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SCP-2240 - Young Floridian Couple
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Item #: SCP-2240

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2240-1 is currently held within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. SCP-2240-1''s cell requires no unusual furnishings beyond the basic requirements for non-anomalous human habitation, though a bed of at least North American Queen size has been shown to be effective at discouraging aggressive actions on the part of SCP-2240-2, and is currently installed as an incentive for further cooperation on the part of SCP-2240-1.

SCP-2240-1''s containment cell is to be equipped with standard concealed video and audio recording devices; however, pursuant to Disciplinary Incident Review 2240-53-7, access to footage recorded from these devices between the periods of 2200 to 0600 hours are to require written approval from Site Director ████. Should at any time SCP-2240-2 begin to deviate from its established pattern of behavior, and attempt to breach containment with the use of force, these Special Containment Procedures are to be revised pending review of the observed maximum force capabilities of SCP-2240-2.

Description: SCP-2240-1 is a male humanoid of Puerto Rican descent, born ████ ██████ in 19██. SCP-2240-1 exhibits no anomalous properties or capabilities aside from manifestations of SCP-2240-2, which appear to be beyond its control.

SCP-2240-2 is a spacetime anomaly of an as yet undetermined nature, completely imperceptible by all non-anomalous Foundation technology, described by SCP-2240-1 as his boyfriend ██████ ████, a deceased individual who records show died in a car accident on 12/██/20██ in ██████, Florida, USA. When shown photographs of the late ██████ ████ taken shortly before his death, SCP-2240-1 asserts that the appearance of SCP-2240-2 is largely identical.

SCP-2240-2''s primary effect is the manipulation of inanimate objects in a manner consistent with the use of human hands; however, to date there have been no confirmed incidents of SCP-2240-2 manipulating objects outside of SCP-2240-1''s immediate vicinity, generally limiting its field of effect to SCP-2240-1''s containment cell. SCP-2240-2 has shown no interest in interacting with any individual other than SCP-2240-1. It is undetermined at this time whether SCP-2240-2 is physically capable of acting outside of the immediate vicinity of SCP-2240-1. Further research into the nature of SCP-2240-2, and the extent of its independence, is temporarily suspended pending review from the Site Director of Site-17.

SCP-2240-1 and SCP-2240-2 are capable of communicating with each other in a manner consistent with typical human interaction, with SCP-2240-1 reporting being able to see, smell, hear, and touch SCP-2240-2 as if it were physically present. The majority of these perceptions on the part of SCP-2240-1 could be interpreted skeptically as typical hallucinations; thus, anomalous communication between SCP-2240-1 and SCP-2240-2 is best understood when the latter initiates contact with the former, particularly by touch.

To observers, these interactions appear as SCP-2240-1 spontaneously responding to sensory inputs when no corresponding source is apparent. The most credibly anomalous of these interactions comprise physical altercations between SCP-2240-1 and SCP-2240-2. To date, SCP-2240-1 has suffered one (1) minor facial bruise to the left cheek consistent with an open-handed slap, suffered during Recovery Interview 2240 (see below), as well as four (4) bruised bite marks to the left side of the neck, regarding which SCP-2240-1 has not been forthcoming.

SCP-2240-1 is often observed in its containment cell gesturing in the direction of empty air, especially during periods in which manifestations of SCP-2240-2 are registered by research staff. There have been no reported incidents in which SCP-2240-2 has interacted with any other individual. Nor have any staff "bumped into" SCP-2240-2, either inadvertently or in the course of Foundation research.

Interviewed: SCP-2240-1

Interviewer: Dr. ████ █████

Foreword: This interview occurred on ██/██/20██, two days after the initial transfer of SCP-2240-1 into Foundation custody from the [REDACTED] County Sheriff''s Office Department of Corrections.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Good morning, 2240-1. My name is Dr. ████ █████. I hope you''ve been finding your new accommodations comfortable.

SCP-2240-1: Mornin'', ████. Yeah, what can I say? The bed''s a bit small for the both of us, and these jumpsuits ain''t the comfiest thing in the world, but it''s nice enough here, I guess. Better than [REDACTED] County Detention Center!

Dr. █████: Both of you? Do you mean 2240-2?

SCP-2240-1: Yeah, yeah, ██████''s always here with me. [SCP-2240-1 looks to his right, grins, and sticks out his tongue for a moment.] It''s been like this, I guess since about a month after the funeral. █ months or so in total now. I can''t help it.

Dr. █████: Could you describe for me what it''s like to see him?

SCP-2240-1: Well, I just look at him, like you''re sittin'' here looking at me. I can hear him talk. I can… Look, I know I ain''t crazy. I wish I was. I took every last anti-psychotic we could get our hands on. Well, that and some other stuff. Easy to rob [REDACTED] when you''ve got a ghost helpin'' ya. That''s what I got thrown in for, you know. Them pills messed me up bad. If anything they whacked me out more than he does.

[SCP-2240-1 abruptly turns to his right, apparently listening for an inaudible interjection by SCP-2240-2, before responding.]

SCP-2240-1: You know I did you little maricon -

[SCP-2240-1 abruptly jerks his head to the right and clutches his cheek. A red mark is visible across it, though no slapping sound was observed or recorded by Foundation staff.]

SCP-2240-1: Ow! You little -

Dr. █████: Are you alright, 2240-1 -

SCP-2240-1: Yeah yeah yeah, it''s nothin''. Just ██████ messin'' around. I''ll get him back for that tonight.

Dr. █████: Is 2240-2 typically aggressive, 2240-1? With you, or anyone else?

SCP-2240-1: Hey, speaking of which, you gonna tell me what''s up with these frickin'' serial numbers already? My name is -

Dr. █████: Please answer the question, 2240-1. This is very important for both your continued accommodation and the safety of our personnel.

SCP-2240-1: …Could you get us a bigger bed if I answer?

Dr. █████: That can be arranged, 2240-1.

Research Extension Proposal 2240-03: Denied

There are only two possible answers to this question, and considering the minimal danger currently posed by this entity, the risks of trying to find out at this point simply aren''t worth it. Regardless of whether we''re dealing with a bona fide ghost or just a delusional reality bender, there is no reason to risk angering an invisible lover by putting 2240-1 through a gauntlet of invasive tests. An anomaly that can throw cups and give hickeys unopposed is a potential future problem far outstripping any research benefit. I''ll be more than willing to reconsider if and when this entity becomes a credible danger to Site staff, but until then, consider the matter closed.

█████ ████, Site Director of Site-17

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