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Item #: SCP-2417

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2417 is to be stored in a standard containment chamber at Site-201. Every 24 hours a vial containing 0.5 mL of blood is to be provided to SCP-2417. Interviews with SCP-2417 are to have the interviewee and SCP-2417 separated by wall, with microphones and speakers used for communication. Paper and/or blood is to be given as a reward for information.

Description: SCP-2417 is a piece of sapient white kami paper1. SCP-2417 is able to fold itself into various shapes and locomote. Its preferred shape resembles an octopus with seven arms, with a height of 8 cm and a width of 14 cm. SCP-2417 can vocalize through anomalous means, being conversant in English and a language referred to as "Ortothan." Work on translating this language is underway, with assistance from SCP-2417.

SCP-2417 is skilled at origami when paper is brought to it, and has decorated its containment chamber with its creations. It manipulates the paper by folding parts of its body into various manipulator appendages. The models it creates have no known anomalous properties, and it has been deemed safe to bring paper to SCP-2417 as a reward for cooperation.

SCP-2417 worships a deity it calls Rakmou-leusan, and claims to be part of an organization known as "The Church of the Second Hytoth."2. SCP-2417 claims that Rakmou-leusan requires a blood sacrifice each day in order to aid him. These rituals consist of SCP-2417 creating a small incision on the finger or palm of a human subject. SCP-2417 will then absorb the blood, which disappears after 20 seconds. The more days that pass without a sacrifice will cause increasing amounts of anxiety in SCP-2417, claiming that "Rakmou-leusan's end is coming." After roughly 5 days SCP-2417 will begin hiding in a corner of the room, often turning itself into a cube or pyramid shape. When a human subject enters the chamber during this time SCP-2417 will attack the subject in an attempt at gaining blood.

SCP-2417 was found in the apartment of Alison ██████, owner of an origami store in Toronto, Canada by a personal acquaintance on 09/08/2016. Alison had died on a vacation in Germany from internal hemorrhaging a day prior to the discovery. The acquaintance called the police after reportedly being assaulted by "living origami." An undercover Foundation agent intercepted the call, and MTF-Upsilon-20 ("Hogtown Garrison") was dispatched to the location under the guise of police officers.

SCP-2417 and various pieces of origami were discovered in the kitchen. These pieces included a set of stairs leading to the kitchen table and cupboards, seven four-armed humanoid figures, spires, and a small circular table. Other items found in the apartment include a jar of blood, stacks of kami paper, religious documents regarding the Church of the Second Hytoth, and origami similar in appearance to SCP-2417's preferred form. Based on the documents, it is believed that Alison ██████ was a member of the Church of the Second Hytoth. An investigation into the existence and whereabouts of the church is currently underway.



Dr. ████ Akio: Good morning, SCP-2417.

SCP-2417: Greetings doctor. Are you here to give some more blood? What you have given will suffice, but more is always appreciated.

Dr. Akio: No, I'm here to ask you some questions.

SCP-2417: Oh, in that case go ahead.

Dr. Akio: Before we begin, is there any name you would prefer to be called? I understand that for some being called SCP-2417 may be strange.

SCP-2417: Call me Aímact Priest Alison ██████ of the Church of the Second Hytoth.

Dr. Akio: So… Alison, to start things off, who or what is Rakmou-leusan?

SCP-2417: Oh, the grand Rakmou-leusan! Last of the great Koru-teusa, the seven holy warrior gods of the Second Hytoth, our world. While they fell, Rakmou-leusan lives on and defends the gates to our realm!

Dr. Akio: The Koru-teusa?

SCP-2417: The Holy Seven were once beings like you and I, who ascended from their mortal forms to combat forces from the Voru, the outside realm, that threatened reality. They fought for aeons to protect us and those that came before us, but have been lost or defeated one by one. The first sacrificed himself to save us all. The second and the third, killed by the jealousy and hatred of each other. The fifth forgotten. The sixth, killed in combat. The seventh ceased to exist. Rakmou-leusan, the fourth, is the sole defender of our realm.

Dr. Akio: I see. So, why do you need to give Rakmou-leusan blood?

