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Item#: SCP-2419

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2419 is currently housed at Site-19 in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-2419 is allowed seven skeins of synthetic yarn per calendar week. Replacement knitting needles and/or crochet hooks may also be provided on request.

When communicating with SCP-2419, personnel are to note that it is deaf in its right ear. As well, it is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's-related dementia, and believes itself to be in a long-term care facility; personnel are not to disabuse it of this notion

Each instance of SCP-2419-A is to be logged and fitted with a tracking chip. They are not permitted outside of a secure location. The introduction of SCP-2419-A to other anomalies must be approved by containment specialists for the anomaly in question, and requires authorization from at least 3-L5 personnel. D-Class testing of the instances must take place beforehand to determine their effects. Excess or disused instances of SCP-2419-A are to be kept in their host facility's respective secure storage area, or incinerated.

Description: SCP-2419 (formerly Abigail Tatham of Salford, UK, age 93) is a human who manifests the anomalous ability to produce anomalous artifacts (SCP-2419-A) by knitting or crocheting them. SCP-2419 has proven to be cooperative and genial when provided with sufficient stocks of yarn, and in its absence, suffers from debilitating migraines and depressive episodes.

Knitwear and crocheted items produced by SCP-2419 present a number of anomalous attributes that are apparently tailored to the intended recipient's personal wants or needs. The anomalous nature of the items only manifest when they are being worn or otherwise used for their intended purpose. They are otherwise non-anomalous.

As SCP-2419 works, it gains rudimentary knowledge of the intended recipient. Each recipient thus far has been determined to be within 1.5 km of SCP-2419, and each recipient since its capture has been within Site-19. This is not to be considered its effective range barring further testing. SCP-2419 does not seem to possess agency in the selection process, nor is it capable of producing SCP-2419-A on command or by request.

Prior to containment, two instances of SCP-2419-A had been recovered and assigned Anomalous Item Numbers. Upon the discovery of a third, an investigation was initiated by the Department of Analytics, which revealed the existence of SCP-2419. It was recovered discreetly by agents Gregorio and Went. SCP-2419 has no living relatives, and made little to no interaction with neighbors. An obituary for SCP-2419 was released.

The following is a partial list of SCP-2419-A recovered following the capture of SCP-2419:

  • A blue baby blanket. When this blanket is placed over a doll or similar humanoid toy, adult observers perceive the doll as a human infant.
  • A turquoise scarf. When worn by a subject, grants the ability to sing in soprano voice, regardless of previous ability or vocal range.
  • A brown washcloth. When used, it removes all scars, acne, burns and other blemishes from the user's skin.
  • An orange beanie. When worn, it lowers the overall intelligence of the wearer significantly.
  • A pair of adult-sized mint-green socks, knitted in a sawtooth pattern. D-Class personnel wearing them gained the ability to walk upright and with full traction on any surface at any incline, even on walls and ceilings.
  • A white cap with ear flaps. Wearing the cap causes test subjects to become totally deaf for as long as they continue to wear the cap.

The following is a partial list of SCP-2419-A created in Foundation custody:

Item Number Description/Traits Notes
SCP-2419-A-4 A multicolor cardigan. While worn, projects the mental image of a smiling clown to humans within eyeshot of the individual. Believed to have been knitted for Jonas S██████, who had been transferred to Site-19 following a four-month assignment at Site-2170. The item was relinquished to the aforementioned facility to assist in containment.
SCP-2419-12 A rainbow beanie. Intangible, sparkling insects resembling members of the order lepidoptera manifest within 5m of the wearer. Currently located in Researcher Kiryu's office.
SCP-2419-A-14 A pair of black gloves. While worn, the fingers elongate and broaden, forming claws similar to a mole's. Greatly improves the wearer's nocturnal vision. Three members of the Chaos Insurgency were found to be occupying a tunnel beneath the facility, which had been dug out over the past few months. All three were captured and relocated to Armed Site-12 for interrogation.
SCP-2419-A-16 A small dog sweater. Test subjects that managed to fit their hands inside reported feeling content, and described an overwhelming feeling of being loved. Based off SCP-2419's description of the intended recipient, the item was placed on SCP-1424. SCP-1424's pattern of movement has not changed, though now it wags its tail while doing so.
SCP-2419-A-56 A pair of lime-green socks. While worn, physically alters subject's feet into prehensile appendages similar to a monkey's paw. The change is painless, instantaneous, and reverts upon removal. SCP-2419 stated that the item was intended for SCP-2338-10. The object's handler, Ryoko Sato, has since reported that SCP-2338-10's podal dexterity has improved to the point of being able to write legibly. The instance utilized their newfound capability to draw a 'Thank You' letter in crayon, which was delivered to SCP-2419.
SCP-2419-A-62 A mauve sweater (size XXXL). Instills intense feelings of being watched in wearers. Requested for use in containing SCP-173. Several D-Class were sent into its chamber, and managed to fit it on the anomaly. Testing was carried out, wherein all but a single D-Class were withdrawn from the chamber. SCP-173 did not move when the D-Class blinked, nor when he closed his eyes for several minutes.

SCP-2419-62 was found to be neutralized after several weeks of wear, after being soiled with a combination of feces and blood.
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