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Item #: SCP-2335

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2335 is to be stored in a medium-security locker in Media storage unit 19D. As a precaution to preserve the disk's functionality, SCP-2335 is not to be handled without gloves. SCP-2335 is not to be removed from its casing unless considered necessary for authorized testing.

Description: SCP-2335 is a standard, unmarked, commercially-available Memorex 16X DVD-R disk kept within a SuperMedia-S brand DVD case. Basic physical analysis reveals that the disk is of no abnormal composition, and is likely susceptible to corruption in the same manner as one would expect from a relatively inexpensive media disk.

SCP-2335 can be played by any DVD player, or device with DVD playing functionality, including computers, game consoles, and portable media players. When the disc is played, the viewer is taken to an unlabeled menu hub. The menu features two circular modules; selecting the first triggers footage playback, and selecting the second has no observable effect.

When the viewer selects the "Play" option, compiled footage begins, depicting a family vacation at a lakeside cabin. All footage is accompanied by a watermark in the top right corner that depicts the date and time, the beginning of the reunion footage being dated at Aug 27, 1999. When viewed uninterrupted, the footage plays for roughly 40 minutes, and consists entirely of a continuous video of a Caucasian male, seemingly in his late forties, canoeing. The footage begins at 16:54:51 and, if left undisturbed, ends abruptly at 17:35:19.

When the "skip" function on the DVD player is used, however, the content of the footage jumps, and a clip from a seemingly random date and time will play. The subjects of the footage do not appear to be related to the originally depicted family. The same two clips have yet to be repeated, and further investigation suggests that the clips are meant to make up a narrative.

Recorded dates in the footage range from the year 104 to ████ CE. Clips have never been observed to exceed thirty minutes in time, and can be as brief as twelve seconds. Footage always depicts humans and seems to be filmed with the same equipment. The cameraman, to be referred to as SCP-2335-1, is never addressed1, and the subjects of the footage seem to be unaware of its presence.

Date and time depicted: 10/3/1949 15:05:12-15:07:01
Events observed: A tall Caucasian male, seemingly in his mid-twenties, leaning on a fence post, surrounded by farmland. He is wearing a white undershirt, black work trousers, and a wide-rimmed cap. The subject of the footage seems to be watching something out of frame, and begins to smile at 15:06:22 and remains visibly amused until the end of the clip.

Date and time depicted: 3/3/1315 7:12:21-7:15:44
Events observed: A dark-skinned, presumably Mesoamerican youth wearing animal furs and a colorful arm band climbing a tree, alone, in what appears to be an equatorial rain forest. At 7:14:34 the boy falls from an approximate height of five meters and screams in pain before apparently blacking out. Footage rolls of the unconscious boy for another 44 seconds.

Date and time depicted: 4/29/2028 16:14:10-16:15:26
Events observed: Three British youths, walking on the side of a busy motorway, discussing a particularly disliked teacher. They appear to be in the early teens, aged 12-14. Each wears black pants and a red shirt of flexible, nylon-like fabric, and a belt featuring a green ram insignia on the buckle. Several unique slang words can be heard during the conversation, including referring to a female as "mapped," and using the phrase "right flat," several times to express disdain for an assignment.

Date and time depicted: 12/25/1990 6:35:45-6:36:31
Events observed: An African-American girl, presumably aged 5-8 years, opens a large, extravagantly decorated box. After discovering its contents, a tabby American Shorthair kitten, the girl expresses extreme happiness and proceeds to hop onto a nearby couch and scream "thank you, daddy" repeatedly into a throw pillow.

Date and time depicted: 12/25/1987 5:45:55-5:48:52
Events observed: A blonde Caucasian boy, of similar age to the girl in the previous entry, sitting upright in bed. The boy sniffles as sounds of two adults (presumably his parents) fighting can be heard in the background. He yelps at the sudden noise of a door slamming, reaches under his pillow, retrieves a red-and-green envelope, and tears it up violently while the sniffling transitions into suppressed sobs.