SCP-2417: Ponder what occurs when a human loses blood. They become light headed, they become weak, they faint. When one ascends from mortal to god, you keep some part of your mortal form. The Koru-teusa kept their blood, yet it would leak. Their divine forms could not keep their mortal blood within them, yet they needed it like us. So they required those before us to give them blood, a requirement that was passed down to us. As time went by, they were forgotten, and without their blood they fell. Few know of Rakmou-leusan, and the ones who know are killed by the Church's enemies.

Dr. Akio: I assume the rest of your church believes in the same thing.

SCP-2417: What point is there in believing in what we know as the truth?

Dr. Akio: Hmm. The church also performs rituals similar to yours, correct?

SCP-2417: Yes, though while I can channel blood into Rakmou-leusan's form, the others require a stone with the holy mark of the Koru-teusa that will be bathed in the blood to transport it.

Dr. Akio: Now, you said our world is the Second Hytoth. This means there was a first one, right?

SCP-2417: Yes, a strange and alien world. A testing ground for universes to come.

Dr. Akio: What happened to it?

SCP-2417: It was devoured by a beast whose horrid name has been forgotten.

Dr. Akio: Is this beast still around?

SCP-2417: The truth has been lost to the aeons, though some say that the beast silently lurks in unseen corners of areas between realms. Perhaps one day it will return, as all things must hunger eventually.

Dr. Akio: One last question. As the last of the Koru-teusa, what would happen if Rakmou-leusan died?

SCP-2417: Imagine releasing poison into a pond full of fish. From where it was released it will spread throughout the pond, and it will kill all the life within it. The endless horrors that roam the Voru are that poison, and they would not hesitate to enter if given the chance. Our existence depends on Rakmou-leusan, and his depends on us.

Dr. Akio: Well, thank you for the interview, Alison.

SCP-2417: My pleasure.


Dr. Akio: Greetings Alison.

SCP-2417: Another interview, I presume?

Dr. Akio: Correct.

SCP-2417: Sure, but be sure to provide some blood afterwards. Rakmou-leusan needs strength to vanquish his enemies.

Dr. Akio: Certainly. Now, can you tell us some information about your life?

SCP-2417: In the beginning my mind was brought from the pools of unreality into existence, on August 3rd, 20- no, 19- it was on August 3rd. I seem to have forgotten the year, though that doesn't matter right now. My family did not bring me into the Church, for they knew not of Rakmou-leusan's glory.

Dr. Akio: At what point did you join?

SCP-2417: I was ignorant to the Church until the second year of college, when I met Diana █████, a roommate of mine. She was the one who taught me of the Church and the truth of the universe. I remained skeptical until I performed my first blood sacrifice. Diana took the knife to my left index finger and created a small cut. My blood dripped out onto a stone marked with the holy heptagon. When it made contact I saw… I felt…

Dr. Akio: Well?

SCP-2417: My apologies. I am still entranced by that moment. My mind was whisked away to some long forgotten corner of the universe. That's when I saw the Holy Fourth in all his glory, suspended above a hole in reality. Though my eyes perceived a mass of light and arches of darkness, my mind saw a knight in battered yet gleaming white armor. My mind became connected with the universe for a split second, and I knew that I had to learn more. Sadly this is where my memory greatly deteriorates, and much of my past becomes isolated from my mind.

Dr. Akio: Hmm. Can you remember what you did immediately before we met you?

SCP-2417: I lived in the home of a fellow Aíma Priest, Alison- wait, her name was… No, that's not possible… But she… Her name isn't important. She was a nice person, yet she died before I could know her well.

Dr. Akio: I'm sorry for your loss, Alison.

SCP-2417: Do not feel sorry, for her spirit now resides in a better realm. Anyways after her death my old friend Hanae ██████ came to visit, who seemed, disturbed. I know not why she acted the way she did, but she ran out of the apartment. You know very well what happens next.

Dr. Akio: Well, if you are able to remember anything else be sure to let us know.

SCP-2417: It will be a big discovery for the two of us. Before you leave, may I make a request?

Dr. Akio: Anything that will improve your stay.

SCP-2417: Can you contact the Church? I wish to know how they are doing. They've been going through tough times recently, and I need to make sure Rakmou-leusan continues to be well supplied. Contact them at [REDACTED].

Dr. Akio: I'll get right on it.


