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SCP-1699 - Inferior Volcano
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Item #: SCP-1699

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-1699''s public location, containment procedures are to focus on preventing access to it. At least 8 guards are to patrol SCP-1699 on all-terrain vehicles, with rotations to occur every 4 hours. Any persons found to have knowledge of SCP-1699''s anomalous properties are to be detained for questioning, searched for documents pertaining to SCP-1699, and released following a dose of Class-C amnestics.

Description: SCP-1699 is an inactive volcano located in [REDACTED] National park. SCP-1699 has been inactive for the past 67 years, with the last major eruption having occurred in 1945. SCP-1699 is sapient, and possesses the ability to communicate vocally, utilizing steam vents to mimic speech.

Communication with SCP-1699 centers almost exclusively around its desire to become "a more dangerous natural disaster," and various means to achieve that end. Conversation participants have described SCP-1699''s disposition as "melancholy" and "bummed out", but note that despite this, it never ceases to try new avenues toward its goal. SCP-1699 has been known to speak to personnel for prolonged periods of time about these desires, and has repeatedly requested assistance with becoming more dangerous. If accepted, SCP-1699 will instruct personnel on various activities it believes increases the similarities of it and other natural disasters.

Following instructions provided by SCP-1699 rarely results in anomalous activity. However, on several occasions, following these instructions has led to activity in the area surrounding SCP-1699, including small thunderstorm occurring following an attempt to create a hurricane, and a small whirlpool forming in a lake following an attempt to cause a tsunami. Anomalous events produced by SCP-1699 have not, as of yet, produced a serious threat to containment and are usually deemed minor in their intensity. Personnel may attempt to assist SCP-1699 in completing its instructions whenever it is convenient for them; however, it is not necessary.

This interview was conducted during SCP-1699''s initial containment processing.

Interviewed: SCP-1699

Interviewer: Dr.B███

<Begin Log>

Dr.B███: Hello 1699, how do you feel today?

SCP-1699: Useless.

Dr.B███: Why useless?

SCP-1699: Haven''t you been watching the news? That hurricane made landfall and killed a whole bunch of people.

Dr.B███: Yes, a tragedy.

SCP-1699: How do you think something like that makes me feel?

Dr.B███: Pardon?

SCP-1699: I could never do damage like that. All I can do is spit smoke and slosh a little lava in my belly.

Dr.B███: That''s not true, many personnel here fear for their lives from the damage you could do if you became active.

SCP-1699: You''re just saying that to make me feel better. I''m useless.

Dr.B███: I really mean it. You could destroy us in an instant.

SCP-1699: Don''t treat me like a child. I am a grown-up and I do not need to be patronized.

Dr.B███: I''m sorry.

SCP-1699: None of you respect me. I hate this place!

SCP-1699 refused to communicate for two days following this interview.

<End Log>

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