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The above-ground portion of SCP-2304.

Item #: SCP-2304

Object Class: Euclid Safe Our Home, only home, nest, for them to grow.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2304 is unable to be moved from its current location, and therefore is contained on-site. Exploration of SCP-2304 requires the use of full-body Phaseotomic Mesh1, GPS and radio tracking, and ferro-magnetic boots. SCP-2304-1, -2, and -3 are to be monitored at all times by a team of 3 security personnel, rotated every 12 hours. SCP-2304-4 is to be housed in a medium dwelling located in the cranial section of SCP-2304, and is allowed the use of anti-depression medication.

A bottle of pre-approved alcohol is to be provided through anonymous means to SCP-2304-4 on a monthly basis. Under no circumstances are personnel to reveal the origin of these items to SCP-2304-4.

Description: SCP-2304 is a humanoid structure partially buried underground, located in ████████, Norway. SCP-2304's entrance is the only part of the structure that remains above ground. The entrance resembles a dilapidated silo, covered in graffiti styled to give the appearance of a facial profile. The door to the interior is made of metal, and has a peephole and knocker installed. Looking through the peephole will reveal the landscape behind the structure, even when the door is ajar. It isn't real, the inside, it never was.

The interior consists of disparate and haphazard architectural features, and is much larger than the exterior would suggest. Timepieces inside SCP-2304 will consistently display the date as being that of a random day in July, regardless of the true date.


View of SCP-2304's interior from entrance.

Taking the stairwell appearing to lead upwards results in the subject descending approximately 10 meters before reaching a junction of several hallways, branching off in horizontal, diagonal, and vertical directions. The corridors of SCP-2304 are comprised of metallic paneling, with occasional steam vents. Hallways and junctions have shown to exhibit similar properties to the sets of stairs, and contain a localized gravity field.

The sound of a faint heartbeat is audible throughout SCP-2304 at a rate of 96 bpm. The source is as of yet unknown.


The hallway leading to SCP-2304-1

SCP-2304-1 is a small chamber in the chest region of SCP-2304. External mapping reveals that the room is similar in design to the mammary glands of a human female. A single vent is present on the ceiling of SCP-2304-1, which constantly seeps liquid mercury. The sound of a music box is occasionally heard from SCP-2304-1. Instances of SCP-2304-3 have been known to gather around SCP-2304-1 in order to feed.

SCP-2304-2 is a large area located at a depth of about 90 m. The entry halls nearing SCP-2304-2 are noticeably more sporadic in shape, and have been recorded shifting and turning. SCP-2304-2 resembles the uterus of an adult human female. A mass of electrical cables and biological flesh is present at the ceiling of SCP-2304-2, and a large glass pipe leads down from it to SCP-2304-3. Unintelligible grunts and groans are audible throughout SCP-2304-2.

SCP-2304-3 are various different creatures manufactured by SCP-2304-2, often taking the form of common household objects2. SCP-2304-3 are comprised of various metallic substances, and lack any internal organs. Specimens will feed using a small suction tube present on their "mouth". SCP-2304-3 show no signs of sapience, and will produce incoherent crying similar to that of a small child. Specimens are formed within SCP-2304-2 and will patrol the lower portions of SCP-2304 for intruders.


A malformed instance of SCP-2304-3

SCP-2304-4 is a humanoid male, composed entirely of a silicon-mercury composite. SCP-2304-4 is conversational when prompted, but prefers to be allowed to study alone. SCP-2304-4's technological knowledge is vastly different to current human technology, with highly developed knowledge of several fields of currently unproven science.

Addendum-1: An unmanned rover was tasked with mapping out SCP-2304, and catalogued SCP-2304-1, SCP-2304-2, and documented 43 instances of SCP-2304-3. Camera surveillance was set up throughout SCP-2304. Surveillance caught video of SCP-2304-4 holding the rover, taking it to the dwelling SCP-2304-4 resides in. SCP-2304-4 was recorded offering a glass of wine to the rover before damaging the device, assumed to be accidental.

Addendum-2: An official interview with SCP-2304-4 took place.

Interviewed: SCP-2304-4

Interviewer: Dr. Georges Luikj

Foreword: Interview requested during mealtime by SCP-2304-4. Interview took place in the living room of SCP-2304-4's dwelling.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Luikj: Good Evening SCP-2304-4, may I have a seat?

SCP-2304-4: Oh why yes, of course! (Pulls out a leather armchair) Please, Call me Hugo! (Starts for pantry) Would you like some cognac? Mother brought me some earlier this morning!

Dr. Luikj: No thank you, If I may ask, who's your mother? (gestures towards pantry) Could you pour some chardonnay?

SCP-2304-4: Ah, chardonnay… (While pouring) Oh, Mother? She lives downstairs… She gets the groceries for me sometimes, and brings me wine from the store across the street. (walks back towards Dr. Luikj) Here you go, Georges. The man across the street brought this from Artois, beautiful wine. You have excellent taste, sir.

Dr. Luikj: Thanks. Now for the main course, we have…?

