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SCP-2180 - End of the Line
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SCP-2180 viewed from the entrance.

Item #: SCP-2180

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-2180 is to be locked and guarded. Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter SCP-2180 without pre-authorization from the Site-22 director.

Updated Containment Procedures: Due to the events described in Addendum 2180.2, SCP-2180 has been reclassified as Neutralized.

Description: SCP-2180 is an abandoned train station located in an empty field near █████ ██████, Nebraska. Approached from any direction other than through the main terminal doors, SCP-2180 will appear vacant. Individuals who are "inside" SCP-2180 will not be able to perceive individuals "outside" of SCP-2180, and vice versa. The tracks running into SCP-2180 terminate roughly 0.25 km in either direction.

When approached through the main terminal doors, individuals will find themselves within an active train station constructed in the style of similar stations in 1920''s America. Schedules hanging from the ceiling identify that the train leaves the station at three minutes past the hour, every hour.

The platform begins at the east end of the station and terminates at an indeterminate point to the west that, while appearing to be only approximately 50 meters from the east end, is unapproachable. Individuals attempting to move towards the end of the station will notice inconsistencies in their perceived distance traveled, and the space they have actually covered. It has been reported on several occasions that obscure, "foggy", humanoid figures can be seen standing at the west end of the station. For more information on these instances, see Addendum 2180.1.

The train (SCP-2180-A), which approaches from the east, varies in appearance1. The passengers (identified as SCP-2180-B) who board SCP-2180-A seem to appear from throughout the station in a manner that is seemingly undetectable. SCP-2180-B instances appear to be apparitions, and cannot be interacted with in any way. They are generally elderly, but have been reported as occasionally being as young as infants.


SCP-2180-C. Image taken in March, 1985.

At two minutes and forty-five seconds past the hour, SCP-2180-A will arrive within SCP-2180. The gathered passengers will then board the SCP-2180-A, and depart no later than three minutes and thirty-seconds past the hour. Individuals within SCP-2180 who are not instances of SCP-2180-B will not be able to board SCP-2180-A or interact with it in any way. After the departure of the engine, additional instances of SCP-2180-B will begin to appear again.

A single entity persists between departures. This entity, identified as SCP-2180-C, is an elderly male of European descent who acts as a manager of the SCP-2180-B instances, making sure they are all accounted for and are all entering SCP-2180-A. SCP-2180-C constantly wears a hat labeled "conductor", but has never been seen entering or interacting with SCP-2180-A in any way.

Addendum 2180.1: SCP-2180-C Interview

Note: The following interview was recorded by Researcher Hendricks upon initial discovery of SCP-2180 in 1985. Before this, there was no information pertaining to SCP-2180 within the Foundation database.

SCP-2180-C: Say there, boy. You have a ticket?

Hendricks: No, uh, I''m—

SCP-2180-C: (Laughs) I know who you are, son. One of those Foundation types, right?

Hendricks: Yes. Yes, how do you know that?

SCP-2180-C: You aren''t the first shocked looking young guy to end up in here, though you''re probably better off than most.

Hendricks: What is this place?

SCP-2180-C: This? This is the West End Station, the last stop on the line.

Hendricks: I…

SCP-2180-C: I''m sure you''re mighty confused with this. That''s understandable. Let''s start with something easy.

Hendricks: Who… what, uh, what are these things?

SCP-2180-C: You were right the first time, son. Who these are, well, they''re people. No different than you or me. They look a little different and act a little different, but they can''t really be blamed for that.

Hendricks: You mean they''re humans? You can''t touch them, though. They''re apparitions.

SCP-2180-C: That''s a name for it. Whatever you want to call it is fine, but believe you me, they''re just as human as you or anyone else you know.

Hendricks: How do they get here? Why are they… like they are?

SCP-2180-C: The body is just a vessel, son. When you use a car, would you call the car a person? When the person gets out of the car, do you call the car deceased? Nah, it''s just missing something, is all. These folks here, (motions around) they''ve gotten out of their cars, so to speak.

Hendricks: So… what is this place?

SCP-2180-C: Well, the way I see it is that everybody experiences it a little differently, see. Even with their bodies gone, they still have their imaginations about them. Regardless of what they think it is, or what you think it is, it''s still just a platform, and they''re still just getting on a train.

Hendricks: Where does the train go?

SCP-2180-C: Can''t rightly say. Somewhere other than here, I''d imagine. Wouldn''t make much sense otherwise, would it? Maybe the line just runs on forever.

Hendricks: What about you? Where are you from?

SCP-2180-C: I''ve always been here, son. Every station''s gotta have somebody like me around, make sure folks are getting to where they''re going.

Hendricks: (Pauses) What''s that, there? Down at the end of the platform?

SCP-2180-C: (Sighs) Those are folks who didn''t want to board their train. Said they were waiting on somebody, or weren''t ready yet. They''ve got a boarding time, see? But they missed it. Or…

Hendricks: Or?