I was under the impression that these clips played in a random order. The fact that these two clips appeared consecutively is either an astronomical coincidence or proves that this is not the case. - Dr. ████████

Date and time depicted: [REDACTED]
Events observed: Footage of what appears to be the interior of Facility-███, located in ████████, just minutes before SCP-███ and SCP-████ orchestrate a major containment breach. Researchers and other personnel are documented as they learn of the breach and attempt to prevent or flee it. Notable individuals appearing on the film include Dr. ████████ and Dr. █████, both of whom were reported dead after the breach originally occurred. Despite their efforts, which seem to be the focus of the footage, SCP-████ finds and ████████████████████ Dr. ███████ with its ████████████████████████ resulting in his ████████████████████████████ and eventual death by blood loss. SCP-███ can be seen to ████████████ Dr. █████ fourteen times before he eventually ████████████████████████████████ which lasts for one minute and fourteen seconds.

Date and time depicted: 7/27/2099 9:05:31-9:08:31
Events observed: A crowded arena filled predominantly with teenagers and young adults. Roughly half of the visible individuals are wearing tight blue one-pieces with padded shoulders, the other half wearing red outfits of the same nature. Each individual seems to be holding a glowing yellow baton estimated to be about 14 inches long. It is theorized that the gathering could be part of a mass sport, as the participants seem to be trying to hit others who are wearing the opposite color with the batons. When a baton connects with a vital area, the person hit seems to go limp for an indiscernible period of time. The ultimate goal of the game is unclear given the time of the clip and frame of view, but it seems that members of each team are trying to cross into an "enemy territory" without being incapacitated.

Date and time depicted: [REDACTED]
Events observed: A ██-second static shot of an apartment complex located in Uptown ██████████. While filmed from too far away to discern any details concerning specific address, photo analysis software has proven that the building is without a doubt the ██████████ Apartments, which happens to be Dr. ████████'s current place of residence.

While tonally unlike any previously-seen footage, we have no reason to believe this to be anything other than a coincidence. At least, I seriously hope this isn't anything other than a coincidence.- Dr. ████████

Date and time depicted: 6/16/1219 14:24:42-14:25:50
Events observed: An African man wearing a leather skirt surrounded by a crowd of similarly-dressed onlookers. He performs a series of acrobatic maneuvers, ending with a back flip over a campfire, and is met by applause from the crowd. A child breaks from the group and hands the man a flower.

Date and time depicted: 9/08/ ████ 38:13:32-38:14:22
Events observed: A group of humans, arms intertwined, running on completely flat, red terrain. Analysis of the strides of these unidentified humans indicates that they measure between 6'11'' and 7'5'' tall. The humans seem to be completely hairless, and have a reddish tone to their skin unlike that of any known race. They wear skin-tight black pants and colorful bracer-like arm coverings. Each bracer's pattern and color seems to be unique to the individual and crafted of thin metal. There are no distinguishable landscape patterns shown in the frame of the video.

Date and time depicted: [REDACTED]
Events observed: Dr. ████████, head of research on SCP-2335, sleeping in his bed with his wife. The room's lights are on, but the subjects of the footage remain asleep. The camera slowly zooms in on Dr. ████████'s face, and remains there for thirteen seconds before the lights flip off and the clip ends.

Testing at this time will be suspended until we can understand this thing's motives. I know it isn't proven to be malevolent, but I really don't like that it knows where I live.- Dr. ████████

Dr. ████████ has backed out of the investigation of SCP-2335, and research will now be headed by me.- Dr.███████████

Date and time depicted: 12/12/1212 12:12:12-12:12:24
Events observed: The clip is roughly twelve seconds long, and consists of a man dressed in velvet garments reminiscent of an early Italian Barone reaching into a large steaming receptacle and retrieving a handful of metallic shavings. The shavings appear to be composed of gold. At 12:12:20 the man begins to laugh and throw the shavings in the air.

