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SCP-4490-2 recovered from the home of an SCP-4490-3 instance

Item #: SCP-4490

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Undercover Foundation agents are to regularly patrol and examine the stock of food, drug, or retail stores deemed susceptible to SCP-4490 events. If instances of SCP-4490-2 are found within the store, the SCP-4490-2 instance is to be stored in the Site-45 anomalous materials storage facility. The staff of the store are to be questioned, and given appropriate amnestics. The staff should be interviewed and give Foundation personnel a full log of customers who purchased SCP-4490-2 instances. Any subjects who purchased SCP-4490-2 (referred to as SCP-4490-3 henceforth) should be detained by Foundation personnel, interviewed, and terminated, unless requested for research purposes. If subjects claim to have never ingested SCP-4490-2, however, they should be tested for effects of SCP-4490-2, kept in containment for one week, and be released and given Class-A amnestics if they show no signs of SCP-4490-2 effects.

Foundation algorithms regularly search popular social media sites, forums, and other internet websites for mentions of SCP-4490. If a mention of SCP-4490 is found, the writer is to be questioned, and standard SCP-4490 procedures are to be followed afterwards. The post mentioning SCP-4490 is to be deleted, and a cover story is to be put in place following standard SCP-4490-3 procedures.

Description: SCP-4490 is a phenomenon that occurs in stores that offer alternative medicine products, which is estimated to have begun in 1989. SCP-4490 has only been recorded targeting small chains or independent stores, and has never been recorded targeting any large chains, with the notable exception of [you know, the foundation has done some terrible things]. The first stage of SCP-4490 occurs when an instance of SCP-4490-1 approaches the owner of a store offering alternative medicine products. SCP-4490-1 appears to be a humanoid teenage female. Clothing varies for every encounter, but SCP-4490-1 has not appeared to age or change physically in any way since initial discovery in 1989. SCP-4490-1 will then proceed to attempt to sell one to four boxes of bottles filled with SCP-4490-2. Each box containing twelve bottles of SCP-4490-2. After listening to its speech, the owner always buys the boxes, and puts the instances of SCP-4490-2 on sale. Bottles of SCP-4490-2 are labeled “NTELLI-GRO,” the label is always black and white, and claims to repair brain cells, open the user’s mind, improve their ability to learn, and [maybe you should take the pills too.] among other things.

There is also a label for drug facts on the back of the label, and often includes listings for ingredients that do not exist. Examples include listings for; “magic dust”, “liquid void”, and “the color blue.” The contents of the bottles contain multiple SCP-4490-2 instances, red in color. SCP-4490-2 appears to be a red pill, long in shape, with a small image of a brain etched onto one of its sides. SCP-4490-2 instances are comprised of: Sugar, Acrylic Paint, and most importantly, [i know it sounds ridiculous].


An instance of SCP-4490-1, photo taken on August 13, 2016 after undercover Foundation agents witnessed SCP-4490-1 speaking with the owner of a small grocery store in Floyd, Virginia during a routine examination. Full details of encounter are detailed in the Addenda.

Employees of the store tend to aggressively advertise SCP-4490-2. This is thought to be due to SCP-4490-2’s presence, but some researchers have theorized that this is an effect of the initial meeting of SCP-4490-1. Due to this, SCP-4490-2 instances tend to sell out within 2-3 weeks. After one month of being on sale, any remaining presence of SCP-4490-2 will be retrieved by SCP-4490-1, who forcefully enters the building after hours to retrieve remaining SCP-4490-2 instances. While retrieving these SCP-4490-1 has also been noted taking [but, there is so much you don't know about the foundation]. Three months after sales begin, the primary anomalous effects of SCP-4490-2 begin to manifest.

During this stage, individuals who have taken SCP-4490-2 report that they have “learned something horrible,” “gained forbidden knowledge,” and that that “[so many scps you don't know about],” among other similar phrases. After much research and questioning, the Foundation has been able to conclude that at this stage, subjects that have taken SCP-4490-2 (which have now become SCP-4490-3) gain complete knowledge of the SCP Foundation, the anomalies it holds, and the layout and security of all current sites. During this stage, SCP-4490-3 instances will seek out other SCP-4490-3 instances, and will always succeed through means currently unknown. Usually, SCP-4490-3 meet in abandoned houses, especially in areas with little police presence, but have been noted meeting in a variety of building not being occupied, such as closed stores, sheds, and on one occasion, Site-60’s janitor closet.

