheriff Buddy and welcome to The Happy Place! Today we are going to be talking about secrets.

00:00:55 - [The camera pans in, showing at least a dozen puppets dressed in haz-mat suits, with 8 individual instances of Sheriff Buddy, each with a different voice, speaking in unison.]

00:01:15 - Sheriff Buddy: It is never a good idea to keep secrets, especially from adults. Secrets are bad.

00:01:47 - [As the camera continues to pan in, seven individual body bags can be seen, and several of the haz-mat sporting puppet start to toss the body bags into the hole.]

00:02:22 - Sheriff Buddy: Secrets will always get discovered, no matter how hard you try to hide them kids, so be sure not to lie and keep things from others.

00:02:41 - [Once all of the body bags have been thrown into the hole, the concrete trucks move into position and begin to pour concrete into the hole. The transmission abruptly ends.]


This particular instance deviated from previous known transmissions, as it did not display a currently known event in Foundation records. This being the most recent and last known transmission, further study continues.

Date: 01/04/15
To: All Site Directors
From: O5-6

The problem has been identified and dealt with according to the Cayce Protocol. The records have been expunged and documentation placed to prevent further inquiries. Mobile Task Force Mu-4 will remain assigned to maintain appearances per protocol, but please adjust localized procedures according.


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