Date and time depicted: [REDACTED]
Events observed: A stabilized, static shot of what appears to be the face of a decidedly non-human entity, bearing marked physiological similarities to recorded instances of SCP-███, who seems to be staring at the camera directly. After a brief pause, the entity cocks its head, a movement reminiscent of confusion or curiosity, and gestures to something out-of-frame. Exactly twelve seconds after this movement, the entity began to vocalize, and with a slight delay said "How did you find us? Who are you?" This message was repeated in eight popular languages, later confirmed to be of identical meaning. When Dr. ████████ later responded vocally to this question, the entity began to reply only in English. The interaction is recorded below.

Further testing is temporarily discontinued and awaiting O5 approval.

Interviewed: SCP-2335-2
Interviewer: Dr. ████████
Foreword: This interview was conducted through vocal correspondence with the entity described above, now labeled SCP-2335-2, through the apparent medium of SCP-2335.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████████: As a species? We identify as human.

SCP-2335-2: There is a recognition. Are you of the species documented in this footage?

Dr. ████████: The footage on this disc? Yes. For what purpose have you been documenting us?

SCP-2335-2: There is a misunderstanding. My kind is not responsible for the creation or compilation of the aforementioned footage. I am a volunteer member of a local Chronicling Cycle, and while performing routine uploads to my facility's archives, there was a wonder, as we discovered a [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] containing seemingly impossible amounts of data. There was a decoding, and footage of what appears to be your species was parsed out. There was an examination of that footage, and now there is a contact with you.

Dr. ████████: Do you know who was responsible for this? We've also stumbled across what I imagine to be the same footage, and have little to no information about its origins.

SCP-2335-2: There is a quandary. No documented species known to my kind possesses the technological capability of producing such a high density of recording such as this.

Dr. ████████: How are you capable of speaking in English? To what extent has your people interacted with mine?

SCP-2335-2: There is a translation. I am speaking currently in my native mouth, and a [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] is drawing from an analysis of documented language depicted in the footage stored on the [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION]. There is not an existing of a known record of discourse between our peoples prior to this point. There is an apology if the translation is not perfect.

Dr. ████████: How are you capable of synthesizing the entirety of our languages out of a few clips?

SCP-2335-2: There is a confusion. Have you not discovered the anomalous volume of data found within your respective data receptacle? Does your copy of the footage contain a limited amount of information? Our [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] have been parsing the [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] into footage at extremely high speeds and we have yet to discover an end to the recordings contained therein. There currently exists hundreds of millions of individual instances of recordings of your kind in our archives, with more being recorded every [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION], all stemming from that original [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION].

Dr. ████████: How long has this been going on?

SCP-2335-2: There has been a vast effort. The [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] was discovered many, many [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] ago. There has been a slowing of the study of this media, as one would expect after such a vast run of time, but some, like myself, continue to watch and analyze and record it. There has been a great fascination with the footage, among [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] and civilians alike. Your people, if the documentation thus far has been accurate, are fascinating.

Dr. ████████: You've made the footage available to civilians?

SCP-2335-2: Oh, yes, there has been much interest in you and your kind. Have you yet to discover the footage of the great footrace, or the small one with the present, or the glowing festival? Those are among the most requested segments from our archives. Gathering to watch new footage has become a ritual for some, usually performed every [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION].

Dr. ████████: So countless members of your kind are poring over this material, yet you have no theories or ideas as to where it came from?

SCP-2335-2: There is little to no knowledge. There are theories. The most popular is that the creator of this media is very much intelligent, likely more so than my kind or, and there is an apology if this is rude, your kind. They do not seem to be bound by time, or have some method of sidestepping temporal obligation, like a [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] or a [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION]. The creator of the footage also seems to be aware of both of our kinds' existences, and, considering that we are presumably both watching each other at the moment on our respective versions of the media, they may even be recording and facilitating our interaction at this very moment. In fact, there is an idea held by some that it may be possible to contact this creator, given that analysis of the [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION] suggests it may be a life form composed of [UNKNOWN VOCALIZATION]. It would simply be a matter of-

At this point, the footage of SCP-2335-2 ended abruptly. SCP-2335-2 has yet to reappear on SCP-2335. Due to disputes among administration about how to proceed, testing on SCP-2335 has been postponed until further O5 approval.

<End Log>

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