SCP-2180-C: Some of them shouldn''t be here at all. Something happened to em, see. They got involved with something that messed with their connection to the universe. Can''t imagine you''d know of anybody who had a bunch of things like that around, now would you?

Hendricks: I— what happens to them?

SCP-2180-C: Can''t say for certain. Never had one come back. I imagine they keep going until they find what they''re looking for, or another way out, or… hell, who knows. Maybe they just keep going forever too.

Hendricks: (Pauses) So what happens now?

SCP-2180-C: Well, I''ve got the 4:03 coming in here in the next ten minutes or so. You''re definitely free to stay, though I can''t say it''ll do you much good. As much as they talk about this place, it really is just a train station.

Hendricks: You''ll just keep doing this forever?

SCP-2180-C: Forever? Son, who put those foolish notions in your head. No, I''ll stay here until the last train comes through, and then I''ll head out of town myself.

Hendricks: Last train?

SCP-2180-C: Can''t you see the hat, son? I''m a conductor, and the last train is mine. Have to get on here, see. This is the last stop.

Hendricks: Is the… last train, just for you?

SCP-2180-C: No, no. Let me check my ledger here. (Pauses) Huh. Look at that. It doesn''t say.

Hendricks: How will you know who they are?

SCP-2180-C: Not sure. Imagine I''ll know ''em when I see ''em.

Addendum 2180.2: Incident Log

Note: After determining the nature of SCP-2180, it was determined that efforts be made to access the west end of the SCP-2180 platform, and attempt to ascertain the identity of the entities located there. Several attempts were made using Foundation agents and MTF personnel, all of which were unsuccessful.

After some discussion, it was decided that a D-Class individual would be tasked with trying to reach the far end of the platform, by whatever means they felt necessary. The D-Class, D-95312 (chosen due to their lack of violent behaviour and empathy for other human beings), was selected and asked to reach the west end of SCP-2180, with no prior knowledge of its behaviour. After a few moments of walking in that direction, it was determined that D-95312 had reached the end of the platform. How this was accomplished is still unknown. A radio transmitter, which was fitted on the D-Class prior to the test, picked up the following conversation.

D-95312: Hello? Hi, yes, are you alright?

(Indiscernible talking)

D-95312: No, I''m just— I was told to come down here and talk to you. Are you all alright?

SiteCommand: (Through radio) D-95312, can you identify the physical appearance of the entities before you?

D-95312: Entities? These are just people, aren''t they? I don''t see anything different.

SiteCommand: Can you confirm that their physical appearance is altered in any way? Do they appear to be displaying any kind of anomalous qualities?

D-95312: Err— no, no, they look fine. What are you guys doing down here?

(Indiscernible talking)

D-95312: Is this part of your assignment?

(Indiscernible talking)

D-95312: No, I don''t think it''s anything like that. I think we can just catch a train out of here.

(Indiscernible talking)

SiteCommand: D-95312, please return to the entrance of SCP-2180.

D-95312: I don''t know, maybe they just missed you. Or maybe they thought you were going to wait for them somewhere else.

SiteCommand: D-95312, please respond. Return to the entrance of SCP-2180.

D-95312: Hang on, I think you might be confused. This is McNarry, and that''s Brooks, they''re guys from—

SiteCommand: D-95312, it is not within your authority to—

D-95312: So what, we''re just supposed to leave them here? They''re just lost, is all, I don''t think they''re where they''re supposed to be. I can help them, look—

SiteCommand: D-95312, you risk termination by disregarding our orders, please return to the entrance—

D-95312: Guys, I think we can just leave.

(Indiscernible talking)

D-95312: Yeah, let''s go.

Agents stationed within SCP-2180 then determined that D-95312 had begun to move towards the east end of SCP-2180, with a large group of the humanoid figures behind them. Agents were ordered to attempt to apprehend D-95312, but were unable to do so, as D-95312 was no longer able to be interacted with physically.

Upon their arrival at the east end of the platform, an instance of SCP-2180-A entered SCP-2180, roughly twenty one minutes ahead of schedule. All of the humanoid entities entered SCP-2180-A, as well as all the instances of SCP-2180-B. Finally, SCP-2180-C began to move towards the SCP-2180-A instance and climbed aboard. An interaction between SCP-2180-C and Agent J. Carter was captured on Agent Carter''s radio.

Agent Carter: Where are you going?

SCP-2180-C: Looks like this is my train, son. Think these folks need to get to where they''re going. Bout time somebody looked after them.

Agent Carter: But what about everybody else?

SCP-2180-C: (Laughs) There are other ways to get there. In this case, it''s not about the journey, it''s about the destination. If ya''ll want to get there bad enough, you''ll find a way about it, and maybe not make other folks do the lookin'' for you.

SCP-2180-C then entered SCP-2180-A, which pulled away from the platform. After this incident, no further activity has been detected within SCP-2180.

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