Once all SCP-4490-3 users who took SCP-4490-2 instances from the same store arrive at the same location, they will proceed to set up a camp in the building, with one member being designated to purchase food, water, [there's so many atrocities we've committed that i didn't know about] ,and other supplies needed by the group whenever needed. It is also important to note that SCP-4490-3 emits a mind-affecting area of influence whenever other living beings attempt to enter the current building SCP-4490-3 is occupying. This effect compels the trespasser to leave under the illusion of having somewhere important to be. These locations may or may not exist, but the trespasser will spend the following two to three hours searching for it regardless. This location varies from subject to subject, but few of the locations they remember having to go to actually exist. Because the subject feels the need to go there, however, they will leave the building, searching for the location they feel need to go to.

While staying in the building chosen, SCP-4490-3 instances will discuss their knowledge of the Foundation with the other instances, and quickly shift to planning out a full take-over of one of the Foundation’s sites. During this time, they also gather weapons (typically guns), armor, and various objects to aid in combat. After approximately two months of planning, SCP-4490-1 will enter the building currently holding all instances of SCP-4490-3, unaffected by the mind-affecting capabilities of SCP-4490-3, and explain to them that they must attempt to overthrow the given site now, always ending the speech with: “Our time to free the prisoners of the Foundation is now, comrades! Let us [maybe they're not wrong for hating the foundation]!” After this, SCP-4490-1 will travel with a random group of SCP-4490-3 instances in whichever mechanism of travel they chose. Once they have arrived at the given Site, all SCP-4490-3 instances and SCP-4490-1 will wait for the others to arrive, and proceed to attempt to free all SCPs and D-Class personnel contained in said site, while also causing as much destruction to the facility, and killing any Foundation personnel that attempt to stop them. Due to the typically small group number, the SCP-4490-3 instances have only successfully freed SCP objects or D-Class personnel inside a facility three times as of August 27, 2018. It is also of note that the SCP-4490-3 instances show little to no knowledge or care of the properties or danger of the SCP objects, and tend to take few safety precautions when freeing them from containment.

During the raid, SCP-4490-1 can be seen observing the takeover from a seemingly random area near the facility, usually at a high ground if available. If SCP-4490-1 is attacked or approached, it will vanish to an unknown location and [our time is now, brother]. Several security measures have been created and adapted to the behavior of SCP-4490-3 and have proven to be extremely successful in stopping the SCP-4490-3 instances from entering the facility at all.


Indecent Report 7/25/1989: On July 25, 1989, the first known SCP-4490 event took place. This event was not observed by the SCP Foundation until a group of 48 SCP-4490-3 instances arrived at Site-38, each in varying consumer vehicles. Each instance was armed with varying models of guns. Some of the instances had bulletproof vests, helmets, or other protective gear, but some were in ordinary clothes. Upon arrival, the instances displayed a clear understanding of the layout and position of guards in the facility, and quickly entered the facility. Below is a record of events upon their entrance, along with the time of events:

<01:24> 43 of SCP-4490-3 remain after raiding of above-ground area. Several facility guards are seen with guns raised at the elevator entrance to the below-ground portion of the facility, guards are estimated to be approximately 25 in number.
<01:25> All remaining SCP-4490-3 instances get into, and ride the elevators down to the below-ground portion of the facility. six take elevator A, thirty-seven take elevator B. Elevator A is taken down slightly before B.
<01:26> Upon the doors to elevator A opening, the facility guards open fire on the six SCP-4490-3 inside. Elevator B opens behind them during this time, and the SCP-4490-3 instances within open fire upon facility guards.
<01:28> After a brief firefight, the facility guards have all been killed. twenty-six instances of SCP-4490-3 remain.
<01:35> SCP-4490-3 instances discuss a plan, which could not be fully understood by recording equipment, and split up. Half of the instances sprint for the Heavy Containment Area, while the other half are going towards the D-Class Dormitories.
<01:49> MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") arrives at the site.
<01:50> SCP-4490-1 is spotted standing and facing towards the site on top of a nearby hill, three agents are sent to investigate.
<01:53> thirteen SCP-4490-3 instances arrive at the D-Class personnel dormitories and begin unlocking cells, and escorting D Class to the surface
<01:58> MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") successfully enters the underground portion of the facility and begins searching for the SCP-4490-3 instances.
<02:01> thirteen SCP-4490-3 instances successfully arrive at the Heavy Containment Area, seven are sent to free SCP-2662 and six are sent to free SCP-4016
<02:09> Seven SCP-4490-3 are seen entering SCP-2662's containment area. SCP-2662, which was previously asleep, is awoken from the door opening.
<02:10> SCP-2662: "Ugh, really? Another cult? Look guys, I re-" Instance of SCP-4490-3: "We are no cult. We have come to free you from your prison! The instance of SCP-4490-3 gestures towards the cell door
<02:11> SCP-2662: "Uhhh, I think I'll pass, actually. I mean it's not great here but it's better than what's out there. For me at least. Actually, part of the reason I like this place is because they keep me away from you guys. No offense. SCP-4490-3: Us guys? You mean, people have tried to free you before? And you didn't accept?"
<02:12> SCP-2662: "Well, look, I think I'm just gonna stay here for now. I'm good, really. The guards are probably gonna be here soon anyway. Also, pretty sure they're gonna kill you guys, fair warning. For the mean time, I think I'm just gonna stick around in my bathroom until you guys leave. Or die." SCP-2662 is seen entering his bathroom. The SCP-4490-3 instances attempt to enter, but it presumed that SCP-2662 has locked the door and is leaning on it to prevent entry. After three unsuccessful attempts to open the door, the SCP-4490-3 instances wait in the containment cell.
<02:13> Three agents arrive at the top of the hill where SCP-4490-1 was standing, but do not sight SCP-4490-1, and begin searching for SCP-4490-1 in surrounding areas. Six SCP-4490-3 instances arrive at the containment chamber of SCP-4016.
<02:15> The six SCP-4490-3 instances successfully breach containment of SCP-4016. One instance of SCP 4490-3: "Hey! We're here to get you out! Come on, let us free you from your prison!" SCP-4490-3 attempts to forcibly grab SCP-4016.
<02:16> MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") successfully locates and terminates all SCP-4490-3 instances in D-Class dormitories with no loss of life. SCP-4016 appears to create a knife out of twine and begins to stab the instance of SCP-4490-3 it is being held by. (Note: Due to the dullness of twine, the "knife" barely punctures the skin.) SCP-4490-3 is observed flinching, releasing SCP-4016. SCP-4016 runs to the corner of the room, holding the knife out towards the SCP-4490-3, and refuses to cooperate.
<02:17-02:31> All SCP-4490-3 instances are observed attempting to persuade the SCP objects to join them, all fail.
<02:32-02:59> MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") successfully locates and terminates all instances of SCP-4490-3, continue search for stragglers, find none.