SCP-2304-4: Roast lambchops with sweet cranberry sauce, and sauteed mushrooms. I hope you enjoy! (brings over plates) Mother had a whale of a time getting the ingredients for me, but she makes do…

Dr. Luikj: Oh my, this looks delicious. (begins eating) Now, on to more official matters. How have your studies been coming along? (dabs mouth with napkin)

SCP-2304-4: Oh Yes! I recently made a breakthrough! I discovered that the 42nd chain of the sequence has 4 missing Amacose particles! Isn't that fascinating? So I've notated the partuvixate of the Naxium strand, and entered it in my catalogue and- Oh heavens, have I lost you?

Dr. Luikj: Oh no (Stares at empty glass) I simply find this all fascinating, but do remind me again what the sequence is for Naxium? (Goes to pour more wine)

SCP-2304-4: Here, I should give you a copy of my notes after dinner… Make it a little bit easier of course. (dabs mouth with napkin)

Dr. Luikj: Oh, thank you! What will we be having for dessert? (Once again stares at empty glass)

SCP-2304-4: (putting away cognac) Oh Dear, I'm afraid not. Mother wasn't able to get the ingredients, times are tough you know..?

Dr. Luikj: And, forgive me for asking, but (speech is slightly slurred) why can't you go and get the groceries yourself? (coughs)

SCP-2304-4: Oh (quieter) I can't go out, you know… My condition keeps me from going outside of the house…

Dr. Luikj: And..?

SCP-2304-4: Besides, Mother surrounds us. Mother provides for us. Mother is all of my world.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Luikj then exited the dwelling, and handed SCP-2304-4's notes in to research. The notes are currently being analyzed for usable information.

Addendum-3: An additional interview with SCP-2304-4.

Interviewed: SCP-2304-4

Interviewer: Dr. Georges Luikj

Foreword: Interview requested by Dr. Luikj on grounds of acquiring more information.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Luikj: Good morning, Hugo!

SCP-2304-4: Hello Georges, where have you been? (sits down) I'm afraid I haven't anything for you to eat-

Dr. Luikj: That's alright, I ate before I came, I apologize for my absence from our normal scientific meetings. (takes seat across from SCP-2304-4) I came back from vacation in Paris yesterday.

SCP-2304-4: Paris? (A confused facial expression)

Dr. Luikj: Oh, it's a lovely city in France! (energetically) It lies right where several rivers meet, and it has so many old and beautiful buildings! Me and my wife— (suddenly regains composure)

SCP-2304-4: Your… wife?

Dr. Luikj: I apologize. I've gotten off topic. (awkwardly) It must get lonely here by yourself.

SCP-2304-4: Hmph. Not really. Mother makes for enough company, and I occasionally get visits from the cat downstairs. (sighs) I guess it would be nice to see new faces. (long pause) Would you be able to bring me pictures? Of Paris? And maybe your wife?

Dr. Luikj: (uncomfortably) Sure, uh… I'll try. (inhales sharply) Now on to more pressing matters…

SCP-2304-4: (disappointed and quiet) Oh, right! My research of course… (walks towards desk) Where did I leave them, (shuffling papers) Ah! Here they are!

Dr. Luikj: What is it?

SCP-2304-4: I have been working on a method of creating some sort of transparent barrier, for use here in my home.. (shows drawing) This is the blueprint for it. Be careful with it, I haven't shown mother yet!

Dr. Luikj: (the drawing seems to be similar to a common glass pane window) Oh, well… This is interesting. I've never seen anything like this, absolutely innovative! (twiddling fingers)

SCP-2304-4: With this, I'd finally be able to see the halls outside of my room, almost like I'm right out there with Mother! (excited) Isn't this wonderful!

Dr. Luikj: Sure, wonderful indeed. Do you have any other new notebooks?

SCP-2304-4: (frantically) Other? Oh yes! I also finished my theory on Spacial frequency! (hands notebook)

Dr. Luikj: I can't tell you how important your research is to me! (packs away notebook) Well, I'm afraid I have to be leaving now… I'll visit again soon!

SCP-2304-4: Don't forget about the pictures, Georges!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Luikj exited SCP-2304. After leaving the entrance to SCP-2304-4's dwelling, Dr. Luikj reported hearing porcelain shattering coming from below. SCP-2304-4's notebooks are currently in research.

SCP-2304-4 displayed signs of depression shortly after the interview ceased. It expressed desire to leave SCP-2304 and visit Paris, France, in hopes of experiencing love. Dr. Georges Luikj is awaiting review over the unprofessional conduct during interviews and the sharing of extraneous information with SCP-2304-4

Addendum-4: Following Dr. Luikj's discharge from the SCP-2304 team, a small strip of paper was found at the entrance to SCP-2304, presumed to have been slipped from beneath the door.

Take me with you

Addendum-5: An interview with SCP-2304-4 was scheduled by Dr. Anais Zaia. En route to SCP-2304-4's dwelling, Dr. Zaia was attacked by a group of SCP-2304-3. For the duration of the attack, SCP-2304-3 produced sounds similar to screaming. Dr. Zaia was recovered with the assistance of two armed guards, suffering from large wounds on the forearms and face. Dr. Zaia later died from symptoms of long-term mercury ingestion.

Addendum-6: SCP-2304's entrance was abruptly sealed, and communication was lost with most of the surveillance equipment within SCP-2304. Any attempts to re-enter SCP-2304 have so far been unsuccessful.

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