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Item #: SCP-2409

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is not the most "straight-forward" of procedures for SCP-2409. It is transported and held through a computer database using frequency bands. The frequency prerequisites required is a extremely high 200-33 kHz. The scaled average frequency for a human is 8-22 kHz strictly concluding to the staff in the position of transporting SCP-2409 must wear Atomic Earplugs.

Description: SCP-2409 is a mysterious orb of hovering water, the distinct detail inclusive of things like random dripping phases or complete disappearance. This SCP is not a nonhazardous entity, SCP-2409''s method of mass disengagement of hostile through 2409''s perspective is unpleasing. It begins to engulf almost envelope its victims head, soon followed by the victim to start choking, in the procedure of drowning. SCP-2409 is known for its dangerous nature and does not complete there, it starts to tighten around its victim blocking any possible miscellaneous airways; followed by a fatal end. SCP-2409''s size will adapt accorded to the victims head size until its next encounter with a hostile enemy. The base or average size is ██cm3.

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