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Item #: SCP-2261

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The town SCP-2261 is located in must be continuously monitored for instances of SCP-2261-1. Instances are to be captured and contained for experimentation purposes. Instances are to be captured only after an SCP-2261 event has taken place, and before the instance involved re-activates. Any video footage containing instances of SCP-2261-1 is to be confiscated.

Description: SCP-2261 is an ongoing phenomenon occurring throughout the town of █████████, England. When any person within the legal borders of the town perpetrates a form of petty crime (e.g., littering, shoplifting, loitering, etc) within a populated public area, a minimum of two instances of SCP-2261-1 will emerge from the crowd. Instances of SCP-2261-1 appear to be human adults wearing high-visibility police vests, and continuously vocalising a loud noise similar to a standard British police siren.

Anyone directly viewing an instance of SCP-2261-1 will believe it to be a British police car with blacked-out windows1, and will behave accordingly to the situation. Subjects will often show surprise to the sudden appearance of an instance and will often, but not always, attempt to flee the instances under the fear of arrest for their crimes.

If caught, the instance will transport the subject to the █████████ police station, which they will then enter believing to be escorted by a police officer. Once inside, subjects will be taken into police custody, and put through the regular arrest process. The instance of SCP-2261-1 will then place itself in a nearby car parking space and cease all signs of consciousness and higher brain power. Inactive instances will regain consciousness shortly after and continue to patrol █████████.

If detained during an active state, those directly viewing an instance of SCP-2261-1 will describe seeing a pair of police officers exiting it (referred to as SCP-2261-1A). Instances of SCP-2261-1A are described as adult humans dressed in standard police uniforms, and will often express panic and alarm at those attempting to detain SCP-2261-1, usually describing the situation as beyond 'Their expertise’, before quickly fleeing from the area. SCP-2261-1A instances will disappear from witnesses perspectives and the effects of SCP-2261-1 will cease shortly after. All instances of SCP-2261-1 taken into Foundation custody have remained in an insentient state.

Below is a list of notable incidents involving SCP-2261

Incident 2261-21
Date: 22/11/20██
<14:27> A young man in his early twenties is seen leaving a local newsagents entering a large crowd.

<14:31> An instance of SCP-2261-1 appears from the crowd, a white Caucasian male estimated to be between the age of 30 and 35. SCP-2261-1 begins emitting a siren and walks slowly towards the subject, the subject notices SCP-2261-1 and proceeds to run out of the crowd, surrounding civilians clear away from SCP-2261-1.

<14:33> SCP-2261-1 makes its way through the crowd and begins running towards the subject. The subject runs into a nearby alleyway occasionally looking back at SCP-2261-1. SCP-2261-1 runs onto a nearby road close by and begins following it.

<14:38> The subject is seen running out of the entrance of the alleyway into another section of the town, pausing to catch their breath.

<14:41> SCP-2261-1 appears from around a street corner and pursues the subject. The subject notices SCP-2261-1 and continues running away.

<14:44> Subject begins slowing down, showing signs of exhaustion. SCP-2261-1 ceases movement upon reaching the subject. The sound of car doors opening emits from SCP-2261-1's mouth followed by footsteps and an unknown voice coming from SCP-2261-1.

SCP-2261-1: Alright come on don't try anything, seriously you've done enough.

Subject kneels on sidewalk and puts hands behind his back, a slight metal click is heard.

Subject: This is complete crap! I didn't do anything what do you think you're doing!?

SCP-2261-1: Don't give me that, we have several accounts of you littering in a public area.

Subject: Are you serious!?

SCP-2261-1: You'd better sort yourself out and work on that attitude of yours, you're looking at a sentence of one, possible two hours prison time.

The subject gets up and begins walking towards SCP-2261-1, keeping their hands behind their back.

<14:46> SCP-2261-1 crouches slightly and forms a hoop with its arms behind its back; the subject then fits their legs through SCP-2261-1's arms. SCP-2261-1 then stands up and begins running in the opposite direction with the subject riding on its back.

<15:14> The subject is escorted to █████████ police station. The subject is let down by SCP-2261-1 and enters the premises.
<End Log, 2261-21>

Incident 2261-37
Date: 22/11/20██
Incident Report: During a chase between an instance of SCP-2261-1 and a subject who had shoplifted CDs from a nearby music store, the instance slipped on a spot of ice and began stumbling uncontrollably, emitting sounds similar to that of car tyres screeching. The instance continued to stumble around until 'crashing' into a nearby tree. At this point a civilian ran over to it, the instance could then be heard speaking with them in an urgent manner, believing them to be an ambulance and claimed that its colleague was in dire need of medical attention. The subject was never detained.

Incident 2261-47
Date: 07/01/20██
Incident Report: During a robbery at a local jewellers, an instance of SCP-2261-1 was spotted by bystanders patrolling the area. Bystanders attempted to alert the instance to the robbery, but were unable to as it had become preoccupied when it noticed an elderly woman smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area and attempted to arrest her.

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