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SCP-2166 - The Reformation
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Item #: SCP-2166

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2166 is to be contained within a Type 05 humanoid containment chamber. No further physical security is necessary. SCP-2166 is permitted access to approved recreational items and remote contact with the site chaplain upon request.

Due to the properties of SCP-2166, contact involving direct line-of-sight is limited to female personnel. Direct physical interaction, such as medical examination or any other event requiring entry to the containment chamber, is to be limited to postmenopausal female personnel. Contact between pregnant personnel (designated here to be at any point after implantation of the blastocyst in the uterine wall) is forbidden.

The original 48 instances of SCP-2166’s online video series “Five Minute Sunday School” have been taken down in accordance with standard internet removal procedures. Copies are on file within the central database, as unclassified information.

Any entities found related to SCP-2166 are not to be made aware of SCP-2166''s presence within Foundation custody.

Description: SCP-2166 is a sapient polymorphic entity, observed to take three primary physical forms, as follows.

Form Alpha – SCP-2166’s primary appearance, being that of a Caucasian woman, measuring 1.65 m in height and weighing 54 kilograms. SCP-2166 possesses no physical or biological abnormalities in this form, with the exception of heavy scarring of the ventral abdomen.

Form Beta – SCP-2166’s secondary humanoid form, being that of a feminine entity standing 1.87 meters in height and weighing 80 kg. While in this form, SCP-2166 possesses grey skin, three-toed hoofed feet, eight curled horns emerging from the skull, a prehensile tongue capable of flesh removal, and a secondary set of mandible bones located within the vaginal opening. Claims by SCP-2166 indicate that teeth were removed. Abdominal scarring is present in this form.

Form Prime – SCP-2166’s claimed true biological form, being that of a hairless dodecapedal entity measuring 4.3 meters in length, and weighing 540 kg. All limbs terminate in a three-fingered hand, with one opposable thumb. Form prime is brightly colored: patterns of blue, red, orange, and yellow dominate the dorsal surface, with a white underbelly. Eleven pairs of mammary glands and eight sets of genitalia are located on the ventral surface, all colored in contrast to the surrounding skin. Form Prime’s mouth is jawless and surrounds a muscular tongue designed for puncturing and consumption of liquids. The head is eyeless: SCP-2166 navigates primarily through a combination of echolocation and thermal imaging. Abdominal scarring is present in this form.

The process of changing between forms takes < 15 seconds to shift between Form Alpha and Form Beta, and approximately one minute to shift into or out of Form Prime. This process is described as uncomfortable, but not painful.

Individuals in close proximity to SCP-2166 will experience a variety of mental and physical effects. These effects are based solely on the biological sex of the individual in question. Men within the area of effect will become unfocused and more open to suggestion, in a manner similar to alcoholic intoxication. This effect can be resisted, and will fade within an hour of removal from SCP-2166’s presence. Repeated or extended exposure may develop signs of addiction in subjects. Fertile women brought into the area of effect will be rendered sterile after approximately two hours of continuous exposure to SCP-2166. Gestating fetuses will die within ten minutes of exposure, with the mother experiencing immediate sterilizing effects.

SCP-2166 has no effect on individuals who have not reached sexual maturity, are missing reproductive organs, are of post-menopausal age, or are otherwise incapable of reproductive activity. The extent of SCP-2166’s area of effect varies, but will average to within five meters, modified by line of sight, physical obstructions, and SCP-2166’s object of focus.

SCP-2166 is a practicing Roman Catholic nun of the Order of Carmelites, originally a member of convent of [REDACTED], █████████, ██.

SCP-2166 claims that approximately three to four hundred of its children1 survived into adulthood, though the majority lack full mental, physical, and sexual functionality due to genetic defects. None of these entities have been found by the Foundation as of this time.

Addendum-01: Prior to containment, SCP-2166 wrote and animated a series of short videos entitled “Five Minute Sunday School”, uploaded to Youtube’s video sharing service between September of 2013 and December of 2014, under the username of “sunnysunday”.

