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EuclidSCP-2423 Site-██Rate: 38

Item #: SCP-2423

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-2423 is to be patrolled by MTF Mu-3 "Cassiopeia" at all times. No instance of SCP-2423-1 is to leave SCP-2423, regardless of circumstances.

Fresh food and gasoline are to be delivered monthly to SCP-2423. Additionally, board games and decks of cards are to be delivered biannually. Emergency materials or personnel may be delivered to the area, but require the approval of at least one personnel of security clearance Level 3 or higher.

Provocation of an instance of SCP-2423-1 is strictly prohibited. Communication is likewise prohibited except by personnel with security clearance Level 3 or higher.

Description: SCP-2423 is a facsimile of a branch of the Foundation. It contains a facility, grounds, and personnel for the facility. These personnel are designated SCP-2423-1. When asked for the name of this facility, they claim it is called Site-██. There are no records of this facility ever being built, no records of the branch being founded, and, after extensive research, no birth certificate for an instance of SCP-2423-1 has been found. Earliest records of SCP-2423 were on the date of ██/██/20██, when several emails from instances of SCP-2423-1 came to Foundation personnel, and the █████ area marked increased electrical and water draws.

All personnel encountering instances of SCP-2423-1 have complained of severe irritation or discomfort, often without reason. Brain scans of personnel during interaction with an instance of SCP-2423-1 reveal increased activity in the parietal lobe, suggesting this agitation might stem from something perceived subconsciously. However, extensive testing of residents reveals them to be both physiologically and genetically identical to humans, and they have displayed no anomalous traits other than this discomfort.

It is apparent that all instances of SCP-2423-1 fully believe themselves to be actual Foundation personnel, and even have artificial memories to support this assumption. Additionally, many of these individuals have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the Foundation, with one researcher analogue being able to list off the locations and containment procedures of several artifacts in the █████ area. Containment procedures for these artifacts have been changed in light of this fact.

Instances of SCP-2423-1 include the following:

  • A site director.
  • A task force consisting of thirty six personnel.
  • A research team consisting of sixty four personnel.
  • A security team consisting of forty nine personnel.
  • A maintenance/janitorial team consisting of twenty five personnel.

It has been noted that each department consists of a number of personnel equal to the square of a whole number. The significance of this is not yet known.

SCP-2423 came into existence fully integrated into the surrounding infrastructure of █████, but has since been cut off and supplied with a gasoline generator and a water supply. A concrete and steel wall has been constructed around the facility. The task force analogue has been relieved of all weapons. Instances of SCP-2423-1 have not resisted any measures taken to restrain or disarm them.

SCP-2423 also came into existence containing several unique items, which have since been removed and given their own classifications. One item could not be removed, due to anomalous traits, and has been designated SCP-2423-2.

Instances of SCP-2423-1 have expressed a clear aversion to talking about SCP-2423-2. When pressed, instances relapse into total silence. This has led to the belief that SCP-2423-2 is somehow important to SCP-2423.

SCP-2423-2 is a large book, 77 cm by 99 cm, levitating 2 meters above the ground. The book has 106 pages, each with a single charcoal drawing of a different antique radio. The spine of SCP-2423-2 is rigid and believed to be spatially locked relative to Earth's center of gravity. Digging beneath the book does not alter its position in space, and no amount of force has thus far been able to damage or shift it from its current location. Study of the object is ongoing, but, to date, no further knowledge on SCP-2423-2 or its significance has been obtained.

What follows are interviews with instances of SCP-2423-1.

Interviewed: SCP-2423-1 instance. Identifies as a security guard by the name of James Ferros.

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

Foreword: Purpose of interview is to examine depth of instance's artificial memories. Instance of SCP-2423-1 has been instructed to be entirely candid. Interview taking place in a tent just inside perimeter wall.

<Begin Log, 10:12 AM>

Dr. ██████████: Let's begin this simply. What is your name?

SCP-2423-1: My name is James Ferros.