NOTE: Following the interview an attempt at contacting the Church via the provided phone number was attempted. An automated message played, stating "The Church of the Second Hytoth is currently busy. Please call again at a later date. Praise the Fourth." Further attempts have had the same result. Currently SCP-2417 has not been informed of this.

Addendum-2: On 19/08/2016 a letter arrived at the apartment building Alison ██████ resided in, and was intercepted by undercover Foundation operatives. Inspection has revealed it to have no known anomalous properties. As of the time of writing SCP-2417 has not been shown the letter.

To Aímact Priest Alison ██████

It is good to hear that the ritual worked! Like many of the old ritual instructions we have laying around, you can never be sure if the outcomes are what they say to be, or if there are any unintended side effects (such as that one time in Austria). I'm currently organizing various other priests to perform the same ritual once we are ready, though there are few people who can make origami as good as yours.

However, I feel like we might want to change the plan. If we let the origami vessels out into the wild, who's to say that an enemy could trick them into divulging information? If they get destroyed (which is very likely) it would be a waste of time, effort and blood. Your idea also seems like it could get violent quickly, which would make us no better than the Daevas who tainted our reputation. Now, I know what I'm about to say can't be changed for the plan, but the idea of amnesiac vessels of myself and friends wandering around feels strange. It will probably take a while for some people to get used to that idea.

Ultimately this would increase the Church's size and make it easier to gain and send blood, but these issues need to be sorted out first. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your trip in Germany! Tell your vessel (and any other ones) I said hello!

Grand Aímact Priest Sean ███████

Addendum-3: On 25/08/2016, at approximately 2:51 PM, Dr. Akio entered a side room next to SCP-2417's chamber for a third interview. The rooms were separated by glass panel with small holes for sound to travel through. Upon entering the room SCP-2417 folded itself to go through the holes and attacked Dr. Akio, cutting his jugular. This caused Akio to die from blood loss three minutes later. SCP-2417 then absorbed the blood, with the stains fading out after three hours. SCP-2417 claims that it had to do so to prevent the death of Rakmou-leusan. Containment procedures have been updated, and a reclassification of SCP-2417 to Euclid is pending. A full incident report can be seen in Incident Report 2417-A1.

As of the recent discovery of a Church of the Second Hytoth meeting place in Vancouver, the existence of the Church has been confirmed and a full investigation is in progress. Due to this it has been deemed important to give SCP-2417 blood so further interviews are possible. As it is likely SCP-2417's concerns over the state of the Church contributed to the incident, SCP-2417 will be continually informed of the status of the Church.

I could feel Rakmou-leusan dying. The unholy Voruteut surrounded him, inflicting wound upon wound, clawing at gashes in his armor. I could've waited for the Church to act, though I did not want to wait for what might not occur. So I took the doctor's life, and channeled his blood to Rakmou-leusan. I wish I did not have to perform such a horrible task, but without blood infinite lives would be lost. Do not worry, the doctor's spirit has gone to the Eitoth to compensate for his tragic death. Whether he stays or returns is up to him now.

The following day SCP-2417 began writing on a piece of paper in its chamber, using one of its tendrils as a pen, with ink coming out of it. When questioned about the purpose of writing this, SCP-2417 said that it wanted to "spread the truth of the universe." Below is a transcription of what was written, translated from Ortothan.

Rakmou-leusan stands at the gates of the Second Hytoth.

His four arms wield his staffs of triumph, stained with the blood of invaders.

For five aeons he has guarded this world, and will do so for aeons more.

Him and his brethren fled the First Hytoth, and vowed to protect those that would follow.

When there were seven he defeated the One of Dark's attempts at claiming the new world.

When there six he quelled the rising of the broken creation and locked his city away.

When there were four he saved Kornoct, watcher of the Eitoth, from Wonlaik the trickster's treachery.

When there were three he ended the uprising of the First Gods.

When there were two he slayed Wonlaik, who regrows to this day.

When there were one he fended off the Voruteut's invasions.

Rakmou-leusan did not give into the lost of the First Hytoth's harmonious screams.

He did not bow to the god king of the star's voice.

He did not budge or accept defeat like his brethren.

Rakmou-leusan will fight on till death, till the end of time, till the nameless creator no longer watches.

Rakmou-leusan will protect us.

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