This series consisted of amateur drawings and animations illustrating various biblical stories and notable events and personages related to the history of the Catholic church, accompanied by commentary by SCP-2166. No anomalous content is present in any of the videos.

Interview 2015-04-05

[Excerpt begins at 10:14. Introductory topic of conversation is mental difference between humans and SCP-2166. Interviewer is Researcher Lauren Adams.]

<Log begins>

SCP-2166: Imagine being hungry, all the time. Even when you have food, there’s a constant fear of running out. Every time you eat the only thing you can think of is the dial ticking down until you run out again, because there’s no stability.

It’s a gnawing, clawing, desperate hunger, and it never goes away. It drives your hands, directs your thoughts, defines every waking moment.

Imagine all of that, and then imagine that you are alone. There is no one to support you. You are in competition with everyone else for food, for mates, for territory, and the only way to increase your chances of success, and appease the fear and hunger in your head is to either kill the competition, or to be bigger and more brutal than they are.

And that’s your life. A hole filled with hunger, fear, sex and violence, to the point where it is almost impossible to think of anything else. Most don’t think at all. I didn’t for a long while.

Thing was, I spent a lot more time in human circles than most of the others. I lingered around a bit, observed, learned all the little cues, the right things to say. Almost like animal husbandry, har-har. I got really good at it after a while, and over time I started noticing a… growing awareness that something was wrong, and that the something was me.

Researcher Adams: Was there a specific turning point?

SCP-2166: Yeah. I had followed a guy home, doing my usual thing, and it turned out that the guy was into femdom. Big time. So I went all out with the act, because why not? It was only right, me lording over a human. To find one who was already into that, it just made everything easier for me. Was able to put a little bit extra into the act.

And he just broke. Not even into tears or anything, but he just went dead silent after a while. Would barely respond.

Normally there’s some sort of satisfaction to be had in subjugation – fulfillment of urges plus the reassurance of your own ability to maintain a position of power – but here…the guy felt like a corpse under me. Worse than that, really, because I’ve had corpses underneath me. This guy…it was like I was having sex with just a pile of cold ground beef.

I remember deciding that he wasn’t even worth it and just left. Put me in a really foul mood, and threw me off-kilter. Tried going at it again the next night, and I felt the same thing. This guy was really into it, even, but he still felt like a piece of dead meat. Now I was just getting freaked out. Kept trying, got the same result. I couldn’t even think back to older times without getting disgusted by it all. It was a swift downhill slide into self-loathing and extended identity crisis after that. Had my lower teeth pulled, and I refused anesthesia for it, too. I had this notion that I was the problem, that there was something wrong and disgusting with me. All my time acting like a human gave me a few things I didn’t notice until too late: empathy and guilt. I decided that I deserved to suffer for what I’d done, for how disgusting a creature I was.

I’m sure you know how bad things can get, when you’re fighting yourself. No one knows your weaknesses better, and for someone like me, who was new to this whole conscience thing… well, I had nowhere to turn to.

So I wandered around a lot. Along the way I met a few people who tried helping me along. Owe my life to one woman I met up north. Jessie was her name. Nearly froze myself to death on the sidewalk, and she dragged me into her apartment and let me sleep on her futon for a week no questions asked. Made the best chicken soup, too.

Eventually, somewhere in the middle of this quagmire of directionless self-loathing, I got introduced to a guy who wandered around in the desert halfway around the world, who had the crazy notion that just because you’d done some bad things, didn’t mean that you were a lost cause. And that stuck with me, itched in my head, until I tried taking a few steps in his shadow.

And then things got better. It took a long while, but things got better.


Wow… that got really, really heavy, really fast.

Researcher Adams: Thank you for sharing your story with me. We can be done for today if you wish.

SCP-2166: Yeah, I think that might be for the best. Same time tomorrow?

Researcher Adams: I can do that.

<Log Ends>

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