Dr. ██████████: Where is it that you come from, James?

SCP-2423-1: Well… okay… I was born in Sydney, Australia, but my family moved to Santa Cruz, California before I could remember anything.

Dr. ██████████: What do you remember about Santa Cruz? What was your favorite place growing up?

SCP-2423-1: Well, it's a tourist trap, that city, so everything is big and gaudy. Me and my friends spent most of our time on the beach, surfing or just, you know, playing in the sand. When I got older we got more interested in the arcade, so we started going there more often. It would have to be a toss up between the beach and the arcade, for sure.

Dr. ██████████: Your friends, who were they?

SCP-2423-1: Well, there was Derrick Constantine, Maury Shoemaker, and Valentina Block. Derrick was a bit of a scrawny kid, but Maury was big, bigger than even me. Valentina was, well, the girl, but she was tough like the rest of us. Later me and her [sic] would actually join the army together.

Dr. ██████████: What happened to them after you left Santa Cruz?

SCP-2423-1: Well, like I said, me and Valentina went into the army together, but she wound up in a different unit. Didn't hear from her for years until I found out that her unit was taken down with no survivors. Maury is a bouncer at a club in Fremont, married and has two kids, I hear. As for Derrick, he's probably still in the arcade, or doing some kind of research somewhere. I haven't kept up with him too much.

Dr. ██████████: What about your home life?

SCP-2423-1: Well, I would say I had a happy life at home. I mean, mom was never home, always off running the hotel, and my big bro was in college by the time I could walk, so my family life consisted of just my dad. He was a good man, a little strict, I suppose, being ex-military, but he taught me a lot of what I know, and he let my friends come over all the time.

Dr. ██████████: Okay, I think that will be enough for now. Send in the next in line on your way out.

SCP-2423-1: Yes sir.

<End Log, 10:20 AM>

Closing Statement: Instance of SCP-2423-1 expresses extremely detailed false memories. Research reveals that all people described are fictional and all places are real places. This is a trend that exists in all interviews. No other similarities have been identified.

Interviewed: SCP-2423-1 instance. Identifies as a site director by the name of Jane Blackstock.

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

Foreword: Purpose of interview is to test degree to which mental block regarding SCP-2423-2 extends, and to obtain more information regarding the object, if possible. Interview takes place in subterranean bunker built just outside SCP-2423. Interviewer and other personnel are kept in shadow at all times. Subject kept awake for several hours and dosed with various drugs to increase power of suggestion. This is the █████ attempt to explore this avenue of inquiry.

<Begin Log, 4:15 AM>

Dr. ██████████: [Interviewer allows several minutes of silence to linger, reading various documents on the table before him.] Tell us what you know about the book.

SCP-2423-1: [Visibly exhausted, subject winces at the instruction.] It is… It is spatially locked relative to Earth's center of gravity. It contains 106 pages of charcoal drawings of—

Dr. ██████████: [Interrupting.] You've said all this before. Tell us something more significant. Tell us where it came from.

SCP-2423-1: [Subject drops her gaze a bit, seems to think intensely on the subject, but finds no words.]

Dr. ██████████: Tell us what experiments have been done with it.

SCP-2423-1: [No response.]

Dr. ██████████: Okay… Tell us how you feel when you try to give us simple information.

SCP-2423-1: [Thinks for a moment, and manages to struggle out a few words.] I feel… numb.

Dr. ██████████: Numb how?

SCP-2423-1: Like… like when you've been laying on your foot for a half hour, and it goes to sleep. Like that… except in my head.

Dr. ██████████: [Drops a pen onto the table and considers those words for a few minutes of silence, giving the visual appearance of not liking the response she gave.] You know, we're all getting tired of these repeated interviews, especially when we make no progress. Maybe it would help if someone were to shake you when that numbness comes out again, and stimulate those blood vessels a bit.

SCP-2423-1: [Subject gives no response.]

