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SCP-2322 - Being Shirley Gillespie
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Item #: SCP-2322

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-2322 is to be locked and kept under guard at all times. It is to be labeled as a high-security records room, and all research materials are to be stored next door. SCP-2322 is located across from the former Director''s office for Site-77.

A record of Director Shirley Gillespie''s actions on January 11th, 1999 has been created. Dr. Gillespie was heavily involved in the creation and maintenance of this record. However, due to her recent retirement from the Foundation, further adjustments to the SCP-2322 database are to be checked against Foundation records for accuracy and usability.

Description: SCP-2322 designates a replica of Site-771 accessible from within Site-77. Remote analysis of SCP-2322''s interior has proven impossible, with all equipment indicating that the entrance to SCP-2322 is a blank wall within Site-77. Furthermore this room does not appear on Site-77''s blueprint.

Personnel who enter SCP-2322 will find themselves in an exact replica of how Site-77 appeared on January 11th, 1999. All personnel, anomalous objects, and inanimate objects have been replicated exactly, and will act identically in every loop. All replicated personnel within SCP-2322 will identify the subject as Shirley Gillespie, who was Site-77''s director at this time.

Foundation personnel have determined that in order to remain within SCP-2322, subjects must be able to recreate all actions performed by Dr. Gillespie on January 11th, 1999. All actions which occur within SCP-2322 are on a loop, replicating the events which occurred during this time.

If a subject is not able to act as Director Gillespie convincingly, whether by acting suspiciously or not following the scripted actions, they will be escorted out of the building by security. In addition, personnel who were present at Site-77 during this time are unable to open any doors or operate any equipment while acting as Director Gillespie.

Document 2322-T: SCP-2322- Essential Actions RE: Director Gillespie on 01/11/99

The following document details actions which must be performed in order to ensure the continuation of the SCP-2322 loop. While some actions appear to be optional, or possible to perform in multiple ways, it is known that not performing these directions exactly will result in immediate ejection from SCP-2322.

7:30AM: Director Gillespie arrives in her office, and begins a telephone discussion with Security Director Anderson regarding the upcoming day''s operations. Meeting is concluded at 9:48 AM. Subjects are instructed to ''Smile and Nod'' due to the fact that Security Director Anderson (and all other personnel on-site) are unintelligible.

10:00AM: Director Gillespie spends the day working on high-level documentation being prepared for review with Overwatch Command. Foundation personnel acting as Director Gillespie cannot fill out these documents, due to the fact that they written in an inconsistent and indecipherable language. Subjects must lock the office door to prevent Anderson from entering the office at 11:18 AM. Allowing him to enter immediately causes the current SCP-2322 loop to terminate.

1:00PM: Exiting her office, Director Gillespie heads to the cafeteria for lunch.

3:00PM: Oversaw the moving of anomaly E-88122, an unclassified anomaly, from the West humanoid containment wing to the East humanoid containment wing. Notably, Director Gillespie has an extended conversation with E-8812, and documentation from the following weeks shows that she recommended additional amenities be added to its containment chamber.3

11:00PM: Dr. Gillespie leaves Site-77.

At the end of their time within SCP-2322, subjects will be blindfolded, and escorted to a room which does not correspond to a room within the actual Site-77. The room contains a chair though no ceiling or walls are visible due to the low light. An LCD television set is present on the floor, and will display a rank of the subject''s performance on a scale of 1-10, with a picture of Director Gillespie appearing if the subject scores above a 6. Subjects who score a 3 or below will be unable to re-enter SCP-2322.

Actions which are known to improve the subject''s ranking include:

  • Knowing the names of the individual members of Site-77 Director Gillespie sees during the day.
  • Taking any time during the day to move through Site-77''s containment area.
  • Looking over knitting designs which Director Gillespie kept in her office drawer.
  • Spending less than 20 minutes eating.
  • Spending more than 30 minutes speaking to E-8812.

Following this, a new subject may enter SCP-2322.

Addendum: SCP-2322 testing log.

Date: 04/13/2002
Procedure: Human subject was sent through SCP-2322 after being briefed on SCP-2322''s anomalous properties.
Result: Subject was able to pass through SCP-2322 as expected.
Notes: Baseline test.

Date: 04/22/2002
Procedure: Humanoid subject with anomalous properties, which caused subjects to perceive them as a small dog. Other than this, subject was briefed normally.
Result: No change.
Notes: The anomalous nature of a subject appears to be irrelevant.

Date: 04/30/2002
Procedure: The first in a series of attempts to obtain a ''perfect'' score, Subject was briefed thoroughly on Director Gillespie''s activities during the day. Able to follow through, however the subject was injured in a slip-and-fall accident, and ejected from SCP-2322.
Result: Subject was not ranked, and was ejected by SCP-2322 Security personnel after being injured.
Notes: N/A

Date: 05/29/2002
Procedure: Subject was briefed thoroughly on Director Gillespie''s activities during the day, and was able to successfully accomplish all actions apart from interaction with E-8812, due to the subject being unable to locate the humanoid containment wings of the facility.
Result: Subject was able to proceed through SCP-2322, however they recalled that all site personnel were passive-aggressive towards them. No other notable digressions from previous loops were noted.
Notes: N/A

Following this test, the behavior of E-8812 has been noted to be variable, with the object frequently taking the place of random Site personnel and other humanoid SCP objects. In addition, when the subject interacted with E-8812, its behavior was consistent with a recognition of the subject''s true identity.

Date: 06/14/2002
Procedure: Subject was an experienced Foundation contractor, instructed to obtain a weapon and begin attacking Site personnel indiscriminately, instead of going through the loop.
Result Subject was killed within SCP-2322, and ejected by force 45 minutes after entering.
Notes: Although they were killed while within SCP-2322, the subject was ejected unharmed at the end of the cycle. Subject could not account for the additional time spent within SCP-2322.

Date: 06/22/2002
Procedure: Subject was instructed to proceed through SCP-2322 normally, but to display extreme deference to E-8812 if they encountered it. After concluding the encounter with E-8812, the subject was to begin indiscriminately attacking Foundation personnel within the Site.
Result Subject was able to cause significantly more destruction and death than in previous tests, and was captured alive. Subject was held in a cell until the termination of the loop instead of being terminated as in previous tests involving violence on the part of the subject.
Notes: Subject was able to recall hearing E-8812''s voice angrily addressing unknown subjects outside of their holding cell. Subject was ejected following a standard evaluation, receiving a score of 4.

Date: 07/02/2002
Procedure: Subject was instructed to follow the normal script, but to exhibit hostility and contempt towards E-8812. In addition, during the meeting with Security Director Anderson, subjects are to instruct him to terminate the anomaly.
Result: Subject was not released from SCP-2322. In addition, the next subject to go through the SCP-2322 process noted that the appearance of E-8812 had been altered to that of the lost subject. This version of E-8812 did not recognize the test subject, and no other traces of the subject have been found.
Notes: Subject remains unrecovered.

I know that a lot of personnel have come to me asking if I am aware of the nature of this anomaly, and I feel that I must clear up my interactions with E-8812. I only ever saw it once, and we had a brief conversation where it described its living conditions. I recommended a few improvements, and some of them were implemented. That''s it. I''m already cooperating with Site-77 research personnel to improve testing procedures. Do not bother me about this if you aren''t one of them.

- Shirley Gillespie

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