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Item #: SCP-2162

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2162 is to be kept in a concrete box with no air vents, nor any small openings.
The door to the concrete box is on the ceiling of it; the only place SCP-2162 cannot reach.
A single window, made of reinforced glass, is at the top of the 15 ft. tall, concrete box.

Description: SCP-2162 is a Humanoid, with 80% of it''s body being made out of a clay-like substance, which is extremely sticky. The substance has been named Claysufio.
SCP-2162 is roughly 8 ft. in height, and weighs around 650 lbs. .
SCP-2162 is able to shrink and grow at will, though we are not sure how. But it seems growing and shrinking tire out SCP-2162.
SCP-2162 destroyed a village in India, in the year 1937. Since then, that entire area of India is still in panic of It coming back. No Heat signatures have been found in it. It also seems to not have a need to breath.
SCP-2162 seems to have the intelligence about of a Human''s. In 1995 after hearing SCP-2162 muttering several times, Dr. Adri spoke to It on a speaker next to the window, this was their conversation:

Dr. Adri: "SCP-2162, Can you hear me?"

SCP-2162: "Oh, so is SCP-2162 my name, now?"

Dr. Adri: "It''s been your name for over 50 years."

SCP-2162: "It''s been that long? I guess time passes quickly when you''re stuck in a concrete box."

Dr. Adri: "You''re in that box because you put a large area of India on alert for quite awhile. Who knows when they''ll go back to feeling safe, when a giant monster destroyed an entire village."

SCP-2162: "Calling me a monster, are you? That''s a bit rude."

Dr. Adri: "You''re a giant monster. You can deal with a little insult. Anyways, I was wondering what you were muttering about?"

SCP-2162: "You insult me, twice, and now you want to get into my privacy? Well I could tell you, if you--"

Dr. Adri: "I will not do anything for you; this is a prison, NOT a hotel. And I have no reason to speak with you anymore."

This was the first time anyone heard SCP-2162''s voice, not in a mutter.
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