Dr. ██████████: [After a few moments of silence, waves to a security guard in the shadows.] Alright, now then, try and tell me something new about the book.

[Recording shows two hours of repeated instructions and silence from the subject. Security guard using various levels of force.]

<End Log, 6:58 AM>

Closing Statement: Unnecessary force was deemed to have been used on subject. Interviewer has been reprimanded. Interview has established that even under extreme duress, and in fear for its life, subject's mental block regarding SCP-2423-2 has been insurmountable.

██/██/20██: An object has been uncovered outside SCP-2423. MTF Mu-3 uncovered a large radio almost completely buried in loose soil, 15 meters outside the perimeter. Upon inspection, researchers confirmed it as a cathedral radio of the same design as depicted on page 4 of SCP-2423-2. This radio proves to be incapable of picking up radio signals of any kind, despite being in perfect condition. At ██:██ AM, a transmission came through this radio. What follows is a recording of that transmission.

[A man can be heard mumbling incoherently behind the sound of something scratching at paper. After a few seconds, a musical tone can be heard, playing eight short notes in a rhythm. This is followed by a full minute of the man mumbling and the paper scratching, before another voice, that of a small child, can be heard.]

Child: "There has been a mistake. Close it."

[The radio goes silent.]

The musical tone heard near the beginning has been identified as a harpsichord, and it may have been spelling out the morse code "error" message. Currently, this radio has been classified as SCP-2423-3.

██/██/20██: At ██:██ AM, same time as previous incident transmission, eight musical tones being played in a rhythm were recorded inside SCP-2423. Shortly thereafter, instances of SCP-2423-1 were recorded waking up and moving about. Researchers refrain from intervention for purpose of observation. Video records show residents uncovering an antique tabletop radio just outside wing C of SCP-2423, before it is quickly removed from range of recording devices.

At ██:██ AM, permission is given for Mu-3 to move in and secure object. Resistance from instances of SCP-2423-1 is met, but quickly overcome. What follows is a recording of transmission from object before being secured.

[A man mumbling and scratching paper are heard, with the voice of a small child speaking in the foreground.]

Child: "-seem to be- Wait… it's them again! It must be them! They stole the pieces!"

[The child falls silent for a moment, leaving only the sound of the man and the paper, before it continues]

Child: "Listen, we are the Nina Kärde, and we will not be impeded, least of all by concrete and theft. You have twelve days to tear down your walls and return what was stolen from us, or else you will be struck down. Close it."

[The radio goes silent.]

This new artifact takes a form similar to that depicted on page 83 of SCP-2423-2, and seems to lack the ability to pick up radio signals like SCP-2423-3. Thus, it has been classified as another instance of SCP-2423-3.

Note: In light of recent events, MTF Theta-8 "Sundown" and MTF Lambda-10 "Maxwell and Friends" have been temporarily assigned to SCP-2423. Additional recording equipment has been installed around SCP-2423.

██/██/20██: At ██:██ AM, recording equipment shows seventy nine instances of SCP-2423-3 materializing on the ground around SCP-2423, all pointing out, towards perimeter wall. What follows is believed to be a sonic shockwave exerting at least 400 kilopascals of pressure. Breaches within perimeter wall are formed within ten seconds.

MTF Mu-3, Theta-8, and Lambda-10 are mobilized inside the next minute, and utilize heavy ordinance to remove instances of SCP-2423-3. At ██:██ AM, all recording equipment goes down. Instances of SCP-2423-1 are reported as attacking MTF members or fleeing through breaches in perimeter wall. MTF members describe them as "sleepwalkers".

At ██:██ AM, instances of SCP-2423-1 and SCP-2423-3 are all subdued or destroyed. Nine instances of SCP-2423-1 and one instance of SCP-2423-3 are not accounted for. The search for these instances is ongoing. Reconstruction of perimeter wall has been begun.

Note: In light of recent events, reclassification of SCP-2423 to Keter is being considered, and revisions to containment procedures are in development.

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