Addendum 9/03/1989: Dr. [don't listen to a word they say], the researcher responsible for this article, has been terminated following discovery that they had taken multiple instances of SCP-4490-2 over the course of approximately one month. The article has been edited since to remove all messages instructing personnel to take SCP-4490-2.

Addendum 10/26/06: In a recent raid of a warehouse previously owned by the Serpent's Hand, over 50 boxes of SCP-4490-2 were found, it is now believed that the Serpent's Hand is stockpiling SCP-4490-2 instances for raids against the SCP Foundation. Because of this, surveillance for SCP-4490 events is to be given top priority.

Interview Log 08/27/14:

Interviewed: SCP-4490-1

Interviewer: Dr. Jesse █████

Foreword: A Foundation Agent examining ██████ ███ ███ located in Floyd, Virginia came into contact with SCP-4490-1. SCP-4490-1 agreed to hold an interview on the pretense that it was to be allowed to sell SCP-4490-2 in the store. The Agent agreed and took SCP-4490-1 to one of Site-24's temporary holding cells, however standard SCP-4490 procedures were followed after the interview.

<Begin Log, 13:21>

Dr. Jesse █████: SCP-4490-1, do you know why we wanted to interview you?

SCP-4490-1: I suppose so. Is it because of my pills? I assure you, they are completely free of side-effects, I take them myself!

Dr. Jesse █████: Don't try to defend your product. We know what it does to people, and we know you know too, we've seen you there when the people who use your pill attack us.

SCP-4490-1: Of course you do! The way you put it makes it sound so horrible, though. All I do is make my users aware of what this Foundation has done. They make the decision themselves.

Dr. Jesse █████: We know that's not true either. Are you to tell me that every person that is aware of us would want to and attempt to overthrow us? I could see some doing that, but for years every one of your users has done this.

SCP-4490-1: I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions, doctor.

Dr. Jesse █████: We have also noticed that one of our Groups of Interest, the Serpent's Hand, is in possession of your product. Did you supply them, or did they simply find it themselves?

SCP-4490-1: Well, I won't deny that I may have introduced them to the pill, but most of their collection is purchased from some of the many fine establishments I supply.

Dr. Jesse █████: Why do you want all these people to attack us, or be aware of us anyways?

SCP-4490-1: I knew somebody, close to me once, who couldn't tell me where he worked. When he died, I was suspicious, so I dug a little deeper, I found out about you guys and what you have done, did some experimenting of my own, and well, I found out how to use some of the stuff you guys suppress.

Dr. Jesse █████: Would you mind elaborating?

SCP-4490-1 Well, when I fou-

SCP-4490-1 de-materializes, seemingly not out of its own will

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Two hours after interview, several SCP-4490-3 instances arrive alongside SCP-4490-1 at Site-24. Standard protocols are enacted and all SCP-4490-3 instances are terminated.

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