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EuclidSCP-2213 Cat PeopleRate: 85

Item #: SCP-2213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-2213's cover begin to show any structural damage related to stress fracturing, the site director must oversee Operation Mu-4, unsealing the object and replacing the cover.

Operation Mu-4's details may only be accessed by Site-131's director. Class C amnestics must be administered to the site director and any personnel involved in the execution of Mu-4 following the conclusion of the operation.

Any SCP-2213-1 instances in Foundation custody are to be immediately terminated. Any future SCP-2213-1 instances are to be terminated through incineration immediately upon production (except as outlined in Operation Mu-4).

Description: SCP-2213 is a door which, if uncovered, will produce an individual (referred to as an SCP-2213-1 instance) at intervals approximately two minutes apart. Beyond this production, the doorway appears entirely mundane, being composed of oak wood.

A covering, which was installed shortly after discovery in 1964, has remained in place and prevents the production of SCP-2213-1 instances. While covered, SCP-2213 produces audible vibrations at the same regular intervals as production events, however the covering has proven capable of preventing production events entirely.

While superficially similar to humans, SCP-2213-1 instances lack the capacity for complex thought. SCP-2213-1 instances are completely hairless. Instances require little nutrition to survive (the longest contained subject's body continued functioning for seven months before succumbing to starvation), and are resistant to injury due to redundant internal organs.

An instance's visual acuity is reduced significantly due to vertical slit pupils, while night vision is dramatically increased. Furthermore, despite lacking obvious sensory organs for the processing of auditory input, SCP-2213-1 instances have displayed behavior consistent with a capacity to observe sound.

This file has been accessed 2 times.

Site director's terminal has been activated.

Please Enter Credentials

Welcome back Dr. Marrick. Your credentials are recognized: access granted.

Operation Mu-4 is to be initiated with the inclusion of yourself, and the four member backup team. The monitoring of the cremation systems and the chamber housing SCP-2213 is to be overseen directly by yourself. All individuals involved in Operation Mu-4 including yourself are to be administered Class C amnestics immediately following the successful conclusion of the operation except in the case of a breach relating to any information which contradicts SCP-2213's documentation.

The removal and replacement systems are both automated. You are to oversee this system and utilize your backup team only in the case of its failure.

Under no circumstances are any attempts at communications from SCP-2213-1 instances to be acknowledged. Under no circumstances should SCP-2213 remain uncovered for longer than 10 minutes. Should the backup team be required, and not complete its task before a production event, previously installed systems to facilitate the incineration of SCP-2213-1 instances will be initiated by yourself upon the conclusion of their task. The loss of the backup team is acceptable in these circumstances.

If the level of intelligence possessed by SCP-2213-1 instances in any way becomes known to any individual beyond yourself, your own amnestic administration may be postponed in order to deal with the information breach.

Pertinent information may be left for future site directors in the following section.

Note 1:

Hello. I don't know how to start this. My name is Dr. Jacobs. I was the site director in 2014 during the last activation of Mu-4. I'm putting this here because there's nowhere else it can go. I did some digging so you wouldn't have to, but given the misinformation we've been fed, I'd strongly suggest you do some digging too. First off, the amnestic isn't something you can dodge. Your boss's boss got a message when you opened this file. So you've got a short window. Honestly, you'd be better off not knowing.

SCP-2213 doesn't produce anything. It's a portal created by the SCP-2213-1 instances. I don't know why they're coming here… but I do know that every vibration is a body being flung across the void and hitting the barrier we put up over the door. And that the trip is one way. The original interview logs I found are heavily redacted, but there's enough there for me to know that these people are just as human as you and me, if a little different. We've killed one of these people every 2 minutes or so, every hour of every day. That's over a quarter million of these guys every year for 50 years.

I've tried to read between the lines in the redacted interviews and logs, but I'm fairly certain the -1 instances are refugees. From what, I don't know yet, and I don't have time to find out. There was an incident in 1964, and the original project head decided at some point to close the thing off and to keep them and whatever was after them out. And he was aware this was a death sentence for anyone sent through. It's why all knowledge of this is heavily redacted. They didn't want to have to live with the knowledge of what they were doing.

All the original researchers were amnesticized in 1965, along with the O5 who authorized the project. The containment procedures and misinformation have pretty much prevented the accumulation of any information on the object beyond that which was gathered early on, and most of that is deliberate misinformation now.

I don't have enough information to make a definitive decision on this and I don't have time to get more. That's probably the point of the containment procedures in the first place. You need to get more information and leave it here for yourself or the next guy, and hope against hope they do the right thing with it. Yeah, these guys coming through would mean the end of secrecy on this project. There's no way we could've hidden 13 million hairless cat eyed people from the world. It doesn't matter. Find out more, and if I'm right, find a way to make it stop.

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