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nn5n: scp-2229 Legate of Ursa Major to the Senate and People of Rome
KeterSCP-2229 Legate of Ursa Major to the Senate and People of RomeRate: 25

Item #: SCP-2229

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All communication with SCP-2229 is to be directed through the Designated Liaison to SCP-2229. The Liaison is to be selected by a special committee of the Department of Antiquities on the basis of fluency in Classical Latin, knowledge of Roman history, and diplomatic experience. While communicating with SCP-2229, the Liaison must consistently assume the identity of a Roman emperor. Biannually, the Liaison must present a selection of goods1 to SCP-2229 as tribute. Although SCP-2229 has promised to solely communicate with the Liaison, reports from psychiatric hospitals in the city of Rome are to be continuously monitored for instances of communication between SCP-2229 and other individuals.

Description: SCP-2229 is a telepathic entity that self-identifies as Sextus Pompilius Trio, Legate of Ursa Major2 to the Senate and People of Rome. SCP-2229 manifests to individuals with whom it chooses to communicate as an auditory hallucination of an individual speaking in Classical Latin. By thinking in Classical Latin, individuals are capable of initiating communication to or responding to communication from SCP-2229. SCP-2229 is not thought to have a physical form, but is capable of manipulating matter through anomalous means. When an individual communicating with SCP-2229 focuses on a particular object or group of objects, SCP-2229 is capable of causing that object or group of objects to spontaneously disappear. Similarly, when an individual communicating with SCP-2229 focuses on a particular location, SCP-2229 is capable of causing an object or group of objects to spontaneously appear at that location3.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-2229 after Agents monitoring psychiatric hospitals in the city of Rome noted the existence of several individuals who claimed to have heard a "legate of the bear" speaking to them in Latin, demanding an audience with the current Roman emperor. Due to the frequency and similarity of the reports, the cause was immediately suspected to be anomalous in nature. Dr. Marcellus, the first Designated Liaison to SCP-2229, was dispatched to investigate the reports and attempt communication with SCP-2229.

Date: June 5, 1997

<Begin Transcript>

Dr. Marcellus: Hear, O Sextus Pompilius Trio, Legate of Ursa Major! I, Titus Cornelius Marcellus, first citizen amongst the Romans, have heard of your desire for an audience. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?

SCP-2229: O Titus Cornelius Marcellus, most honorable emperor, I, Sextus Pompilius Trio, have long awaited your company. I come bearing good news, for I represent the illustrious people of Ursa Major, who live beyond the abode of the gods. We have seen your empire's glory, and wish to ingratiate ourselves with you to earn your eternal friendship. Indeed, I have brought a most valuable gift! Look thither, and concentrate.

(Dr. Marcellus complies. A scroll written in Classical Latin, later found to contain a lengthy reference for manufacturing a variety of machines that utilize Newcomen atmospheric engines, appears at the designated location.)

Dr. Marcellus: By Jupiter, what miracle is this? What does this scroll contain?

SCP-2229: A miracle, that is what it should be called. Have your wisest scholars look on it; given enough time they will decipher it, though you yourself will not live to see it happen. Certainly, it will occupy them for some time - two millennia, perhaps. In any case, now that you have witnessed the generosity and wonder of my people, will you pay homage to Ursa Major?

Dr. Marcellus: In all truth I will consider it. But what can your people, who are so great, want from my empire, which is so meager in comparison?

SCP-2229: Whatever your finest goods may be, bring them forth to me twice every year, so that I may receive them as tribute for my people. For now, that is all I ask of you.

Dr. Marcellus: Then by all means, I will do so. I have but one request: speak only to me and my successors, and not the unwashed masses of my empire. These plebeians are far below you; by deigning to converse with them, you only injure your dignity.

SCP-2229: (Laughter.) Very well! Let it be done.

<End Transcript>

Afterword: Subsequently, Dr. Marcellus began making regular offers of tribute to SCP-2229. As of the present day, SCP-2229 has not deviated from its initial behavior.

Verifying 4/2229 Clearance… VERIFIED
Accessing Gladius Incident Logs… ACCESS GRANTED

Date: January 5, 2010

<Begin Transcript>

Dr. Marcellus: O Sextus Pompilius, I, Titus Cornelius, have brought the first tribute of the year. Ten bales of cloth dyed in Tyrian purple, fifty amphorae of-

SCP-2229: Yes, yes, I am sure that your offerings are all quite fine. Let me receive them quickly, so that we can move on to the more urgent matter I wish to address.

(Dr. Marcellus focuses on the tribute offerings, and they disappear.)

SCP-2229: I am afraid that I have more to ask of your empire than tribute today. Our people, as wondrous as they may be, are not warriors, which we are now in deep need of. O Titus Cornelius, can your empire spare a legion? My people will be deeply indebted to your empire, and you above all will be held in our eternal esteem.

Dr. Marcellus: My empire would be hard pressed to do so, for it would mean exposing my people to the threat of savage barbarians and treacherous rebels. Why do your people need a legion, if I may ask? Have they become embroiled in war?

SCP-2229: That is not exactly how I would describe it. My people are obligated to fight, but not in a war. No, I would think of it more as a gladiatorial combat, to provide the plebeians of other Heavens their bread and circuses. We have no choice but to satisfy them with our own blood, or with yours. To do otherwise is to antagonize the showmen, who are more dangerous to us with words than any other enemies are with swords. Your empire has warriors; my people have not. I ask of you again: can your empire spare a legion?

Dr. Marcellus: What if my empire does not?

SCP-2229: What if a client does not honor his patron? What if a slave does not obey his master? What if a lesser does not follow his better? You, Titus, are the emperor, and you of all people know the answers to these questions. I will ask once again, and not once more: can your empire spare a legion?

Dr. Marcellus: I offer my sincere apology; the question was most unbecoming. Yes, I will procure a legion for you at the earliest possible opportunity. Still, I must ask, how long do I have to do so?

SCP-2229: You have five days. Let it be done.

<End Transcript>

Afterword: Due to the potential consequences of non-compliance, limited time frame, and personnel requirements for a legion4, a proposal to utilize a Bright/Zartion Hominid Replicator to fulfill the demand was sent to the Ethics Subcommittee on Human Cloning. After a day of deliberation, the proposal was approved by a 5-4 decision.

Date: June 7, 2010

<Begin Transcript>

(Silently, Dr. Marcellus focuses on the tribute offerings, and they disappear.)

SCP-2229: You're usually more talkative when you deliver the tribute, Titus. I sense that something troubles you; is it the legion, perhaps?

Dr. Marcellus: Sextus, it is not easy for a man to send six thousand men off to war, and to not know a thing about their fate.

SCP-2229: They fought boldly, and died heroically; they lost their lives, but gained their names. Can warriors ask for much more?

Dr. Marcellus: I suppose not.

(Thirty seconds of silence.)

Dr. Marcellus: Do you expect to ask our empire for a legion again in the future?

SCP-2229: No, the audience has seen enough of us, and the showmen themselves are quite satisfied. The next time, it will not be our people who are called on, but yours. Your warriors' performance was quite rousing, and, in any case, I have been told that your people are already quite overdue for your turn in the arena.

<End Transcript>

Afterword: None.

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